Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!


1. Eww One Direction!

One Direction... The very name sent shivers down my spine. I hate them. They hadn't done anything wrong it was just the fact that everyone was obsessed with them! With another year of school about to start and in fact my final year, hoped into the shower and all I could think about was one more year of me being around people talking about ...ehhh One Direction every day. It was alright if it was only like once, twice a week I wouldn't mind so much, but no it was pretty much 24/7 with it all at school, on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram and pretty much every social network you could think of! I got out of the shower and dried off. I went back into my room and put on my school uniform, did my hair and put on my make-up trying to make it look as natural as possible (we aren't really allowed to wear make-up to school but all the girls do). I ran down stairs and put my shoes on. Yay big clumpy black shoes! (Note the sarcasm). I grabbed my school bag and headed out the door. My school was only a ten minute walk away so popped my earphones in and put my iPhone on shuffle, I was singing along to myself I love to sing and play the guitar they were my favourite things to do (other than do sport), then all of a sudden One Direction 'live while we're young' came on "eww not this song" I moaned to myself and quickly changed it. As I arrived at school I took my earphones out and put my phone in my bag and walked over to my locker.

"BETHANY" my friend screamed with joy as they ran over to me, I wasn't the most popular girl in school but I still tried to be nice to people

"GUYS" I shouted back giving them a hug. I took my bag off and opened my locker as my friends stood around me talking to each other

"have you got tickets to the One Direction concert?" My best friend Doris asked my other friend Abi

"yeh! My dad got me THREE!" She replied whilst jumping up and down on the spot,

"my mum got me two and said I could take someone, but every one has got tickets already" she looked down at her feet sadly, I couldn't stand to see my best friend like this, I knew it would kill me but I had to do it for her.

"I'll go with you" I said trying to force a smile

"are you sure I know how much you hate One Direction?" She asked me this with a confused look on her face

"and so I hope you know how lucky you are to have a friend like me then!" I said with a huge cheesy grin on my face, Doris bust out laughing and gave me a huge hug. Just as she let got the bell rang signalling the start of the day and I knew this was going to be a long day.

At recess a girl I did sing lessons with at school ran up to me, I knew she had something exciting to tell me by the way she was jumping up and down.

"Guess what?" She screamed before I had time to say 'what' she had already started to tell me "when the school found out that One Direction were doing some concerts her in WA they asked if they could help us with the music program for the term and since we have the best music program in the whole of Australia they said YES!" Right then my face fell and I blanked out, oh no my worst nightmare was coming true! Almost three months of living hell! I couldn't do it!. I know! I will pretend to be sick for the term! No I can't do that I would fail school and end up working in some fast food place or something for the rest of my life!. I go awoken by her shaking my shoulders and screaming my name,

"huh what?" I asked as I didn't hear what she said

"I said won't that be great" I forced a smile and nodded my head but I was dying inside! And to make it worse music was next!

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