The Fourteenth, a One Direction Fanfic

Alana was at her hometown in New York City. She went to subway just to get some lunch, but ends up with a life changing encounter with One Direction!


1. Falling For Each Other

"Alana walk faster our break is over in ten minutes," Alana's friend, Lola complained as she was getting pushed by the people passing by. The were on a lunch break from their job at Hollister and were going to Subway to get something. They squirmed through the crowds and ran across the street to ignore the dashing taxis. Alana and Lola sped through a few more blocks and streets and walked into the restaurant. "Quick, what do you wanna get," Alana asked as she went to make their lunch. Lola found a small table to sit at and waited there for her food. When Alana came to sit down they began to indulge in there foot-long.

Alana's POV

I put down my sandwich to break it into four and suddenly I completely froze in my seat. I looked over to the two boys who walked through the door. They were looking around and waving to the third boy walking out of the bathroom door. He walked back. I felt butterflies in my stomach but at the same time I was just trying not to fangirl. I quickly tapped on Lola's shoulder.

"Lola look up, those are three of the boys from 1D. Look, didn't you say they would be in New York" she looked at the back of the restaurant and to the door. I felt like I was about to die. I never met a celebrity before, which was not surprising, so I had no idea how to act. I got out of my seat and pulled Lola to come with me. Louis looked to me and nudged Zayn, getting the attention of him and Niall who just came over.

"Er, hello. I'm A-Alana," I said while swaying side to side. I lightly elbowed Lola. She lifted up her hand, not necessarily waving, "Lola. Hi." Niall looked up smiling at me, bringing his hand to the back of his head. I smiled back. I could feel my face tinting pink. We looked at each other the whole time, just blushing.

"Could we get you autograph really quick," I asked. "Sure," a two of the boys said. I paced back for a notebook from my bag. They scribbled their names into the book. I took it back. I saw Niall's signature at the end and it said Happy Valentines Day. I forgot completely what day it was and I started daydreaming about if I had a Valentine...

Niall's POV

I couldn't help but try to work up the nerve to give her my number. I looked around and quickly took the notebook from Alana's hand with a smile and wrote my phone number down and returned it to her. She blushed as she looked at the new writing and I smiled. "I would hope to see you again sometime," I said to her. "I would like to also. I work at the Hollister store nearby if you want to come," she said with her face still pink. I nodded.

"Alana our break is gonna be over we gotta go," her friend said to her with all of their bags in her one hand. "Oh God we gotta go," Alana said throwing her half eaten sandwich away. I frowned at she rushed to leave. She said bye to the boys and I as I watched her stop in her tracks. She gave me a quick hug. "Huge fan by the way," she whispered to all of us as he ran to the door. I laughed.

Alana's POV

I went through the rest of the day folding clothes sprawled into a pile on the dressing room floors. I scurried through the aisles and bumped into him again. "Niall," I said.

"Hi Alana. Wanna go out for Nando's? It's in Brooklyn though so-" Niall mumbled quickly. I nodded with the biggest smile that could have been on my face.

*Two Hours Later*

"Thank you so much Niall for taking me here. I bet the food is delicious," I said eager to taste. Niall replied, "Please stop thanking me. You are very welcome but, just, thank you for coming." I realized how much I actually thanked him. We walked through the doors and sat across from each other at one of the tables. The waiter came over to us and Niall ordered for both of us. 

"If your okay with that, Alana," Niall said. I nodded. We got our drinks and Niall went got up to go to the restroom. "Hold on. I will be right back," he said. I waited and while he was gone our food came. When Niall came back he changed his previous spot and sat next to me with a clever smirk on his face.

"Hope you don't mind," he said. He was incredibly close to my face and I was nearly red with nervousness. I moved more to the side to increase the distance between us and began to eat. We finished about half an hour later and went out to the car. We sat there while the car heated. 

"Thank you again," I said to Niall. He nodded. He leaned in close. "It's fine Alana no need to keep thanking me so much," Niall said. My eyes fluttered closed as I felt his warm breath blow on my face. He took my hand, still leaned close to me, and started rubbing my fingers.

"Be my Valentine," he whispered. I blushed once again. My eyes opened.

"Only if you'll be mine," I smiled. He leaned in closer to kiss me.

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