Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


10. First Date

I woke up at 9:00 am because I smelled pancakes, honestly I hate pancakes, I think they're gross and nasty. "Ughhhh!" I groaned. I stood up and went to get change because today I had my "Date" with Niall. I wore a pair of light blue short shorts, a short sleeve red blouse and a pair of red converse. I went to the bathroom to brush my long, straight hair, brushed my short side bangs that covered my forehead and I put some mascara and eyeliner on. I walked downstairs and saw Liam flipping some pancakes on the pan. "Good morning Lil sis" Liam said. "Good morning big bro" I said while I walked to him. "Want some pancakes?" he asked me. "Umm no thanks" I said. "Oh I forgot that you found them gross and nasty" Liam said and laughed. "Yup" I said. "Want to do something today?" he asked me. "I'm going out with Niall" I said. "Oh" he said in a sad tone. "Liam, sorry, I thought you were going to spend some time with Danielle" I said. "I wanted to spend the day with you, because you know, you're going to New York in two days and I'm leaving next week" Liam said and I hugged him trying not to cry. "Tomorrow we can hang out you know, like a brother and sister day, just us two" I said. "That's perfect" Liam said with a smile while flipping more pancakes on the pan. "Where's Danielle?" I asked confused. "She woke up early and went to buy some food" Liam said while putting more pancakes on the pan. "Why are you doing a lot of pancakes? There are like three dozens on that plate" I asked and laughed while pointing the plate full of pancakes that Liam had at his side. "I don't know" He said and we laughed hard. "I could give some to Niall and Zayn" I said. "At what time you are supposed to be at Niall's house?" Liam asked. "It's Zayn's house, Niall spent the night at his house" I said while I grabbed some pancakes and put them on other plate. "So... at what time?" he asked. "Oh yeah, at 11 am" I said and walking to the kitchen table. "So do you want me to ride you there?" Liam asked while grabbing some pancakes and sat in front of me. "That will be great!" I said. "Ok" he said while bitting a piece a pancake. "And have you talked to mom?" I asked. "Um yes, yesterday" he said. "And what did she say?" I asked. "Well she said that she was damn worried about me, but I told her that I was fine, I also told her that I was spending the weekend with Danielle" he said. "And did she ask about me?" I asked. "Umm no, every time that I tried telling her about you she cut me off and change the subject" Liam said ashamed. "Oh" I said sad. "Hey don't be sad, she loves you" Liam said. "Liar, can you please tell me why my mom hates me so much?" I asked looking at the floor. "Well, I think it's time for you to know, but I don't want you to get sad or depressed or anything like that" Liam said leaving his fork on his plate. "Sure..." I said. "Well, all started when..." Liam started but suddenly the front door opened, it was Danielle carrying a lot of bags full of food, of course she distracted Liam and he ran to help her. "Liam!" I exclaimed. I was about to know the truth when she screwed it up everything. Liam didn't pay me attention, in that moment I felt he loved more his girlfriend than me, his little sister. I stood up, grabbed my phone and the plate of pancakes and walked to Niall's house. I was walking to Zayn's house with a full plate of pancakes and every time a person walked near me started laughing and calling me fatty. I was still walking when my iPhone started ringing. The ringtone was the chorus of "Wish You Were Here" by Avril Lavigne, so I knew it was Liam the person that was calling me. I stopped walking and stared at the phone, don't knowing what to do, so I closed my eyes and pressed "ignore". I put my iPhone in my pocket and kept walking. When I arrived at Zayn's house I knocked the door and waited for somebody to open it. "Hello!" Zayn said. "Hi, is Niall here?" I asked. "Yes, come in, your boyfriend is taking a shower" Zayn said and I walked inside the house. "Are all those pancakes yours?" Zayn asked pointing at the plate full of pancakes. "No, I hate pancakes, I brought this so you and Niall can eat them" I said leaving the pancakes on the kitchen. "Thanks, please take a seat, I'll see if your boyfriend is ready" Zayn said and walked upstairs. "Yes, my... boyfriend?" I asked and sat on Zayn's couch.
