Why Me?

Why me? The very name sent shivers down me spine yet he chose to love me! Boring me! I try to fight it I can't love him back I just can't!


5. Aussie Rules


Well this is going to be interesting, at the the end of the day we were going to be given the school uniform so we fitted in a bit more but for now we were all in skinny jeans so playing sport was going to be very interesting. when we got down to the oval the boys were kicking what looked like rugby balls into four huge white poles sticking out of the ground, this was a very weird sport. Bethany and the girls introduced us to Cerys's boyfriend Kyle and their other friend Oscar, they were actually really great lads they showed us how the kick the 'footy' and explained how to play the game it wasn't actually that hard to understand; there were four poles sticking out of the ground the middle two were about four meters tall and the outer two were about two and a half meters tall, if you kicked the ball between the middle two poles you get three points and if you get the ball between the middle and outer poles you get one point, Simple enough. the boys and i were on Kyle and Oscar's team with a few other boys we thought the other boy would be easy on us but no! as soon as the game started the ball got thrown at Niall and he just stood there and with in the blink of an eye he was tackled to the ground by the other team. wish us luck!


As soon as i remembered they were all in skinny jean i knew this would be funny! the girls and i were siting on the hill next to the oval watching them play and were talking about the sleepover i was having at my house to night (by the way it's friday and who starts school on a friday? only our school!). our convocation was interrupter by fits of laughter, all we saw was Niall getting mowed down by about seven 18 year old boys and they were very strong and toned because all they did was play sports! in a way i felt sorry for Niall but i couldn't help laugh! then we went back to our convocation

"hey Bethany you should totally invite them to your birthday party tomorrow!" Charlotte suggested

"i don't think they would come"

"yeh i think they would and plus i think Liam has a thing for you!"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! Liam... what's his last name?"

"PAYNE!" they all shouted at me

"well anyways he would never fall for me! i have never had a boyfriend and Liam Payne will not be my first!"

"Bethany just invite them i'm sure they will have fun and so will you"

"fine i'll ask them at the end of the day"

"YAY!!" my friends screamed like 13 year olds which made me laugh. We went back to watching the boys play footy and a short while later the siren went signaling the end of lunch.

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