Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


2. I wish


-*LIZZIE'S POV*- "PEOPLE GET READY TO HUG!!!! REMEMBER IT MUST BE A BOY AND A GIRL!!!!" I heard the staff guy said. "What?" I asked. "I wanted to hug you" I said sadly to Tess. "Don't worry" said Tess to me. "GO FIND A PARTNER" the staff guy said. Suddenly everybody started running and I was kinda shocked I couldn't move. "Tess!!!!!" I shouted. Oh my God, I just wish that Niall was here... -*NIALL'S POV*- "Hurry mate!" Zayn said to me. We started to run faster. We arrived to the park and everybody was looking for someone to hug. "Zayn?" I asked. Suddenly Zayn disappeared and I was afraid. Suddenly my eyes saw the most beautiful girl standing alone there without a pair, Lizzie. I ran to her before another guy reached her. "Hi Lizzie" I said. Her sad face turned to a big shiny smile, I loved her smile. "Hi Niall, I'm glad to see you" she said. "I'm glad to see you too" I answered with a smile on my face. "OK YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO FIND A PAIR, IF YOU DON'T YOU'LL BE OUT OF THE CONTEST!!!" we heard the staff guy saying. Lizzie's smile turned to a worry face, so I just decided to hug her. Lizzie wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped mines around her waist and we both hugged tight. "Thanks Niall" she said looking into my eyes. "Thanks to you princess" I said smiling. She giggled and blushed, I just wanted to lean in and kiss her, but I'll save it for later. I couldn't believe that I was hugging my dreamed girl, Zayn was right, this day was going to change my entire life, hopefully Lizzie's life too. I imagine her as my girlfriend, I imagine her kisses, her hugs, I imagine her telling me that she loves me. If we win the contest I'll be so happy because I'll win a day just with her and we'll meet Ed Sheeran, but no one is better and more perfect than my princess, oh now I realise I just called her princess, but she seemed to like the nickname, oh how I love this girl. As the judges pass trough the couples to count them I looked down and saw Lizzie buring her head in my chest and closing her eyes, I hug her tighter and suddenly I saw that Lizzie's smile grew wider on her face, I couldn't help but smile and I closed my eyes too and rest my chin on her head. "Hey look! This is such a cute couple, I suppose they are girlfriend and boyfriend... Awwwww they are going to win the competition" I opened my eyes and saw the judge smiling at us. Lizzie wrapped her arms around my chest and hugged me tight. With this I totally forgot about Zayn. I looked around and I found Zayn hugging Tess, they looked cute together. "I guess Zayn and Tess are having a good time" I whispered in Lizzie's ear. She opened her eyes and turned her face to see them and smiled. She looked at me and then she buried again her head in my chest and we both hugged tighter. -*LIZZIE'S POV*- Oh my God! I can't believe I'm hugging Niall James Horan. To be honest never in this life a guy had hugged me that way, it felt so good. After I saw Tess and Zayn hugging I buried again my face to Niall's chest and he hugged me tight, I was so happy. I was breathing his cologne and I must say I was fascinated. In Niall's arms I felt safe, I wished that my boyfriend just hugged me that way, but I knew that wouldn't happen, never. Kendall doesn't express love in a romantic way, that's why I never had my first kiss, ridiculous right?. I wanted a lovely boyfriend, someone who I can share my feelings, a boyfriend that hugged me tight, a boyfriend to cuddle until we fall asleep, the right boyfriend to share my first kiss, a boyfriend like Niall... I just hope that he will feel the same. Ha and the judges thought that we were a couple, awwww that would the best thing ever, they said that we looked cute together. Oh my God I can't take this anymore. -*TESS'S POV*- I can't believe I'm hugging Zayn. I ran away from Lizzie to look around so maybe I could find Zayn, when suddenly I felt two strong arms around my waist and they turned me to face him, my Zayn. We just smile, and I can say I was smiling like a stupid when he pulled me to a hug, wow, it felt so amazing. Yes if you ask Zayn and I are very good friends, but we don't talk much at school. Maybe I was right, maybe this day was going to change our entire life. Just imagine Zayn as my boyfriend and me as his girlfriend, that will be the best thing ever, my dream come true. Talking about boyfriends and girlfriends, Zayn and I turned to see Niall and Lizzie hugging, YAY!!! My plan has been working so good!!! Hopefully Lizzie will