I was taking a shower at Zayn's house, when suddenly he knocked the door. "Yes?" I asked. "Your girlfriend is downstairs waiting for you" Zayn said. "Who?" I asked confused. "Lizzie, your girlfriend" Zayn said. "What time is it?" I asked, it wasn't 11 am, right? "It's 10:30" Zayn said. "I thought she was coming at 11 am" I said to myself. I finished taking a shower and I got dressed with a green shirt, blue jeans and  my white Nike boots. I brushed my blond hair and I put my black clock on my left wrist. I was ready for my date with Lizzie. I walked downstairs and saw Lizzie sitting on the couch talking with Zayn. I stared at Lizzie and she looked at me and smiled. "Niall!" she exclaimed and ran to hug me, I hugged her tight. "Get a room" Zayn said and laughed. Lizzie pulled away and smiled. "I brought you some pancakes" Lizzie said. "Yummy!" I exclaimed. I went to the kitchen and saw a plate full of pancakes, I grabbed some and went back to the living room. "I should leave, Tess is waiting me at her house, have fun lovebirds" Zayn said. "Bye Zayn" we both said in unison. "Ready to go?" I asked with a smile on my face. "Yup!" Lizzie said excited. I hold Lizzie's hand and started to walk on the street. "Where are we going?" Lizzie asked curious. "It's a surprise" I said. "Oh come on Niall, please tell me!" she begged and I laughed. "Nope" I said and she laughed. "Are you excited to go to America?" Lizzie asked me. "Of course! But the best part is that we are going to be together" I answered. "Everything changed since that charity event" Lizzie said. "I know, I guess Zayn was right" I said. "What did he say? Why he's right?" Lizzie asked. "He told me that my life was going to change since the day of that event, and yes, my life changed" I said staring at Lizzie. "How?" Lizzie asked, her eyes locked on mine. "When I saw you there alone at the park, my life changed, every time I hug you my life gets better, every time I kiss you..." I said and Lizzie blushed. I hold her hand tighter. "My life changed too... Tess told me the same things that Zayn told you, and I agree with you, they were right" Lizzie said. We kept walking hand in hand until we reached the place where we were having about first date: the carnival park. "Oh my Gosh! Niall this is awesome!" Lizzie exclaimed and I smiled. We ran to the entrance and waited in the line to pay. Then Lizzie let go my hand and started to look for something in her pockets. "What are you looking for?" I asked. "Money" she said. "Hey don't worry! I'll pay" I said and grabbed her hands. Lizzie looked at me and smiled. "I couldn't let you pay, never, specially in our first date" those last words slipped out of my mouth making Lizzie blush. "So it's officially our first date?" She asked. "Only if you want" I said and smiled. "Of course" Lizzie said and we both smiled. "Next!" we heard that the woman behind the cashier exclaimed. I hold Lizzie's hand and walked to the cashier. "How many?" the woman asked. "Just two" I said. "That will be $20" the woman said looking at her computer. "Here you go" I said while handing the lady the money. "Thanks, have a nice day" the lady said and Lizzie and I walked to the carnival hand in hand. "I'd never been in a carnival before" Lizzie said. "Really?" I asked her. "Yes, all because of my family problems" she said looking down. "Hey princess, don't look down, your crown is falling" I said and Lizzie looked me and smiled. "What do you want to do first? We have all day and a lot of games to ride" I said happily. "How about that roller coaster?" Lizzie said pointing to a big and scary roller coaster. "The 'Heart Attack'?" I asked. "Sure, want to ride it?" Lizzie asked me. "Sure!" I said. After five minutes of waiting in the line it was our turn to ride the coaster. "Which seat?" I asked Lizzie never letting her hand go. "I think the only one that's left is the one at the front" Lizzie said scared. "Do you want to wait so we can choose back seats?" I asked. "No, it's fine" Lizzie said. This girl was brave. Lizzie and I walked to the front seat and sat there. The staff guy checked that our seat belts were buckled up properly and the he started the game. "Oh my God" Lizzie said. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yes" she said and hold my hand tighter. We were going up until we reached the highest part. "Can I scream?" Lizzie asked. "Sure" I said and smiled. suddenly the car started going down so fast and Lizzie started screaming, and laughing. I started to laugh too. All the ride was about screaming and laughing, it was very funny. Lizzie hugged me tight and buried her on my chest. When the car stopped we unbuckled our seat beat and ran out of the coaster. "That was so so funny" Lizzie said very happy. We both started to laugh. "What now?" I asked. "How about the go carts?" Lizzie asked. "Great choice" I said and we walked hand in hand to the go carts. "Please choose a car" the guy that was controlling the game said to us. I chose a cart with