Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!


4. Lunch


Bethany told me where he and her friends were going to be sitting so i went off to find the boys and to get our lunch. when i found the boys and we got our lunch I told the boys where we were going to be sitting and set off to sit with Bethany and her friends. as we were walking we got stopped by a few girls for autographs and we could see that some of the boys were jealous but we just ignored them.


My friend and I were sitting in our usual lunch spot and chatting away as usual, well my friends were because it was about One Direction. i just sat there for a while just thinking about random things until' my friend Cerys knocked me out of my thought by kind of shrieking at me

"Bethany why is one direction walking over to us?!"

"oh didn't i tell Liam asked if they could sit with us today"

"Hey Bethany" a deepish came from behind me, i turned around to see Liam giving me his signature smile. me and my four other friends moved over to make space for the boys to sit down,

"would you care to introduce your friends to us Bethany?" Liam asked

"oh and relationship status" Harry added with a cheeky smile plastered on his face

"ok, this is Charlotte and single" I gestured to the girl sitting next to me she had long straight black hair and dark brown eyes,

"this is Abi and single" I gestured to the girl across from me to the right she had medium blond wavy hair with grey eyes,

"this is Cerys and she is taken" gesturing to the girl across from me she had very long light brown hair which every one was jealous of and bright light blue eyes,

"this is Doris and she is single" gesturing to the girl across from me to the left she had medium blond straight blond hair blue/green/gray eyes,

"and i'm Bethany and single"

"you probably know this already but he's Harry and single" Liam gestured to a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes,

"he's Niall and single" he gestured to a boy with blond hair and bright blue eyes,

"he's Zayn and single" he gestured to a boy with brown hair with a blond streak at the front with brown eyes,

"he's Louis and taken" he gestured to a boy with brown hair and blue eyes,

"and I'm Liam and I'm single". we sat there for a little bit and finished our food and then i asked the boy if they wanted to go down to the oval to play something with the other boys in our year,

"Hey Cerys what sport did Kyle (her boyfriend) say they playing today?"

"i think he said footy"

"oh i love football!" Louis screamed

"no Louis we're not talking about soccer we are talking about aussie rules, it's kinda like rugby but different, we will get Kyle and our other friend Oscar to explain it to you, ok?" Charlotte explained

"ok sounds good!" Harry said with his cheeky smile spread across his face.

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