Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!


10. Here comes some Drama


When the DJ arrived we asked him if we could do our little performance, he said he could get the backing for us and oddly enough he had brought 5 mics with him. Soon enough the guests started to arrive and when they all arrived boy was there a lot of people here!


It was about half way through the party when the boys and I decided to do our little performance, we all walked onto the stage and I said,

"Is everyone enjoying the party?" The crowd let out a small scream as a reply yes,

"So, who wants to hear some Rock Me?" The crowd let out another scream but it was a little louder this time and the Harry started the song. Just to make a few hearts melt the boys and I threw a few hip thrusts in, we're such flirts. One the song was finished the lads and I called Bethany up to the stage and then we led everyone in singing happy birthday to her, as we were doing so the brought out her cake, once we had finished she blew out her candles and stepped of the stage blushing a little, I could tell she didn't really like being the center of attention.


After the boys performance, which was really good by the way, I started to look for Kyle. I hadn't seen him yet today, but I kinda just shook it off. After looking for him for a bit I went to the table to get a drink, as I was walking over I saw a couple making out, the boy looked a lot like Kyle, but I couldn't be him 'cause he wouldn't do that to me, would he? I walked closer to them to get a better look and then, it hit me. It was Kyle. I walked over to him and pulled him off the girl and then slapped him right across the face, Then I screamed

"YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME!" I quickly kicked off my heals and picked them up and ran out of the house crying. I crossed the road to enter a little park and sat down on the bench and cried my eyes out.


When I saw Cerys running out of the house crying I felt really angry towards the person who made her cry and really sad just because she was sad. I slowly followed her out the house and saw her cross the road over into a park, I decided to leave her for a little bit to have some time to herself and then I crossed over into the park and sat next to Cerys. As soon as I sat down Cerys looked up at me and said,

"Oh hey Harry”

"Hey, what's wrong? Why did you run out crying?" I ask worried

"Oh Kyle is just an ass"

"What did he do?" Cerys sat there explaining what happened and then broke down in my arms. I held her there for a while and then I said,

"You are amazing, and he is an epic ass to do that to you. You deserve much better than him" Cerys hugged me tighter and then looked up into my eyes and then leaned in and I copied her and also leaned in and when our lips touched I had sparks go through my body, her lips were amazing. We pulled apart for air and I looked into her eyes and smiled. We sat there for a little while cuddling with each other before going back into the party and had a great time together for the rest of the night.


You know what? I really starting to like this Doris girl, She is really pretty, funny, sweet, kind and she also has a wicked singing voice. I look around the party to try and catch a glimps of her, Gotcha! I walk over to her and she is talking to some people, as they see me walking over they stop talking to her and walk away. As I get to her I wrap my arm around her waist,

"Would you care for a dance?" I whisper in her ear as flirty as possible, Doris just nods her head, grabs my wrist and pull me over to the dance floor. I must admit she is a really amazing dancer as well. After we had been dancing for awhile, I finally pluck up the courage to ask her something,

"Hey Doris?" I ask

"Yeah?" She mumbles

"I was just wondering if maybe you would want to go on a date with me?" I continue

"I would love to, Zayn" she smiles as she answers me. I just smile and continue dancing, and we spend the rest of the night that way.


It is around 1 o'clock by the time everyone leaves, well everyone except Abi, Cerys, Doris Charlotte, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam. All ten of us set to work to clean the place up, after about thirty minutes the place is clean and everyone goes home for some well deserved sleep.

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