Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


18. Liar Liar


All the band mates and Tess and Angie and I were at Nandos. But there wasn't any sign of Harry and Lizzie. I started to get worried.

Also I was really annoyed because this girl, Angie hadn't stopped hugging me and kissing my cheek. I had a girlfriend.

-Um, Angie...- I said trying to move away.
-Yes?- she said happy.
-I have a girlfriend...- I said while trying not to fall from my seat.
-So?!- she said.

I want to leave now! And I want my girlfriend next to me.


I was very, very mad. Harry had me against the ground. I turned my head away and I started crying.

-What's wrong?- Harry asked me.
-Move...- I whispered.
-What?- he asked confused.
-MOVE!- I exclaimed and pushed him away from me.

I quickly stood up and started walking to the street.

-Hey...- he said and stopped me while resting his hand on my shoulder.
-Don't touch me!- I exclaimed still crying.
-What's your problem?- he asked while picking up his t-shirt.
-My problem is that I have a BOYFRIEND and you just kissed me!- I exclaimed mad.
-Didn't you enjoy it?- he asked with a smile on his face.
-No! I want to go home!- I exclaimed, more tears were running down my cheeks.
-Take me back to our house!-

Harry didn't move so I started walking to my house.

I was still walking when a car stopped next to me.

-Get in the car...- Harry said.

I sighed and slammed the door.

All the ride was silent and I just looked outside the window, I couldn't stop crying...

-I won't tell Niall, if that's what worries you...- I heard Harry saying.

Niall couldn't know that Harry and I kissed, but at the same time I felt guilty that my innocent boyfriend didn't know.

We arrived home. I quickly ran inside the house and ran to my room, slamming the door behind me.

I slowly slid down the door and I started crying more.


Finally Angie went home and my mates and I went back home.

When we opened the door I saw Harry sitting on the living room couch watching "Two And A Half Men"

-Harry, do you know where's Lizzie?- I asked him.
-Um, yes, she's in her room-

I started walking upstairs but I stopped.

-Where were you this evening?- I asked Harry
-Um...... Lizzie was feeling kinda dizzy and she asked me to bring her here-

My princess was feeling sick? I got worried and I ran upstairs.

-Lizzie? Are you okay?- I asked while knocking her door.

Nobody answered me so I slowly opened the door.

My princess was asleep on her bed hugging the teddy bear that I gifted her.

I walked to her and sat down on the bed. The. I realised that her face was damped with tears and so was her pillow. My smile fade away.

I started stroking her hair and she slowly woke up.

-Niall?- she whispered while slowly opened her eyes.
-Yes, princess, it's me...- I said with a smile.

She quickly sat up and hugged my, I hugged her tight and she started crying.

-Harry told me that you feel dizzy...- I said.
-Yes....- she said nervous and started crying more.
-You must feel pretty bad...- I said.
-I feel terrible...- she said between sobs.

I hugged her tighter and ran my fingers trough her soft hair.

-I think you should get some rest...- I said.
-Could you please stay with me?- she whispered in my ear.
-Of course...- I said with a smile.

We pulled away from the embrace. I looked at her beautiful brown eyes and we both smiled. I got closer to her until our lips met. She slid her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. I slid my arms around her waist.

After we pulled away we laid on her bed, we covered ourselves with a soft blanket, I hugged her tight and we fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up with the sound of three male voices...

-Don't they do the cutest couple in the world?- I heard Louis whispering.
-Yes, I think so...- Zayn said.
-I just hope they didn't do anything stupid....- Liam said.

Then, still with my eyes closed, I saw a flashing light: somebody took a picture.

-Guys....- I mumbled while rubbing my eyes.

Liam walked next to her sister:

-Good morning lil sis...-
-Hi big brother...- she said with a smile.
-Are you feeling better now?- he asked her while rubbing her forehead.
-I guess so...- she said.


-Everybody go and get ready to go to the studio!!- Louis exclaimed.
-I'll leave you so you can get changed...- Niall said to me.
-Thanks...- I said with a smile on my face.

Everybody left and Niall closed the door behind him. 

I stood up and walked to my bathroom. I looked at myself at the mirror and I started crying again, I looked horrible.

