Free Hugs

Lizzie Payne is just a popular girl in her school and has the best boyfriend ever, well that's what she thinks. Kendall, Lizzie's boyfriend, hates helping and bullies Niall Horan. One day Niall and Lizzie went to a charity event called Free Hugs and hugged for more than 3 hours. How Kendall will react? Will Lizzie start to realise how her boyfriend is in reality? Niall loves Lizzie, will after this she will start liking him more? Will there be a future for Lizzie and Niall? Read to find out...
"A hug can change a life" by Lizzie de Anda :D
Note: In this fan fiction the guys from One Direction aren't famous and the only guys that appear are Niall and Zayn and a part Liam as Lizzie's big brother. A/N: the other guys from 1D will appear too at the half of the story


5. Alone Again


The next morning I woke up and I started to get ready to go to school. I wore a light green, short and strapless dress with pink converse. I brushed my straight, long brown hair, fixed my side bangs and went back to my room. I found a brown Hollister back pack and I started to put inside all my books. "This notebook isn't mine" I said looking at the brown notebook. I opened it an on the first page said: "Property of Niall James Horan". I smiled, sure I put it inside my back pack by accident yesterday. I kept looking the pages and I realise that in every single page there was a song written. All the songs were so good, I didn't knew that Niall wrote songs. I kept looking trough the pages when I saw a very beautiful title "Last First Kiss" I read the lyrics and tears started to form in my eyes. That was the most beautiful song I've ever read. "Lizzie, hurry up!! You're going to be late!" my mom shouted. "Coming mom!" I shouted back. I finished putting all my stuff in my backpack, except Niall's notebook that I left in my night stand and I ran downstairs. I took a cookies n' cream pop tart (my favourites) I put it 20 seconds in the microwave and I was ready to go. "Goodbye mom" I said. "Goodbye sweetheart" my mom said giving me a kiss on my forehead. I started to walk down the street when I heard someone shouting my name. "LIZZIE!!!" that was a familiar female voice. I turned around and I saw Tess running to me with Zayn holding hands. "Hello, lovebirds" I said with a smile. "Hi, I'm so so happy" Tess said pointing to Zayn's and hers hands. "Don't need to ask why" I said. "Hello Lizzie" Zayn said to me. "Hey Zayn, where's Niall?" I asked. "Your crush wanted to be earlier at school, he lost his music notebook" Zayn said. I tried not to look nervous, then Zyn whispered something in Tess's ear and her smile fade away. "Is anything wrong?" I asked worried. Tess looked at Zayn with a I-was-going-to-tell-her-later look. "Guys you're scaring me" I said nervous. "Fine, yesterday Zayn and I were at the mall..." she said looking at Zayn. "Continue..." I said. "When we saw this..." Zayn said taking Tess's phone and handing it to me. Tears started running down my cheeks. I was watching my "boyfriend" holding hands with another girl. "Awwww, Lizzie don't cry" Tess said letting go Zayn's hand and came to hug me. "I'm going back home" I said while walking back to my house. "What? Wait no!" Tess said holding my arm. "Why not?" I asked still crying. "You need to talk to Kendall" Tess said. "About what? I'm just losing my time" I said mad. "Brake up with him" Zayn said. I looked at Zayn and then back to Tess and I hugged her and started to cry more. "I'm sorry, you were right, I'm an idiot" I said sad. "No you're not an idiot" Tess said. "We should go to school, it's getting late" Zayn said watching the hour in his iPhone. "Sure" I said wiping my tears away.  -*NIALL'S POV*- I've been here at school since an hour ago looking for my songs notebook. I can't believe I just lost it, it was full of songs I've written just for Lizzie and I didn't have a copy of it. I was looking at my locker when I saw Lizzie walking, I smiled to her and she smiled back but her face looked wet and her eyes were red. I was about to ask her why she was crying but Zayn stopped me. Lizzie walked away. "What's going on? Why Lizzie us crying?" I asked worried. "Kendall screwed up everything" Tess said sad. "That idiot!!!!" I exclaimed mad. "Calm down Niall, she's going to talk with him" Zayn said. Suddenly Zayn and Tess got distracted and I ran to look out for Lizzie. "Niall!!!!!" I heard Zayn exclaimed but I kept running. -*LIZZIE'S POV*- I was walking looking out for Kendall, I was going to break up with him. I kept walking when I saw him next to his locker flirting with a girl. "I need to talk to you" I told him but he just ignore me. "Kendall!!!" I said while grabbing him by the arm and taking him away from that girl. "What's your problem bitch?!" he asked me mad. "My problem is that you are cheating on me with a girl you met in the mall" I said mad trying not cry. He just looked at the ceiling, bit his lip and smiled. "You lied to me!" I said mad. His happiness turned to madness. "I'm not the only one who lied!" he exclaimed. "What are you talking about?" I asked him confused. "You were at Geek Horan's house! You are the cheater here!" he said. "I didn't do anything with him! I was doing some homework but you were