the flag of Ireland and Lizzie chose the one with the British flag. "Let's make a bet" Lizzie said. "Sure" I said. "The loser will buy the lunch" She said. "Sounds fair" I said and smiled. Lizzie smiled back. "Are you ready?" the guy asked. "Yup" Lizzie and I said in unison. "So the first of you who completes three laps will be the winner...Ready, set, Go!" the guy waved his flag and the race started. First I had the advantage but suddenly I saw Lizzie next to me. "Bye darling!" Lizzie said, blew me a kiss and then she accelerate and took the lead. I laughed and accelerate. After three laps of hard competition Lizzie won. "Yay!" she exclaimed and got out of the cart. "So I'll be paying lunch" I said and smiled. "No, I was kidding" Lizzie said. "But are you hungry?" I asked her. "Not really" Lizzie said and smiled. "Well, let's go to another ride" I said and Lizzie smiled. I grabbed Lizzie's hand. "Where do you want to go now?" Lizzie asked me. "What about the haunted mansion or the spooky elevator?" I said. "We can go to both" Lizzie said. "Sure!" I exclaimed. We walked to the haunted mansion. We were inside of the haunted mansion and Lizzie hold my hand tighter. "I can't see anything" Lizzie said. Suddenly she screamed. "What happened? Are you ok?" I asked. "Yes, somebody grabbed my foot" she answered. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "What?" she asked. "Something grabbed my foot too!" I exclaimed and we started laughing. We walked trough a hall and all the paints were watching us. After other scares to death we were out of the house. "That was frightening!" Lizzie said with a smile on her face. "I know!" I exclaimed. "Let's go to the spooky elevator!" Lizzie exclaimed. After that we started running to the spooky elevator. We were inside an elevator with other people, everybody was on their seats and buckled up. "Are you ready?" I asked Lizzie. "Of course!" she exclaimed. Suddenly the elevator started going up, then, after some
seconds of going up, it stopped. Lizzie looked at me and I looked her, we both smiled and suddenly the elevator started going down very very fast, everybody started screaming, then the elevator started going up and down randomly. After some minutes the ride was over and we got out of the ride. "I'm having so much fun Niall!" Lizzie said excited. "I'm glad I can make you smile" I said. We went to sit to some chairs that were next to some food shops. "Thanks for making my very first date the best" Lizzie said and I smiled. "Everything for my princess" I answered. Suddenly a guy dressed like a clown came to where we where with a bunch of cotton candies. "Hey young couple, would you like to buy a cotton candy?" he asked. "Do to want Lizzie?" I asked her. Lizzie's face lighted up. "Really? I'd never tried them before, Tess says that they taste like heaven" she said. "They do!" the clown said and Lizzie smiled. I handed the clown the money. "Which colour?" The clown asked. I looked at Lizzie. "Blue" she said. Blue was Lizzie's favourite colour. The clown handed her the cotton candy. "Thank you" she said to the clown with a smile. After that the clown left. "Thanks Niall" Lizzie said. I just smiled. She opened the cotton candy and grabbed some with her fingers and tasted it. "It tastes so so so good, want some?" Lizzie said. "No thanks" I said and laughed. After she finished her cotton candy we went to more roller coasters and exciting games. The hours past, it was like 4 pm, and we both were tires of roller coasters so we decided to go to some calm games like those were you play a mini game and win something. We were walking hand in hand looking for and interesting game. "How about that one?" Lizzie asked pointing to a game about fishing. "Let's go!" I said and we walked to it. We played the game and we won a goldfish. "I'll name it Prince" Lizzie said. I laughed. We played a lot of games and won a lot of stuff. We kept walking trough the games when I saw one which the biggest prize was a huge teddy bear, the game was about shooting darts to some balloons. "Let's go to that game!" I exclaimed. We walked to the game and the guy in charge told us the rules: I had five chances to pop up the balloons, each one had a paper inside with the number of points that I earned, if I earned a thousand points I'll win the biggest prize. "You can do it Niall" Lizzie said. I concentrated in my target and I shot five balloons, that was the max of balloons that that I could pop so I was happy. The guy counted the points and walked to me sad and then said: "Congratulations! You won the biggest prize!" the guy said and I hugged Lizzie and spun her around, we couldn't stop smiling. "Man, you scared me" I said to the guy. "That's my job!" the guy exclaimed and handed me the huge teddy bear and I stared at Lizzie. "What are you going to do with that huge teddy bear?" she asked confused. "It's for you" I said to her and handed her the teddy bear. "Really?" she asked confused. "Yup" I said and she grabbed the