I sat on the toilet and started thinking: I didn't want to see Angie and neither Harry, so I got an idea.

I plugged in my blow dryer and pointed to my forehead... I was going to pretend to be sick, if I told them that I didn't want to go because of the real reason they wouldn't let me.

I turned the blow dryer on and made my forehead felt hot. After that I quickly turned it off and threw it under the bed.

Suddenly Niall entered the room and before he saw me I jumped to the bed.

-Lizzie what's wrong?- he asked while running to my bed.
-I... I don't know... I suddenly started feeling bad again...- I pretended to be weak.

Niall put his hand on my forehead and quickly took it off

-What?- I asked.
-You have high temperature...- he said worried.

Suddenly Harry entered the room.

-Niall, Lizzie, it's time to go...- he said.
-Lizzie is not feeling good...- Niall said.

Harry looked at me weird.

-I can't leave her here like this...- Niall said while looking at me and holding my hand.
-Niall, go and have fun...- I said with a forced smile.

I heard Harry swearing in a low voice and then he left.

-Sure?- Niall asked.
-Completely, I'll be fine...- I said.
-Okay, but if you need something I'll be here in a second...- he said with his perfect smile.
-Thanks...- I said.
-NIALL! We are going to be late!!!!- Zayn exclaimed from downstairs.
-Coming!- he exclaimed.
-I love you...- I said.
-I love you more...- he whispered.

Niall gave me a quick kiss on my lips and then he left.

When I heard that they closed the front door I stood up. I put on my bunny slippers and I stayed in my comfy pj's.

I grabbed my blanket and my blow dryer and I walked downstairs. I went to the living room, I hid the blow dryer under the couch and I laid down on the couch and I started watching movies.


We arrived to the studio and in the way I bought a single red rose to Lizzie.

-Good morning guys...- Simin said while entering the room followed by Angie.
-Good morning Simon...- we all said in unison.
-Niall!!- Angie exclaimed and ran to hug me.
-Um... hey Angie...- I said trying to walk back.
-Is that for me?!?!- she asked excited while pointing to the rose that I was holding on my hands.

At that point everybody was looking at us weird.

-No, it's for my girlfriend, Lizzie- I said.

Angie's happy face turned into an angry one.

-So guys, today you're recording your new single called "What Makes You Beautiful"- Simon said.

We were all excited. We followed Simon to the recording cab.

-Put this headphones on and I'll play the track a couple of times so you can know the rhythm and here's the lyrics...-

Simon handed us a sheet of paper and we put the earphones on.

The song started and I instantly fell in love with the song. After we listened the music a couple of times we started to record our voices.


The hours past and we were at the studio. It was 8:30pm and we had recorded the song a couple of times to see which one was better.

-That's all for today guys...- we heard trough our headphones -You did an excellent job!-

We all took our headphones off, grabbed some water bottles and we went back home.


I woke up with the sound of my phone, it was a message from Niall:

"Hey princess, we just finished recording our single and we're heading back home, I'll be there in 10 minutes... I love you xxxx"

I quickly stood up and plugged again my blow dryer in the kitchen. I burned my forehead but I didn't care.

Minutes after I heard some voices outside and I ran to the couch again, I hid the blow dryer underneath it and I covered myself with the blanket and pretend to be asleep.

-Lizzie?- I heard Niall calling me.
-Niall?- I called him pretending that I just woke up.

He ran to me and kneel next to the couch.

-How are you feeling?- he asked me with a smile on his face.
-Better...- I said.

Then he touched my forehead.

-You still have temperature...- he said kinda worried.
-I'm fine...- I said and grabbed his hand.
-I bought you this...- he said and handed me a beautiful rose.
-Thanks Niall...- I said with teary eyes.

Niall gave me a kiss on my lips.

-Oh, and I also brought this...- he said.

Niall ran to the kitchen and grabbed some Candy Corn and the movie "Warm Bodies"

-We can have a date here...- he said.
-That will be perfect...- I said with a smile.

I sat down on the couch making some space for Niall. I rested my head on his chest and he put his arm around my shoulders. He pressed "play" on the remote controller and we spent the night together...

It was a beautiful date, and he was the perfect boyfriend, but I was a liar... :(



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