Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!


12. Singing at Church


I set my alarm for 7:00 because I had to be at church at 9:00, I hopped into the shower, shaved my legs, washed my hair, got out of the shower, blow-dried and straightened my hair, got dressed (http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_10_singing_at_church/set?id=72543215), went down stairs, had breakfast and a cup of Yorkshire tea, went back up stairs, brushed my teeth, did my make-up, went down stairs again, grabbed my car keys and phone and finally left the house.

As I walked out the door, I got a text message from Liam,

LEYUMM ;): HEYY! I'm all ready what is the church's address? xx

I text him the address and went to pick up Cerys.

"Heyyy girl!" Cerys greeted me as she put her guitar in the boot of my car

"Hey, your looking sexy as always" I complemented (what Cerys was wearing:  http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_10_singing_at_church/set?id=79309919)

"thanks! your quite a pantie jumper yourself!"

"aw Cerys, I love you!"

"hey Beth?" Cerys asked getting serious

"yeh Cez?"

"do you think Kyle will be there today?"

"yeh why? what happed?"

"well I kind of broke up with him last night because I saw him sucking faces with another girl"

"well then he is a dick! just stay away from him today"


I was just about to leave the house to go to Bethany's church when somebody called my name, I turned around, it was Harry dressed and ready.

"hey dude, whats up?" I asked Harry

"your going to Bethany's church right?"

"look Harry can't you just let me have the girl for once?"

"No! I don't want to go to church because of Bethany! Cerys also goes to that church!"

"aw does Harry have a little crush on Cerys?" I teased

Harry blushed and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly "um... ur... I... um... I kinda kissed her last night" Harry was embarrassed "but she kissed me back" he quickly added

"Harry! Dude! she has a boyfriend!" I was a little annoyed with him

"No! No! she saw Kyle making out with another chick, so she was crying so I comforted her and then it kinda happened..." Harry explained

"okay then Harry get in the car"

we walked out of the house and drove to Cerys and Bethany's church


We arrived at the church and boy was it big. We walked through the front doors of the building and as we walked we were greeted by friendly hand shakes and hellos. A few of the people knew who we were and asked for a picture or a autograph. We started to find the girls but we couldn't find them anywhere so we ask a girl who looked about the age of 13,

"hey, can you help us please?" Harry asked

"anything for you Harry" she said whilst battering her eyelashes, she was flirting with us, the is 13 she shouldn't even be thinking about boys at that age!

"By any chance do you know where Cerys and Bethany are"

"why do you want the-" the girl was cut of

"Kaitlyn run along stop bothering them! Go flirt with Josh or something!" Cerys ordered and shoved her away 

"Gosh that girl will flirt with anyone!" Bethany complained

"I take it she is a little annoying?" I asked

"Very!" Cerys and Bethany said in unison

"lets go take our seats" Cerys said and we all followed her into the hall



I'm really nervous, I always get really nervous before preforming in front of people just deep breaths Cerys you can do it. I walk up onto the platform and grab my trusty guitar and plug in the amp and sit on the stool and position the mic correctly in front of me 

"hey, I'm going to be singing 'whom shall I fear' by Chris Tomlin" (A/N: its a really good song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVyqmb189AE) I said 

You hear me when I call

You are my morning song

Though darkness fills the night

You cannot hide the light


When I finish the song everyone claps and a big smile spreads across my face, I put my guitar back and sat down 

"Cerys, you didn't tell me you could sing like that!" Harry whispered

"well I don't like to brag"

"Cerys, you have something to brag about"

"thanks Harry"

Harry just smiled and held my hand.


Cerys did an amazing I could tell she was nervous but i didn't show, her voice was very strong. Now its my turn but I'm not nervous at all. I walked over to the piano and the mic was already positioned perfectly, I pulled out my music and put it on the piano stand 

"I'm going to be singing 'Yahweh' by Hillsongs" (A/N: also a great song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMsGi0A80-0) I said

Our God He lives foreverHe reigns with power and loveLet earth bow down before HimFor He is exalted


Everyone clapped and stood up smiled and back down with Liam

"amazing as always" Liam complimented

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