realise that Niall is her soul mate and finally she'll brake up with Kendall. "Don't you think they look cute together?" I asked Zayn. "Do you mean Niall and Lizzie?" he asked back. "Yes..." I said. "They should be a couple" Zayn said. "I know!!!!" I said looking into Zayn's eyes and I realised that Zayn was already staring at me and that made me blush, Zayn giggled. "Do you know that Niall really loves Lizzie?" Zayn said, we were still looking into each others eyes. "Lizzie loves Niall too, but she is blinded with all the Kendall stuff" I said kinda mad the last part. "I don't know what Kendall has to make Lizzie that blind to see that Niall really loves her, he's a better guy than Kendall, and Niall suffers a lot because Kendall bullies him" Zayn said mad. "Poor Niall, Kendall is a stupid and he doesn't deserves a girl like Lizzie" I said. "We should do something, you know, to make Lizzie and Niall a real couple" Zayn said with a smile. "That's a great idea!!!" I said exited. Suddenly Zayn lifted me up and spun me around and we couldn't stop laughing. -*NIALL'S POV*-  I was still hugging Lizzie, we've been like this for almost 2 hours and we have seen many couples walking away, we were only steps closer to win the contest. Lizzie stilled with her head on my chest and her arms around it and had her eyes closed. "Hey Lizzie are you awake?" I asked her quietly but she didn't answer, she was so adorable when she slept, I smiled at the thought of cuddling standing up, also I couldn't stop smiling because I had her in my arms and I never wanted to let her go, I wished she was my girlfriend. -*LIZZIE'S POV*- -/dream/- I was in a beautiful park with Niall, nobody except us were there and we were sitting on a bench. "Lizzie I've got to tell you something..." Niall said to me and hold my hands. "Tell me Niall..." I said with a smile. "I love you and I want you to be mine" he said with a big smile on his face, his blue eyes locked in my brown ones. "I love you too Niall!!!" I said hugging him. "Would you be mi girlfriend?" he whispered in my ear. "Of course my prince charming! I love you so so much!" I said happy. "I love you more princess" he said with a smile. Suddenly he started to lean in, we closed our eyes but before he kissed me I heard a voice calling my name, it was Tess's voice... -/end of dream/- "LIZZIE!!!!" Tess shouted I slowly opened my eyes and I saw a lot of people around us, I kept hugging Niall. Suddenly a reporter stood in front of us with a camera and said: Good evening, this is Sean Powell from London Diary. I'm here with the couple that have been hugging for more than 3 hours and that won this awesome contest called 'Free Hugs' what are your names?" he asked putting his microphone near our mouth. "Niall Horan" "Lizzie Payne". "Congratulations to this wonderful couple! Hope you enjoy your prize and we all wish that you both live happily ever after" the man said. After that the reporter and all the people walked away but a journalist took a picture of Niall and me hugging for the newspaper. "Oh my God Lizzie you won!!!" Tess exclaimed and I ran to hug her. "I'm so happy!!! And it's all thanks to Niall!!!" I said exited. "By the way I've got to tell you something back in your house, it's something important about Niall" Tess whispered on my ear. "Sure!!!!" I said. Then we pulled away. "Well I think we should be going back home, I promised my mom to help her getting the food ready" Niall said. That was so cute. "Sure, thanks Niall" I said with a smile. "Thanks to you princess" Niall said to me with a smile and I blushed, I loved when he called me 'princess'. He started to walk away with Zayn but I stop him. "Niall!!" I called him. He stopped and asked with a smile: "Tell me". I ran to him and gave him a sweet kiss on his cheek, he blushed and kissed my cheek back, I started to blush so hard. We both giggled and I caught Zayn staring at Tess and she was staring back at him, they should be a couple. Niall and I said goodbye and I walked to Tess. "I love that guy" I said to Tess and smiling like a stupid. "Well you're so lucky because he loves you too" she said with a smile on her face. My smile grew wider. "Really!?!?!?!?" I said exited and started to jump. "Yes, Zayn told me" she said. Suddenly my smile fade away. "And what about Kendall?" I asked. "Ughhhh that's easy! Break up with him!! Duhhhh!" she said mad. "I'll think about it..." I said. "Niall really loves you..." Tess said with a smile on her face and placing a hand on my shoulder. I know what to do now...
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