Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!


3. Oh Great!



well they were sweet... WAIT BETHANY WHAT ARE YOU THINKING YOU HATE THEM! Well one music class down just two more to go... This week! Next I have English (other than music English is my favorite class). I walked into my class sat at my desk, for some reason in most classes I have a spare desk next to me. I don't know why but my English teacher Mr Brown was always on time but today he was ten minutes late to class.

When he finally walked in to the class he was telling someone to wait outside the class and then he started to speak "today class we have someone new joining us, and Bethany he is in all of your classes so if you don't mind can you show him around the school and help him out this week" I nodded in agreement and then Mr Brown gestured to the boy waiting out side the class for him to enter and as he walked in my face dropped it was that Liam boy from One Direction, oh great and to make it worse Mr Brown gestured to the desk next to me

"oh hey, I'm Liam. Your Bethany right you sang in music just then?" he said with a charming smile placed upon his face

"yeh that's me" i replied blankly

"you were amazing by the way" he complimented still with a smile on his face I couldn't help but smile but i quickly knocked it off my face a then focused on Mr Brown, well i pretended to whilst I was actually mental arguing with myself, i can't fall for him but he was so sweet, no Bethany focus you don't like him in fact you hate him Bethany!


When I walked into the class my eye automatically fell on Bethany and smile increased in size and then Mr Brown gestured to the seat next to Bethany I was actually getting a little nervous, LIAM YOU CAN'T FALL FOR A GIRL YOU MET AN HOUR AGO!! but she was so angelically beautiful I could help but fall for her.

As soon as i sat down I said "oh hey, I'm Liam. Your Bethany right you sang in music just then?"

she replied with no emotion behind it "yeh that's me" i decided to pay her a compliment to try and get her give a little smile

"you were amazing by the way" and it worked because she cracked a little smile but then it was completely washed of her face in a matter of seconds and turned back to Mr Brown.

Nearly at the end of the lesson I asked her a question "hey Bethany"


"can the boys and I sit with you at lunch... because we don't really know anyone else" I was hoping for a yes when I asked this

"well you don't really know me that well and there are much more popular people you could sit with and plus my friends are obsessed with you and your friends"

I was kinda knocked down by this response but i quickly replied with "we don't care if you are if your not popular and I'm sure it would make your friends' day if you let us"

"fine I guess you can but if the fan girling gets to much don't come running to me about it" a huge smile popped onto my face when she said yes, lunch was going to be fun, but hard!

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