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Sammi and her best friend Elli were huge fans of 1D. They follow them on twitter and tried their best to keep up with what was going on but not always could. Sammi always like Niall and Elli always like Zayn but they werent stalkerish at all just dedicated directioners its not like they follwed them around 24/7. Will they ever meet they boys? and if so will they even like her? Readto find out ;)


10. The surprise

Sammi's P.O.V

   We went down a couple blocks when Elli pulled over and pulled out her phone texting someone. Once she was dont she turned to me adn pulled something out of her pocket... A blindfold?
"Put this on!" She exclaimed handing it over to me
"I cant you idiot I cant tie it and make sure i cant see anything!" I saild smiling satisfactorily.
"Fine turn around" As I did I felt it get pulled over my head and she rapidly tied it getting my hair in the knots. "OUCH YOUR GETTING IT IN MY HAIR!!"

"I dont care you only need it for a car ride of about 2 blocks" All I could do is groan and pout. The girls were giggling like crazy in the backseat and I knew we were getting close when they started giggling more and more.

   "Were here!!!" Elli yelled while shutting off the car and smacking my hand while I try to get the blindfold off "NOT YET!"

 "Fine fine naggy pants" The girls laughed at my comment and I heard them jump out and open my door pulling me with them.
"Keep your eyes closed tight when I take off your blindfold cause its gonna bestuck in your hair" Elli said while guiding me around trees "Watch for that rock!" Seh said while laughing but she said it too late and caught me as I tripped. "I told to t watch it!"

 "Shut up... can I take it off now?" "Yes but keep them closed!!" After she said that I heard heavy footsteps come up and I felt someone standing close to me and wispering something to Elli... It sounded like a deep voice I was starting to get worried but than she spoke again and the heavy footsteps left. "Okay the knots are undone but keep them closed and count to 20 and NOT FAST!!" she said while Ifelt the blindfold come off and she ran away... great!

   20 seconds later I found myself in... the park?! I saw Olivia and Taylor on the swings so I decided to go to them. I started walking but when I was about 20 feet infrount of them just passing a trash can when a pair of strong arms wrapped around me adn a deep voice. "Dont fight and you wont get hurt!" I was scared to death and honestly almost peed my pants! I got carried away adn was soon put down under a tree than put a blindfold over my eyes. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I screamed out and was soon picked up and carried away again. When I was sat down again I heard laughter... and I knew this laughter it was the laughter of my bestfriend, little sister and my little sisters best friend... and a few other guys laughters that I didnt know as well but sounded fimilliar. The blindfold was soon off and I was looking  at everyone I heard. Elli, Olivia, Taylor and the one and only... ONE DIRECTION!!!

   "SURPRISE!!!!!!" Everyone said between gasps of breath laughing at how I reacted.But since all 5 boys were there adn there was a mens strong grasp so I turned around to see my 'kidnaper' was. "Dad?!?!?!!??!!?" I havent seen my dad since I was very young and I couldnt believe he was here infrount of me... I missed him so much, I only left with my mom cause I knew she would get custody of Olivia and I knew how much she was away for buisness and Olivia needed me. "Hey honeybun" He replied snapping me out of my memories. I wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug. Honeybun was his nickname for me when I was younger cause I loved honeybuns so much and the one and only time I wore my hair in a bun I happened to get honey in it... no joke, dont judge. "Daddy how? what?" I was so confused and happy I was crying. "Shhhh its alright baby girl these nice 5 boys here got me a nice plane ride down here last night. " He said pointing to the boys and Elli had  a mischivious grin on her face. I ran over to the boys and pulled them into a big hug and then dragged in Elli. "I dont know how you all did it and your know im gonna want some details later but for now thank you all sooooooo much I cant believe you did this for me!" I wispered while still crying. "No problem love" Niall said with the cheekiest grin ever on his face. "Well lets have some cake and pizza NOWWW IM HungryY!!!" Olivia said with her eyes looking like they wanna buldge out of her head. "DIG IN!!"

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