Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


15. Best Day Ever


I was perfectly asleep when I fell somebody whispering in my ear.

-Hey...- it was Niall.
-Yes?- I said tiredly.
-The limousine will pick us up in half an hour to take us to the airport.
-I don't want to leave!- I said while covering myself with the blankets.
-Me neither, but you're going to see Tess and your brother.

I just groaned. I felt that Niall stood up and left. I thought that I was able to sleep again until I felt two strong hands grabbing my ankles and pulling me.

-Niall!- I said while laughing.

He laughed too and let me go. 

-Come on, I'll help you to pack- he said.
-Thanks- I said and I stood up.

I grabbed a pair of short shorts, a stretch pink shirt and I went to the bathroom to get changed, then I put my black Converse on and I went to look for Niall.

-Niall?- I called him.
-I'm in the kitchen!- he exclaimed.

I laughed and walked to the kitchen.

-Your stuff is ready, want something to eat?- he asked me.
-Thanks, and sure- 

Niall gave me a donut and then somebody knocked my door.

-Coming!!!- I exclaimed

I opened the door and James our chauffeur was there.

-Hey James!- I said.
-Hello, Miss Payne, your limousine is here- he said.
-Thanks! We will be down in a minute-

James left and I called Niall.

-I'll help you with your stuff- Niall said carrying my suitcase and his.
-Thanks- I said and we walked out of our room.


We arrived to the airport and sat next to our gate.

-Thanks for everything Niall...- Lizzie said and rested her head on my shoulder.
-I love you princess...- I said while putting my arm around her shoulders and I kissed her head.

We just sat there until the hour to aboard came.

-Flight 523 to London, please start boarding- a voice through the speaker said.
-Let's go- I said and I took our suitcases.

We got in the plane and went to our seats. We sat together.

-I'm so happy to go back home- Lizzie said while looking at me.
-Me too!!!- I said happy.

...skip plane ride...

We arrived to London and got out of the plane.

Hand in hand we walked to the exit and we saw Liam, Danielle and my mom.

-Liam!!!- Lizzie exclaimed and ran to hug her brother.
-Hey mom- I said while walking to her.
-Niall, I missed you so much...- she said while hugging me.
-I missed you too mom- I said.

We pulled away and Liam walked to me.

-I'm glad you're back- he said.
-Thanks- I said.
-Hun, let's go home, I made you some potato soup- my mum said.

I smiled, I loved potatoes

-I'll see you tomorrow at school, princess- I said and I gave her a quick kiss on her lips.
-I love you- she said.
-I love you more- I said and I walked with my mom to our car.


I walked to the car with Liam and Danielle.

-Did you have fun?- Danielle asked me.
-Yes, a lot!- I said.
-And you and Niall...- she said.
-Yes, Niall asked me to be his girlfriend- I said and Liam looked at me.

Liam put my suitcase inside his car trunk and we got inside his car, Liam in the driver's seat, Danielle next to him and I on the back seat.

Liam started driving and his cellphone started ringing. I answered it.

-Hello?- I said.
-Hello, can I talk with Liam Payne?- a thick British accent asked.
-Um, who's this?- I asked confused.
-This is Simon Cowell- he said.

My mouth drop.

-LIAM!!!- I exclaimed and handed him the phone.

-Hello?- he said.

He parked ad then started driving fast.

-Where are we going?- I asked.

After some minutes we arrived to a huge building.

Liam parked outside and we followed him inside.

-Hello, I'm here to see Simon Cowell- Liam said to a receptionist.
-Sure, first door at the right- she said and we walked to the room.

Liam opened the door and Danielle ran inside.

-ELEANOR!!!!- she exclaimed and ran to hug a brunette girl.

Liam looked at me weird.

We walked inside the room I saw a boy with flippy brown hair and somebody that I already knew: Harry Styles.

-Harry!- I exclaimed.

He stood up happy and ran to hug me.

-I thought that I wouldn't see you again- he whispered in my ear.
-What are you doing here?- I asked him while we pulled away.
-Simon wanted to talk with me and my best friend Louis- he said.

The boy with brown hair and blue eyes walked to me.

-Hi, my name's Louis, and you must be Lizzie, Harry always talks about you- he said and we shook hands.
-Nice to meet you Louis- I said and looked at Harry.

Then the brunette girl walked next to Louis and hold his hand.

-And this is my girlfriend Eleanor- he said.
-Nice to meet you- I said.
-Nice to meet you too- Eleanor said.

Suddenly the door opened and Simon Cowel came in.

-I see that you're getting along nicely- he said and sat on a couch.

The three boys sat together and me and the girls and I sat in the other side of the couch.

-So, you might be thinking why are you here...- Simon said and the three guys nodded -well, as you know you have an special talent, and I really like you guys, so I decided to sign you as a group...- Simon said and we all started screaming and cheering. -I wanted a bigger group, maybe of five, but as I didn't find more people with the same talent as you...- Simon said kinda upset.
-Niall and Zayn...- I mumbled.
-Who?- Simon asked.

Everybody was staring at me.

-Um, Zayn and Niall, they are really talented- I said.
-Are they your family?- Simon asked me.
-No, Zayn is a friend, and Niall is my boyfriend- I said and I felt Harry looking at me sad.
-Why don't you call them?- Simon said with a smile and I went out of the room.

I dialled Niall's number and after some seconds he answered.

-Hey princess- he said
-Niall! Urgent! You need to call Zayn and you both need to come to Simon Cowell's office, now!!!- I said excited.
-Of course!!!!! Will be there in half an hour!- he said happy and I hung up.


Zayn and I ran inside the building.

-Do you think that Simin Cowell wants to sign us?!- Zayn exclaimed.
-I hope so!- I said.

We walked to Simon's office and we knocked the door.

-Come in!- we heard Simon exclaiming.

We came in and we saw Simon next to Liam and two another guys.

-Hello, Zayn, Niall- Simon said to us.
-Hi- we answered nervous.

We took a sit next to the other guys.

-So, I've been wanting to make a boy band, but my problem is that I wanted a five boy group and I just had three boys, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles...- he said.

Harry Styles? So this was the guy that liked my princess.

-I was about to sign this three boys until Lizzie told me about you, and I must say that I'm pretty interested in you, I just need to hear you singing- Simon said.

My heart beat was fast and I looked at Zayn.

-Right now?- I asked and Lizzie giggled.
-Yes- Simon said.

Zayn whispered in my ear the song that we could sing.

-So, we'll be singing, wonder wall by Oasis- I said.

We started singing and a smile formed in Simon's face.

-Perfect- Simon said.

Zayn and I were so so happy that we could die.

-Just one last thing- Simon said and we followed him to a huge studio.

Me and the boys got inside a cabin.

-Now, please, sing the same song but all together- Simon said and the song started.

We started singing and I saw all the girls cheering and clapping.

I smiled to Lizzie and she blew me a kiss.

The song was over and we went to sit to a large table and Simon sat with us.

Lizzie stood up behind me, I looked up and she gave me a quick kiss in my lips.

-That was awesome- Lizzie whispered and I smiled.

Simon's secretary gave him a black leather folder and he opened it and put it in front of us and there was a paper with the title "CONTRACT" and a lot of little words and at the end of the page were five lines with our names.

-Just sign here and your biggest dream will come true...-

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