Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


11. Brother & Sister

I woke up the next morning with Danielle by my side, I saw my iPhone and it said that it was 8:30 am. I stood up trying not to wake up my Danielle. I remembered that today was our brother and sister day. I went to Lizzie's room and I found her sleeping on the floor hugging a huge teddy bear with a ballon on its wrist, I smiled and I carried Lizzie bridal style back to the bed. I went downstairs to make to myself some breakfast, I grabbed to eggs and some bacon and I fried them. Suddenly I heard someone walking down the stairs. "Hello?" I asked. "Good morning" I heard Danielle saying. "Hey sweetheart, did I wake you up?" I asked and then I gave her a quick kiss on her lips. "No, I just smelled some bacon and you know how much I love bacon" she said rubbing her eyes an I smiled. I grabbed a plate and I put the bacon and the eggs there. "Here you go" I said and I handed the plate to Danielle. "Thanks babe" she said and after that se went to sit on the kitchen table. "What are we going to do today?" She asked me. "Oh, I was going to do some stuff with my sister" I said sitting next to her. "That's great! I wanted to spend some time with my BFF Eleanor" Danielle exclaimed happy. "Awesome" I said. After 30 minutes we finished eating breakfast and we went to get ready. I decided to take a shower so I grabbed all my clothes and locked myself inside of it. 
It was 9:00am when my phone started ringing and I woke up. "Hello?" I asked in a sleepy tone. "HEY YOU!" Tess exclaimed. "Hey" I said. I sat on the bed. "Why you didn't tell me about your date with Niall?!" She asked. "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, but..." I said but then Tess interrupted me: "God, I'm your best friend and you forget to tell me" "Tess..." I said. "I can't believe it!" She said interrupting me again. "TESS NIALL DOESN'T LOVE ME!" I exclaimed mad. "What are you talking about? Niall loves you a lot!" She said. "No, it's not true, he's just playing with me! Can't you just see it?" I said mad. "Um... No" Tess said. "Ughh! He isn't going to ask me to be his girlfriend never! I'm so tired! If he isn't going to ask me to be his girlfriend he must stop kissing me, hugging me or something that those modern couples do! Because it's a big lie!" I said trying not to cry. "That's not true! I thought you enjoy your date, that you like his hugs and kisses, I thought you love him" Tess said. "Yes, I love him a lot, and of course I loved the date, it was the best day of my life, but I feel that he's just playing with me, that he doesn't love me, just like everybody else..." I said and then I hung up. I threw my phone to the bed and I started crying, I hugged tight the big teddy bear that Niall gave me and started to cry harder. After that I went downstairs and I found Liam sitting on the living room couch with a plate with pop tarts next to him, he was texting. "Hey" I said while wiping away my tears. Liam put his phone on the couch and ran to hug me. "Everything's going to be alright" he whispered in my ear and rubbed my back. After that I pulled away and Liam handed me a pink shirt that said Lil Sis. "What for?" I asked him with a smile on my face. Then I realised that he had a blue shirt on that said Big Bro. "For the best brother and sister day!" He exclaimed happy. "Oh right! I'll go and get changed, but first, what do you have planned?" I asked. "We are going to open our dreamed Italian restaurant with free pizzas!" He said in an Italian accent. "Really?" I asked. "Something like that" he said and I laughed. "Hurry go get changed, we need to go to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients" Liam said and I ran upstairs to get changed. I wore a pair of short shorts, black Vans, the shirt that Liam gave me and a grey beanie. I ran downstairs. "Ready to go?" He asked me. "Sure!" I said excited. We hopped inside of Liam's car and he started driving to the market. "So, how was your date with Niall?" Liam asked with his eyes locked on the road. "Awesome..." I said and sighed. Liam laughed an the rest of the trip was silent. After that Liam parked the car and we walked to the entrance. "Can I sit inside the cart?!?!" I asked too excited and an old lady looked at me with a weird face. "Opsss" I said and Liam started laughing. "Sure" he said. I jumped inside the cart and Liam started driving it. "So what do we need for the pizzas?" I asked. "Um I think we need some tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pepperoni and flour" he said walking to where the tomato sauce was. After that we went to search for the other ingredients, but we were missing something. "And the flour?" I asked. "Oh yeah! We were forgetting the most important ingredient" Liam exclaimed and walked to the flour hall. "Flour, flour, flour..." Liam said while looking for the flour. Minutes past and we didn't find the flour. "Hey, excuse me..." Liam said to a guy that worked in the market. "Yes?" He asked. "Do you know where is the flour?" Liam asked. "Oh, sorry, we just ran out of flour" he said. "What kind of supermarket runs out of something?" Liam asked frustrated. "We can't do our pizzas now" I said in an Italian accent. "I'm so sorry, but there's a bakery shop across the street, they might have some flour" the guy said. "I love bakery shops!" I exclaimed. "So why don't you go and buy some flour while I pay all this stuff?" Liam asked me. "Sure!" I exclaimed and I got down the cart. "I'll wait for you at the parking lot, and be careful" he said and I started walking to the bakery.