holding hands with another girl!" I said mad. "What kind of homework? Kissing? Making out?" he asked mad. I looked inside my backpack and reached the plastic baby. "This homework" I said showing him the baby. Kendall took away the baby from my hands and broke his head, just like my Christmas Edition Barbie Doll. "Kendall stop it!" I said. He threw the baby into the trash can and laughed, I started to cry. "Look bitch better stay away from me, I don't want to be with you anymore, go fuck with your friend Horan, but you'll regret it! I'll make your life miserable the rest of your life!!! He said pushing me against the lockers and holding tight my wrists against them, I couldn't help but cry. He let me go and I kneel into the ground crying harder. I took out my iPhone and called my mom, but it let me to the voice mail. "Mom? Please can you pick me up? I'm not feeling well. Love you" after that I hung up, I stood up and walked to the trash can and picked up Niall Jr. I started walking to the entrance when I saw Niall running to me. "Is everything alright?" he asked me. I showed him the baby. "Don't worry, it's just a plastic baby" he said. "He didn't just broke the baby, he broke my heart" I said crying harder. After that I started running to the exit, Niall tried to run after me, but Zayn and Tess stopped him. I was outside the school when the bell for the first period rang. I sat on the stairs next to the main entrance and kept crying. Fifteen minutes after I saw my moms car parking in the sidewalk. "Mom?" I asked while standing up. My mom never came for me to school. The car door opened revealing my big brother, Liam Payne. "LIAM!!!!!" I exclaimed happily. I ran to my brothers arms and we both hugged and he spun me around. "What's wrong LiLi?" he asked me. He always called me like that. "I heard your voicemail in moms phone and I came as fast as I could" he said worried. "Ugh, my ex boyfriend was cheating on me so now we are over" I said letting a tear run down my cheek. "Don't cry LiLi, he doesn't deserves you" he said with a smile and wiped away my tear, I couldn't help but smile. "Why are you here? What about the X Factor?" I asked. My brother auditioned for the X Factor, he was in, but why he was here? Did he got eliminated? I was worried. "Don't worry, everything's fine, I'll tell you in the way back home" he said with a smile. I sighed in relief. The X Factor was Liam's dream, he left 10 weeks ago and I've been missing him a lot. Liam helped me with my backpack and we got inside the car, Liam was 19, so he had drivers licence. Liam turned in the car and we started driving to our house. "So what about the X Factor?" I asked him. "Oh yeah! Simon wants to sign with me so my dream of being a singer can be true!" he said exited. "Oh Liam I'm so proud of you!" I said with a smile. "I know! I'm so so happy" he said smiling. "And what about the program?" I asked confused. "Simon says that since I auditioned he discovered something on me, he wanted me, so he's giving me two weeks to think about it" he said. "Of course you'll say yes, right?" I asked him. "Of course!!! Is a lifetime chance! I just can't waste it!" he said so happy. "I love you Big Brother" I said happy. "I love you more Lil sis" he said and quickly kissed my head. We arrived at home and my mom was there. "Oh my God Liam! You scared me! I was about to call the police" she said worried. "Mom, don't needed to worry" Liam said hugging my mom. "Aren't you supposed to be at school?" my mom asked confused. "Ummm..." I started to say but Liam saved me. "I heard the voicemail she send you, she has migraine" he said and looked at me. "Yes my head hurts so bad" I said touching my head. "I'll make you some cinnamon tea" my mom said worried. I sat on the couch with Liam and my mom brought us cinnamon tea and we spent all the morning together. -*NIALL'S POV*- After school I started running to Lizzie's house. In the way I saw a little girl, she had about 10 years old, she was selling bouquets of roses so I bought one of white roses. I payed the girl and I kept walking to Lizzie's house. I arrived and I went to knocked the door, after a few seconds a guy like about 19 years old opened the door. "Who are you?" he asked mad. "I'm..." I tried to say but he interrupted me: "You must be Lizzie's ex! You don't know how much you hurt her! You idiot! Why you came?". "I'm not..." I started to say but I heard Lizzie's voice: "Who's there Liam?". Oh yeah! He's Liam Payne from the X Factor. "Your ex" he said mad. "No, I'm not..." I tried to say but Lizzie interrupted me. "What are you doing here Kendall?!" she walked to the door and when she saw me she smiled. "Niall!!" Lizzie exclaimed. "Am I missing something?" Liam asked confused. "Yes, Liam, he's Niall, my friend..." she said with her eyes locked on mine. "Oh, I'm very very sorry Niall, I'm just a little bit overprotective" Liam said holding out his hand, of course I shook it. "Don't worry, by the way I'm Niall Horan and I'm a big fan of yours" I said happy. "I appreciate it, thanks so much" Liam said. Lizzie invited me in and we both went to her room. "I brought this for you" I said while handing her the bouquet of roses. "Niall, they are so beautiful, thank you" Lizzie