Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!


2. Music Class

I took as long as possible to walk to music but not too long so that I would get in trouble, as I walked into the classroom the boys in my class slumped in their chairs as they knew that this term none of the girls would pay any attention to them because the would be gawking over One Direction, I wouldn't but they wouldn't care about me. I sat in my seat next the window, all the girls in my class were practically exploding with excitement, I smirked a bit at the fact that they were all acting like thirteen year old girls. I sat there looking out the window at the cars passing the school and then I turned to look at the door and I could see my music teacher Mrs Pratt talking to someone and then she walked into the classroom 

"as most of you know we are having some very special people helping us with our music program this term, guys would you like to come in" Mrs Pratt, as she said that One Direction strolled into the classroom waving to us all as they followed Mrs Pratt to the front of the class and sat at the five spare desk at the front of the the class and just my luck one of them was next to me, the boy with the the brown curly hair and green eyes who name I believed was Harry sat next to me.

Mrs Pratt sat down at her desk and said "at the end of last year I asked a girl in this class to preform a song in today's class and she is Bethany Edwards" she nodded at me and I stood up with my guitar and sat on a stool a the front of the class

"today I'm going to sing a song that I really started to like in the holidays and it is 'small bump' by Ed Sheeran" I started to strum my guitar and sang "You were just a Small Bump unborn, in Four months you're brought to life" when I sing I just compleatly ignor everything around me and just focus on the music.


Whoa this girls voice is amazing and she is so beautiful she has like a light brown blond colour hair and light blue eyes and she had the longest eyelashes I have ever seen! When she finished the band boys and I stood up straight away and started clapping as she walked back to her seat next to Harry.

The teacher Mrs Pratt gestured to the boys and I and asked "so One Direction what do you think?"


"That was beautiful Bethany" commented Niall with a huge smile on his face,

Zayn and Harry looked at each other and said at the same time "WOW",

then it was my turn to say something, I just sat there thinking of what to say, I think I might of sat there for a bit to long because Niall started nudging me and said "dude, say something" "oh yeh sorry!" I replied

"Bethany, I think you just made my favourite song even better" I said with a huge smile growing on my face, I saw that Bethany also had a smile but then I quickly went away.

"Well that was lovely boys!" Mrs Pratt, we all nodded in acknowledgement and then Mrs Pratt continued the lesson as usual but I wasn't paying attention because all I could think of was Bethany's voice, but then the bell for next period. The boys and I had been put in classes for the next term because we thought it would be cool to normal lessons, so next class English!

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