I was bored, so I decided to make some cupcakes, I decorated them and put them in a rack next to the window. "Hey son!" I heard my grandpa calling me from the back of our bakery shop. "Yes?" I asked while cleaning my hands, that had flour, on my red apron. "Can you please come and help me with this sacks of flour? They are really heavy and I know you are strong enough to carry them" he said and I laughed and went to the back of the bakery to help him with the sacks of flour.
I walked across the street and I found a beautiful bakery shop called Sweet Tooth. I opened the door and a small bell that was at the top of the door rang. "Hello?" I asked, but nobody answered me. I decided to wait so I walked to the window and saw some amazing cupcakes, I wanted to buy them in that moment. "Hey" I heard a thick British accent calling me from the back of the counter. How did I know he was calling me? because I was the only one at the shop. I turned around and my eyes met some beautiful green eyes. "Hey" I said nervous. "Can I help you with something?" He said while walking to me. "Um..." I said nervous.
"I'm Harry, Harry Styles" I said to the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. "I'm Lizzie, Lizzie Payne" she said with a huge smile on her face and held her hand out for me, but instead of shaking it I kissed it, causing her to blush. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, and very original" I said with a huge grin. "And yours is very stylish" she said and giggled. We were quiet for a moment and we just stared at each others eyes. "By the way, I love the cupcakes, who made them?" She asked looking at the cupcakes. "I made them, but the best one isn't here" I said and she smiled. "Come with me" I told her and grabbed her hand and took her to the kitchen. "Amazing kitchen" she said looking at everything that was around. I guided her to the island that was at the middle of it and let go her hand. I walked to the cupcake rack and I grabbed a heart shaped muffin, it was decorated with pink frosting and in red was written "beautiful". "Harry, it's so pretty" Lizzie said while staring at the cupcake. "I made it this morning, I had the feeling that a special girl was coming, like I knew you were coming, so I made it for you" I said with a lot of sincerity. "How can you know that I'm special? We just met..." She said, our eyes locked on each others. "I can see it in your eyes" I said with a smile on my face, Lizzie was smiling too. I grabbed her right hand and placed on it the cupcake. "Thanks, I'll pay you in a second, I just need some flour" she said. "No, it's fine, it's a gift, the cupcake and the flour" I said. "I won't let you pay the flour" she said while we were walking to the cash register. "Fine" I said. I was behind the register and from the rack that was behind me I grabbed a medium pack of flour. I started pressing some random keys. "So, the price is your phone number, a hug and you need to answer a question" I said and she giggled. "Fine" she said and I handed her a piece of paper and a pen. "Here" she said handing me back the paper. "And the hug..." I said while walking to her. I hugged her and she hugged me back tight.
I was hugging Harry, it felt good, but not as Niall's hugs. After some minutes I pulled away. "I think I should be going" I said kinda sad. "Where?" He asked kinda sad too. "To the market parking lot, my brother told me that he was going to wait me there" I said. "I'll walk you" Harry said with a smile on his face. "You don't have to..." I said. "But I want to, of course just if you let me" he said. "Fine, but are you allowed to leave the shop?" I asked him while pointing at the register. "Yes, the owner is my grandpa" he said while taking off his red apron and leaving it on the counter. "Cool" I said. Harry grabbed the plastic bag where the pack of flour was  and we walked to the parking lot. "So, can I ask you a question?" Harry asked me while we were crossing the street. "Sure" I said. "Please just don't freak out" he said. "Sure" I said worried. "Hey don't worry, I just wanted to know if you had a boyfriend" he said and laughed. "Um... no" I said while thinking about Niall. "Really? I thought you were taken" he said with a smile on his face. "I'm forever alone" I said looking at the ground. "Don't say that, you will find the right guy" he said and lifted my chin. We arrived to the parking lot and I saw that Liam was already inside the car. "Hope to see you around soon, so we can get to know each other better" Harry said. "Yes, I had an amazing time!" I exclaimed happy. "Are you free tomorrow?" Harry ask me. "Actually, I won a contest and I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm going to New York with a friend for three days, but after that I will be totally free" I said with a huge smile on my face. "That's great, so I'll call you" Harry said. "Thanks for everything Harry" I said with a smile. "Everything for a special girl like you" Harry said and leaned in and gave me a kiss on my cheek and I blushed. After that he handed me my stuff. "Bye Lizzie" he said. "Bye Harry" I said and after that Harry started walking to the bakery and I got inside of the car.
