never or always

this story is about Amelia and her best friends enjoy i dont want to spoil it please read


1. how it started

I woke up to the sound of silence in my house there is not much silence i jump out of bed and walk down to the lounge room no ones in there so i head in to the kitchen and everyone jumped out and surprised me i jumped and saw mum with the biggest smile on her face i knew at once she was the one that set this up i ran over to mum and gave her the biggest hug and i asked her "mum did you put this together" "yes amelia i did dont for get that we have presents " i know mum' i walked awy and everyone told me to sit down so i did once i opened all the presents and i thought it was money but when i opened it it was three tickets to a one direction so i quickly called georgia georgia screamed in to the phone and then said yes over and over and then i called lucky and told her and she did the same i told her to pack and i told her i would meet her at the airport so i ran to my room and sat on my bed i got out my suit case and i started to pack and lets admit im not a big fan of one direction but i dont mind there music but hearing them live was a dream come true.

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