Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!




I woke up at 7:00am and I was the first one up so I went downstairs and made breakfast for everyone. I got the ingredients for the pancakes out then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, I expected it to be one of the girls so I just ignored it and continued to heat the frying pan,

"mornin'" a voice came from behind me it wasn't one of the girls so I turned around to see Liam... with no shirt on!

"hey, didn't I give you a shirt last night?" I asked

"yeh you did but I got hot so I took it off"

"oh ok then"

"what you cooking?"


"can I help?"

"yeh sure!". Liam and I really bonded whilst we were making the pancakes, we also make everyone a cup of Yorkshire Tea. I walked over to the stairs and shouted

"BREAKFAST!!!!!" and within a few second it sounded like elephants running around in my house, surprisingly the girls were downstairs first and then followed by the boy who weren't wearing any shirts except Harry who was wearing nothing but a blanket wrapped round his waist

"Harry please tell me you have something on under that blanket" I said as a joke, Harry stayed silent and went bright red

"eww HARRY!"

"ok shut up and give me my food and no one will get hurt" Niall shouted and we all laughed and Liam gave him his food and then Niall ran over to the table and started to shovel down his food like he hadn't eaten in years

"NIALL! slow down your gunna choke!" Abi commanded she always liked Niall the most, we all laughed and joined him at the table and started eating and then I remember I needed to tell the other boys about my party

"oh yeh boys, it's my birthday party tonight do you want to come?" and all at one they shouted "YES!" the we all burst out laughing

"what time is it at?" Liam asked

"oh, um, it starts at 9 and it's here. but you can come earlier if you want I wouldn't mind some more help setting up"

"ok sounds good, so we better leave soon so we can get you something"

"you don't have to get me anything!"

"YES WE DO!" Louis screamed and then we all started to laugh again.


We stayed at Bethany's until' 11 and decide to go back to the house we were renting for while we were here. we all freshened up and got changed and then Louis drove us to the city so we could get Bethany's presents. I didn't want to get her a cheap present but I didn't want to get her a really expensive present, I think around $100 was reasonable. after a while we got our gifts for her (what they got her:  http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_party_bethanys_presents_off/set?id=72654753). We kinda didn't stick to the $100 rule!

we went back to our house at around 4 and hung out for a while and I text Bethany to see what tine she wanted us over, 

Liam: Hey Beth, what time do u want us over? Leeyum xx

Bethany: Hey Leeyum! um, about 6? Bethany xx

Liam: ok see you then! Leeyum xx ;)

because I knew how long it took the boys to get ready we all had a snack and got ready straight away! Harry was wearing a white v-neck and a black blazer with black skinny jeans and his white converses, Niall was a red polo and white jeans and red supras, Zayn was wearing a white t-shirt with dark blue jeans and a light blue jean jacket with some white converses, Louis was wearing a short sleeve shirt buttoned all the way up rolled up dark blue skinny jeans with white vans and I was wearing a white t-shirt with black sleeves and dark blue jeans with red converses. we all had our hair styled in the usual way. by now it was 5:45 so we thought it would be a good time to leave, we got into Louis car and on the way we started to talk,

"hey lads?" I started

"yeh?" Harry replied

"do you think we should sing Bethany a song at her party?"

"oh yeh, that would be so cool! but what song should we sing?" Niall asked, Harry had a devious smile on his face

"I reckon we should sing rock me and give the girls a little heart attack"

"yeh! lets go with Harry's idea" Louis said while bouncing up and down in his seat

"Ok then!" I agreed.


The girls and I were setting up the decorations then I heard a knock on the door so I left the girls to go get it,

"Hello?" I asked as I opened the door then that was followed by aloud 'BETHANY!', it was the boys as they walked in I was greeted by a 'alright babe?' or a 'hey love!', I could really get used to these boys! They we so genuin and kind,

"hey Bethany, we want you to open your presents now!" Zayn said quite excited I may add!

"here!" Zayn said shoving a present into my face, I opened it to fine a beautiful cream dress!

"oh it's beautifull! thanks Zayn!" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek and a hug, next Harry gave me his, it was a sweatshirt that said 'I <3 HARRY' I giggled at this and then there was something at the bottom of the bag, a little black box, I opened it to reveal a beautifull pair of diamond studs

"oh wow, Harry" I also gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek

"aw only on the cheek" Harry said disapointed and I playfully punched him in the arm. Niall handed me a rather big bag I opened it to find two shoe boxes one was a supra shoe box and the other was avans shoe box

"aww thanks Niall" then repeated the hug and kiss on the cheek.


Bethany gave niall a kiss on the cheek and a hug like she did with the other boys. i looked over at Louis and i saw that  he was very excited to give his present. he turned to bethany and quickly pulled out an envelope from his jean's pocket and handed it to her, she then ripped open the envelope and i could see the look change on her face,

"oh my gosh louis!!!!!" she jumped up and threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, louis being cheeky like he is quickly slipped his hand under her bum and gave it a slight squeeze which made me jealous. bethany sqeeled and jumped off him and playfully punched his arm,

"oh my gosh louis!! i can't believe this! a ticket to london! that's way too big!" she screamed and hugged him again and also gives him a kiss on his cheek

"thank you so much, no-one has ever given me such present before"

louis laughs "that's alright babe!!" he winks and gives a cheeky smile. at this point i was fuming, there was no way my present could top his! while bethany was still admirering her presents i quickly shooed the lads away so i could be alone with her. bethany looks up

"where have the boys gone?" i shrug my shoulders and reply

"they went to help the other girls." bethany just nodds. It was finally my turn to give her her present

"here" I said handing her a small black velvet box, now I was getting really nervous! As soon as she opened the box her jaw dropped and her eyes started to well up and before I could say anything she had wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled her head into my cheast, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her hair, after awhile we pulled apart and I took the necklace out of the box and hung the white gold diamond in crusted cross necklace around her neck and she smiled at me and then we went to go help the other set up. By the time we finished it was 8:00 so the girls went to get ready so the lads and I just sat around talking. The girls came down at around 8:50 just in time for guest to arrive and may I just say the looked BEAUTIFUL!

(What they were wearing: BETHANY: http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_party_bethany/set?id=72541948 DORIS: http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_party_doris/set?id=72898726 CHARLOTTE: http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_party_charlotte/set?id=72901253 CERYS: http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_party_charlotte/set?id=72901253 ABI: http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_party_abi/set?id=72902971 )

A/N: Hey guys thanks for reading this, a big thanks to my friend Doris. please tell me what you think! Any ways I can improve or make it better? I promise drama will be coming up soon hopefully in the next chapter! Love you guys! Cerys xx

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