"Hey Zayn!" I exclaimed while entering my boyfriends house. "Good morning babe" Zayn said while walking down the stairs. "Where's Niall?" I asked while walking to the living room. "Are you talking about that bear that's always sleeping? Yes he's sleeping on the couch" Zayn said and I laughed. I entered the living room and saw Niall sleeping covered with a blanket and you could see his left foot. "I need to wake him up, I have a problem with Lizzie that involves him" I said pointing at Niall. "Good luck with that, I'll give you all the money that I have inside my wallet if you wake him up" Zayn said. "Deal" I said and I walked to Niall, how could I wake up this polar bear? Zayn just stood up right in the centre of the living room watching every move I made. Then I got and idea. I approached to his bare foot and started tickling it causing Niall to laugh and he fell of the couch. "What's wrong with you guys?" Niall asked still laughing. "You owe me the money of your wallet darling" I said to Zayn. He just laughed and then he handed me the money. "Now, getting back to the serious stuff, I have a problem with Lizzie" I said sitting on the couch that was in front of Niall, Zayn sat next to me. "What's wrong?" Niall asked confused. "I called her this morning, and she told me that your date was incredible, but..." I started saying. "But what?" Niall said worried. "She thinks that you don't love her" I said. "Why?" Niall asked me sad. "Maybe because you act like a couple but you aren't one" I said. "I told you!" Zayn exclaimed. "You're breaking her heart, Niall" I said. "God..." Niall said covering his face with his hands. "You know how much I love her... I'm just afraid to tell her" Niall said obviously frustrated. "Are you going to ask her to be your girlfriend or not?" I asked, I couldn't let a guy break my friend's heart, again. "Yes! But I was waiting for the night of Ed Sheeran's concert" Niall said.
Finally we were back at Danielle's house, but I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. "Who was that guy that was with you at the parking lot? Liam asked me. "Oh, his name is Harry, we just met" I said totally distracted. "Really? Because he acted like he knew you since a long time ago" Liam said leaving all the pizza ingredients at the kitchen table. "Really? Um, no, we met at the bakery store" I said. "Why are you so nervous? You don't fancy him, right?" Liam said noticing that I was kinda, well really nervous. "Liam of course not! You know how much I love Niall" I said kinda defensive. "Sorry, it's just that he maybe likes you, all the time you were talking at the parking lot I saw how he looked at you and look at the cupcake he gave you and he gave you the flour for free that's wired if you just met" Liam said turning on the oven. "Yes, maybe, and sorry for acting like that" I said. "Don't worry" Liam said and hugged me. "So are you ready for the pizzas?" Liam asked me with an Italian accent. "Sure!" I exclaimed happy. Liam ran to the kitchen table and took about from the plastic bags two fake moustaches like the one of Mario from Mario Bros. "What for?" I asked while Liam placed one on my hand. "Just to add style to our restaurant" Liam said. Style. That reminded me of Harry Styles... Ughh stupid me!!! "Hey?" Liam asked taking me out of my thoughts. "Pardon?" I asked. "Aren't you going to wear your moustache?" Liam asked pointing his, he made me laugh. "Sure" I said and then I wore my brown moustache, Liam's was kinda blonde. Liam handed me a pink apron and his was black. "So first... Where's the flour?" Liam asked in his Italian accent. "You my little assistant go and find the flour" Liam said and he kept talking in his Italian accent during all the time we made the pizzas. "Yes sir!" I exclaimed and ran for the flour. "So, according to the recipe we need 3 and 1/3 of cups of flour, and we'll put it inside this bowl" Liam said. I opened the flour pack and with my hand I took a bunch of it. "No no no! What are you doing?" Liam asked joking and I started laughing. "Putting some flour inside the bowl" I said still laughing. "Not with your dirty hands! We will use this magic tool called measuring cup" Liam said. "Sure, so what I'm going to do with this 'Dirty flour'?" I asked and laughed. "Throw it away" Liam said while looking at me. "Sure?" I asked with a devilish smile. "Yes" Liam said confused. "Fine" I said and I blew all the flour over Liam's face. I started laughing so hard that I could hardly breathe. "What's *cough* wrong *cough* with you?" Liam asked and I started laughing more. "Yeah that's very funny, huh?" Liam asked while taking some flour of the floor and throwing it to me. "Oh my..." I said and Liam started to laugh like