said. Lizzie went downstairs and she came back with a vase full of water and she placed there the roses. "And I also have another surprise for you!" I said happy. "What is it?" she asked exited. I looked inside my backpack for a yellow folder and when I found it I handed it to Lizzie. "What's this?" she asked confused. "Open it and you'll see" I said. She opened and started to scream. "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!! Tickets to see Ed Sheeran in... New York?!" she asked. "Yes!" I said happy. "We have two suites in the best hotel in New York, first class plane tickets, front row seats to see Ed Sheeran, a limousine to take us where we want to! This is so amazing!!!!!" she exclaimed. "Yes! And the trip lasts three days and we leave next Monday!" I exclaimed. "AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" she exclaimed. "I knew you'll love it" I said. "Thanks for making me happy Niall" she said. Lizzie left the papers on her bed and came to hugged me. "Oh an by the way..." she said while walking to her desk. "I found this inside my backpack this morning" she said handing me my songs book. "Thank you" I said while taking it. "Maybe it got lost when my stuff flew away from my backpack yesterday. "Yeah, and did you read anything?" I asked nervous. "Ummm.... Well I was looking for the name of the owner and I saw all those amazing songs" she said ashamed. "Do you liked them?" I asked her. All those songs were for her. "I loved them" she said happy. "Sometime I can sing to you" I said. "Sure, I'll love it" she said running out her room. "Where are you going?" I asked her. After a while she came back with a guitar. "You can play something for me now" she said exited. "Um sure..." I said nervous taking the guitar. I played her two songs, one called Save You Tonight and the other one was called I Wish. "That was amazing, you should be a famous singer" Lizzie said. "I wouldn't like to be away from the people I love" I said staring at her. "So, can I ask what happened between you and Kendall? Why were you crying?" I asked her. "Oh, sure, look he was cheating on me and he called me a bitch, he hurt me and say I will regret everything..." she said letting tears escape from her eyes. "Sorry, please don't cry..." I said and I went to hugged her. Then she whispered in my ear: "Kendall isn't my boyfriend anymore" I smiled a little, maybe I would have chance with her. "That's the best decision  you've ever made" I said and we both stare into each others eyes I wiped her tears away. "Now I'm alone... again" she said. "No you are not, you have your mother, your brother, Tess, Zayn, you have me..." I said with a smile on my face. "Thanks..." she said with a smile, our eyes locked on each others. "What are we doing now with Niall Jr.?" she asked sad while reaching the baby without head. "We can paste it" I answered taking the baby and putting it inside my backpack. "I'm afraid Niall" Lizzie said worried. "Why?" I asked while holding Lizzie's both hands. "About what can Kendall do to me" she answered sad and worried. "You don't have to worry about it, if he touches you I'll kill him" I said with a smile. She smiled too. Then my iPhone biped. "I have to go, sorry" I said while reading my mom's text. "It's fine, don't worry" she said with a smile. "If you want to I can take you tomorrow to school in my bike" I said. "Sure! I'll love it!" she said. We hugged one more time and I left her room, I walked down the stairs and found Liam watching tv. "Thanks for everything" he said when he saw me. "No problem, I really enjoy making Lizzie happy" I said while walking to the door. "She really likes you" he said while walking to me. "I... I love her" I said looking at the ground. "You should tell her something, but I warn you, if you break her heart I'll kill you" Liam said seriously. "I promise I won't, she's the person I love the most in this planet" I said with a smile. "Fine, I trust you, thanks for treating her like a princess" Liam said to me. "She's my princess" I said and after that I walked back to my house. -*LIZZIE'S POV*- "Is Niall gone?" I asked while walking down the stairs. "Yes he just left" Liam said. I went to sat next to Liam and I showed him my ticket to the Ed Sheeran concert. "That's so awesome, I met him in the X Factor" he said. "Cool, and is he a good person" I asked curiously. "Yes he's one of the nicest persons you'll ever meet" he answered with a smile. "You'll take me to the airport, right?" I asked him. "Sure, everything for my LiLi" he said and he kissed my forehead. "And what do you think about Niall?" I asked him. "He's a nice guy, he knows how to treat a girl like you" he said confidently. "Do you think he would be a good boyfriend?" I asked him. "Yes, but I'll already warned him that if he breaks your heart I'll kill him" he said with a smile on his face. "You are going to scare him!" I said while laughing. "I just want to be the dad that we never had" he said sad and mi smile fade away. My dad abandon us 13 years ago and we don't know why, well that's what my mom told us. "I love you Liam" I said. "I love you LiLi" he said. We both smile and watched Spongebob the rest of the day. 
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