teddy bear. "Because I love you..." I whispered. I think Lizzie heard me because she kissed me on my lips. She pulled away and walked hand in hand to another game. I bought Lizzie a balloon with the shape of a heart and tied it to the wrist of the teddy bear. After some more hours and games we went to eat something. "What would you like to eat?" I asked her. "How about pizza?" she said. "Perfect!" I said and after buying the pizza we went to sit on a bench. After we ate our pizza we kept walking until I saw a photo booth. "Hey let's take some pictures of us!" I exclaimed. "Yes!" Lizzie exclaimed. We ran hand in hand to the booth. "Ready?" I asked her. "Yup!" she exclaimed. we took a total of 6 photos: in one Lizzie is covering my mouth with her hand and I'm covering hers with mine; in another Lizzie is kissing my cheek; in another I'm kissing Lizzie's cheek; in another we are both laughing like crazy; in another we are staring at each others eyes and in the last one I'm kissing her on the lips. "That was so funny!" Lizzie said while we were waiting for the machine to print our photos. It print to copies so Lizzie kept one and I kept the other one. "I love them" Lizzie said while looking the pictures. "I love you" I whispered but Lizzie heard me and looked at me with a smile. "I love you too" she said.  It was like 8 pm so all the games were lighted up by a lot of coloured lights. "This is so beautiful" Lizzie said and hold my hand. "You are beautiful" I said and we both stared at each others eyes. We put our plates in the garbage and it was time to go back home. "Thanks for everything Niall" Lizzie said to me while we where walking hand in hand on the street. "Thanks to you" I said. We walked until we arrived to a big mansion. "Where are we?" I asked confused. "Oh this is Danielle's house" she said while we walked to the front porch. "Danielle?" I asked confused. "Liam's girlfriend" Lizzie answered. I stood up in front of her and hold her both hands. "Thanks Niall" Lizzie said while coming closer to me. "Everything for my princess" I said. Suddenly she looked at the ground. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked her while lifting her chin with my hand making eye contact with her. "Um... Nothing" she said. "You can tell me everything" I told her. "I'll tell you when I'm ready, ok?" She told me. "Sure, I'll wait all my life if necessary" I told her and she smiled. "I think I'll should get inside, maybe Liam is worried sick" she said. "Oh, sure" I said and I let go her hands, but before she could get inside the house I placed my hand on her cheek, I pulled her closer and I have her a sweet and slow kiss on her lips. We pulled away and then she said: "Thanks for this amazing date, I love you". "Thanks to you. I love you too" I said and after that she got inside the house and I walked back home.
I walked inside of Danielle's house and all the lights were off. "Hello? Liam?" I asked while walking to the kitchen and turning on the lights. I walked to the refrigerator and saw a piece of paper sticked on it with a little magnet, it was a note that Liam left that said: "Lizzie: I'm really really sorry about what happened earlier, I didn't mean to ignore you, I love you so so much, I went out with Danielle, that's why you didn't found me :) I'll be back late, sorry :( but I bought you a gallon of ice cream and I made some brownies so you can eat as much as you want :) I love you lil sis, never forget that... Liam xxx<3" I grabbed the note and put it on my pocket. Then I opened the fridge and I saw a gallon of Blue Bell's chocolate ice cream. I put the ice cream on the kitchen table an grabbed a big spoon. I grabbed also some brownies and I walked upstairs I entered my room and I closed the door. I jumped to the bed, turned on the TV and watched a Sponge Bob marathon for hours while eating the ice cream and the brownies. Then, like at 11 pm I fell asleep.
I was back at Danielle's house after our date, it was like 11:30 pm and I went to the fridge to see if Lizzie saw my note. In fact she did, the note wasn't on the fridge anymore and the chocolate ice cream that was on the fridge was gone. I went upstairs and I knocked Lizzie's door room, nobody answered so I came in. I saw Lizzie sleeping next to an empty cup of ice cream and the tv was on. I threw away the ice cream away and I turned off the tv. After that I went to sit on the bed, next to where Lizzie was sleeping. I covered her with some blankets and I gave her a kiss on her forehead. I was about to leave but then I saw some pictures on the night table next to Lizzie, I picked them up and I recognised the people in them, they were Lizzie and Niall, they were kissing and having a good time, I smiled and I left the pictures on the table and I stood up but before I left I whispered: "I love you lil sis" and after that I left and closed the door.
"I love you too big brother" I whispered and after that I fell asleep.


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