crazy. After that a flour fight started, but Liam took away the 'clean flour' so we wouldn't run out of it. After the fight we were more white than Snow White and we couldn't stop laughing. "I think we should clean here before the pizzas are ready" Liam said referring to the flour that was all white because the flour, it looked like it was snow. "Yes, but before that..." I said while taking out my phone and taking a picture of me and Liam all dirty. "...this must be on Facebook" I finished the sentence and I wrote in my profile behind the picture: "Messing in Danielle's kitchen, sorry haha, making pizzas in the best Brother & Sister day! Love you Liam xxxx" after that I turned off my iPhone and we started to clean up our mess. After an hour our pizza was ready. "Oh my Gosh! Best pizza ever!" I exclaimed. The hours past and it was kind late. "Oh God, I forgot the clothes that I need for my trip" I exclaimed while walking to the backyard and sitting on a little bench. "Hey, don't worry, yesterday while you were away Danielle and I went to our house and picked up all your stuff" Liam said while sitting next to me. "Really? Thanks Liam I love you so much" I hugged my big brother and I started crying. "Hey what's wrong?" Liam whispered in my ear while hugging me tight. "I'm going to miss you a lot" I said. "I'm going to miss you too and... I need to tell you something..." Liam said. "Yes?" I asked while pulling away. "I'm going to tell you everything about our father" Liam said serious and I got very scared. "It all happened 13 years ago... I was 3 years old and my biggest wish was to have a little sister..." Liam said and I smile. "...I always said that to mom and dad, mom was happy with the idea of having a daughter, but our dad wasn't. After a lot of arguing my dad won and my dream of having a little sister was ruined..." Liam continued but he held tight my hands, like if he didn't want me to go never. "...I was very very sad, mom always tried to make me happy, but the only thing that I wanted was my little sister..." Liam said and looked down. "...but one day..." 
FLASHBACK (LIAM'S POV) "Hey Liam come here" I hear mommy calling me and I ran to were she was. "Guess what? You are going to have your little sister" she said whispering. I was so so happy. "But just don't tell daddy ok?" She said still whispering. I just nodded. "Go and keep playing" my mom said and I ran to where my cars were. 
END OF FLASHBACK. (LIZZIE'S POV)  "What happened next?" I asked nervous. "Everything went wrong, somebody told dad that mom was pregnant and their fights started to be worse..." 
FLASHBACK (LIAM'S POV) "What the hell is wrong with you?!?!" I woke up with my dad shouting. "I told you that I didn't want more kids!!!!" Dad exclaimed. I just heard mommy crying. "Bitch!! If that thing isn't gone tomorrow I'm the one who's going to be gone!" My dad exclaimed and he left, he slammed the front door and after I heard his car driving away I ran to where mommy was. She was kneel on the living room carpet crying. "Mommy?" I called her. She looked at me and then she hugged me tight. After that I pulled away. "Please I don't want Lizzie to leave" I said touching mommy's tummy. "I'll try to do my best" mommy said and she sent me back to sleep. 
END OF FLASHBACK. (LIZZIE'S POV) at that point Liam was crying hard, I was crying too. "So because of you I have this beautiful name" I said and smiled. Liam looked at me with a huge smile on his face, then he continued: "Mom decided to let you live, she thought that our dad was going to change his mind, but he didn't. On your birthday mom was alone in the hospital, neither her parents were there, they fought when she got married with dad. Well, there was just me and mom in the hospital, a nurse took me to the playground for an hour and after that I was back at mommy's room and I saw her holding a little baby..." 
FLASHBACK (LIAM'S POV) "Come here Liam" I heard mommy calling me and I ran to her hospital bed, a nurse helped me to get on and I sat next to mum. "Liam, I want you to meet Lizzie, your little sister..." She said smiling and with tears in her eyes. Then I saw my perfect little sister, so innocent. "I will always protect you Lil Sis" I told her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. 
I was crying, a lot, Liam was crying too. I couldn't believe that that was my story, I didn't believe that there was a hero in my story, but then I realised that he was sitting in front of me, my big brother. Liam continued: "It doesn't end there, after you were born mom was in bankrupt and she and dad got divorced. He came sometimes to visit us, but the last day that I saw him was when you were 5 and I was 8, it was two weeks before Christmas. 
"Hey, James" my mum called dad. Lizzie and I were playing on the living room. "What?!" My dad answered with the mouth full of the food that mum bought with the tiny budget that we had. "Why don't you take the kids to the market and buy them their Christmas presents?" My mum said while mopping the floor. "Christmas presents!" Lizzie exclaimed and I clapped. "Ughhhh fine! But nothing expensive!" My dad said mad and we ran to his car. My dad drove to the nearest toy store, but before we got out of the car he said mad: "You two must obey! If not I'll spank you with the iron paddle back at home!" After that we got out of the car and we followed dad.
LIZZIE'S POV(IN THE FLASHBACK): "I  can't believe I'm in this huge toy store" I exclaimed and Liam smiled. We were on the Barbie section when suddenly I saw what I wanted, the Limited Christmas Edition Barbie Doll. I ran to the doll. "Come back little bitch!" I herd my dad exclaiming but I didn't know what that meant so I kept running. "Lizzie come back!" I heard Liam calling me but it was too late. I grabbed the Barbie doll at the same time that a girl with bright orange hair did. "Hey this is mine!" I exclaimed. "No! I saw it first!" The girl with the orange hair exclaimed. "Girls you don't need to fight" the dad of the other girl told us but I wasn't listening. Then my dad pulled me back and the box of the Barbie broke and her head flew away. "Look what you've done bitch!" My dad whispered in my ear mad while holding my arm tight. "Leave her dad" Liam tried to pull me but my dad hit him and he fell to the ground. "Sorry, but you must pay the doll" I heard that a guy that worked there told my dad. "How about paying half and half?" The dad of the other girl asked. My dad let me go and I ran to Liam's arms and he hugged me tight. My dad went to see how much the doll costed. "Fuck" he exclaimed and took out his wallet, so the other man did. "Let's go!" My dad exclaimed mad. We got inside of his car and our dad started driving to home. "I'm sorry" I said ashamed. "I'm sorry that you are alive!" My dad shouted mad. 
"What happened?" My mom asked confused when we were back. "This kid of yours ruined everything! Now you owe me 45 bucks!" My dad exclaimed. "Is OUR daughter and I don't owe you anything!" My mom exclaimed throwing away the mop. "BITCH!" My dad exclaimed mad and slapped my mum on her face. I ran to help her. "This is going to be the last time that we see! Thanks to that stupid girl! Don't ever try to find me or I'll kill you all!" My dad exclaimed and drove away from home. "This is all your fault!" My mom stood up and walked to were Lizzie was. She started screaming but before she could run my mum grabbed her by her arm tight. "Mum let her go, please!" I exclaimed. "SHUT UP LIAM!" My mom exclaimed. Mum started dragging Lizzie by her arm to the laundry room closet while telling her mean stuff: "You ruined my life since I knew I was pregnant! Why didn't I abort you when I had the chance! You don't deserve to live!" I was running behind mom but before I could help Lizzie my mom threw her to the laundry closet and locked her inside and put the key inside her shoe. "Liam!" Lizzie exclaimed but before I could say something my mom exclaimed: "Shut up! Nobody loves you!" And then she kicked the closet. After that she grabbed my arm and took me to the park.
"Now I remember what happened in the toy store, but I don't remember anything else" I said. I couldn't believe what Liam was telling me, I was in shock and we were crying hard. "Lizzie, I love you with all my heart, nobody will love you more than I do" Liam said and hugged me tight. After some minutes he continued: "Five hours later we were back from the park and my mom went to unlock you, I was following her and when she opened the closet you fell from it, my mom thought that you were asleep but the truth is that..." "My panic attacks... That's the reason why..." I said very shocked. "Yes..." Liam said and then continued: "Mum called 911 and then she told the police that my father was the one who locked you in the closet, so the police chased him and they arrested him..." "Do you know where he is?" I asked curious. "Yes, he's spending 30 years in jail for children abuse" Liam answered. "Have you or mom visited since that day?" I asked. "No, mom is afraid that he is going to kill us, so after that mom started some rehab at home and I thought everything was back to normal, you know, that she accepted you again and everything" Liam said. "So why she's acting like she hates me again?" I asked wiping my tears away. "Maybe your panic attacks reminded her of why dad's in jail" Liam answered. "But I had a lot of panic attacks after that" I said. "Yes, but the last two were because I left and because Kendall hurt you" Liam said. "Oh my God.." That was the only thing I could say. Liam stood up and I hugged him. "Thanks for keeping your promise, you are my hero, I love you so much Liam" I said. "I love you more Lizzie" Liam said. After that we pulled away. "You should go to sleep now, tomorrow we need to be at the airport early" Liam told me while looking at his watch and wiping away his tears. "Thanks for everything, I love you big brother" I said. "I love you more Lil sister" Liam said to me and after that we both went to sleep

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