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Sammi and her best friend Elli were huge fans of 1D. They follow them on twitter and tried their best to keep up with what was going on but not always could. Sammi always like Niall and Elli always like Zayn but they werent stalkerish at all just dedicated directioners its not like they follwed them around 24/7. Will they ever meet they boys? and if so will they even like her? Readto find out ;)


6. sleep over time ;)

Sammi's P.O.V

   "Hey Sammi!!!" Taylor yelled coming through the door. I loved this little chick she was soooo full of energy and love, she had tiny, curly red/orange hair and looks so cute. She may be half-black (not meaning to sound rasist if it does im soooo sorry!!!) but she didnt let that hold her back she was about 4'6" and Olivia was about 4'8". "Where's Livy?!?!" she yelled jumping up and down "Shes getting her pjs on and will be down in just a minute" "okay CAN I PICK A MOVIE?!!?" "yea sure" I couldnt help but laugh a little as she squeeled"are you hungry cause I'll pop popcorn if so" " YES THAN IM STARVING!!!" She was im love with popcorn! "LIVYYYYYY!!!!" she yelled while running down the hallway and tackling Olivia to the ground. "Uhhh tay...I can exactly breathe!!!" she said while gasping for breath "Oh sorry I forgot....."

   *Knock Knock Knock

"Hey Chicka!!!" I said while answering the door and seeing Elli standing in the doorway posing like a supermodel "That mustve took a while to get into that position" I said while laughing and turning towards the kitchen . "Ehh not really... I sense two little girls staring at me" and as she turned aroundn she was tackled by Olivia and Taylor. "ELLIII!!!!!" they screamed in unison. "Well hi there girls" Elli said laughing.

   "UGH I hate that sound" I said runnign to go get the popcorn. "Ohhwww whatcha making?!" "popcorn and keep your paws off this is for the girls I'll make us some once we get them situated." I said smacking Elli's hand while the girls giggled "So which movie did you pick Taylor?" "NEMOOOOOOO" Taylor yelled "just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming!!" Olivia added "Can we bring a matress out and sleep on that?" Olivia asked "Yea sure here take this in and clear a spot Elli come help me carry out the matress" "WHY MEEE?!?!?" Elli said jokingly "Come on lazy bumm" "did you just- Oh no she didnt!!" she said while tackling me to the ground. We were all laughing so hard we were crying.Finally after rolling around on the ground for what seemed like for ever! we got the matress out and started Nemo.No long after the popcorn was finished They were all out except Ellli and I so we went upstairs to talk so we didnt wake the girls of course bringing snacks and our drinks.


   "So do you think the boys will actually call us tomorrow?" I asked Elli as she was checking out her butt in my full length mirror. "BTW TOO MUCH FOR ME TOO SEE!!!" "Yes they will and you should be used to my weirdness by now!!" She said laughing. "How do you know?" "I seen the way Niall looked at you thats how I know" "Really?" "Yes..." "OH SHIT if I do what will I do will Olivia and Taylor?!?!" "Well I have an idea...." she said mischeviously. "What?...." "I'll watch them and you go on your date!" "NO AND ITS NOT A DATE YOUR GOING WITH ME!!" "Fine if you insist!" "that didnt take much!!!" "Yea..." "Alright hey im gonna go take a shower and get ready for bed be back in 20" "20?!?!?" "I have to tend to my buisness!" "You mean once monthly?!" "NO!!! I need to dry my hair so it aint in a frizz ball tomorrow!" I said laughing and hitting Elli's arm. "Oh okay! well I'm gonna play temple run on your phone!" "okay what ever just done do anything stupid!" "Okay..." She said with a huff.


Elli's P.O.V

    I heard the shower turn on and Sammi start singing so I knew it was safe I snuck out of the room and went to Olivias room across the hall so she didnt hear me and I dialed Niall's number.And I was surprised when he answered like RIGHT after the first ring.

"Hello?!? Sammi?"

  "No its Elli" I said laughing

"Oh hi Elli" He sounded disapointed.

   "Well I wanted to tell you that Sammi's mom had to go on a buisness trip and Sammi let her sister have a sleepover so I thought maybe instead of going to a restraunt for dinner we could all go to the park and have pizza!"

   "I have a feeling Sammi doesnt know about this..." Niall said chuckling "Thats why she dont!" "Oh gosh Elli will she be mad you arranged this?" "No im sure she'll be overly excited!" "Okay hang on let me ask the boys" "Okay" I heard him ask and than I heard someone trip at the name Elli than everyone ask if Zayn was alright than I heard him yell "YESS TELL HER YESSS!!" in a pleading/ laughing/sexy voice "Okay I guess we'll see you guys than! Bye!" "Bye" And just as I had deleted the call from Sammi's call list I felt a hand grab my shoulder and spin me around....

"SAMMI! DONT YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH!!!" She was rolling some how she had managed to get out of the shower get dressed, open her SQUEAKY door, open the other squeaky door and still not be heard... gosh she was like a ninja or something!!!!!


Sammi's P.O.V

   I got a kick out of this I dont think I've ever seen Elli so scared in my life other than all the times she see's a spider and I have to kill it. But with that terrified look and my phone in her hands I KNEW she was dping somethign she wasnt suposed to be doing...'

   "Who was that?" I asked casually giving her the your busted look. "No oneeeeee" She said laughing and running around the house like a maniac with me close on her tail. She wasnt looking where she was going and tripped over Olivia and Taylor but they just layed there snoring.... wow those girls can sleep!!! I have to give them props. But as she tumbled I tackled her and got my phone and looked through my call list no one... "Oh so you deleted it hu?!" She just gave me a satisfactory smile but she forgot after my ex incedent I set up this app that will record call and texts and you CANT delete it. So i casually looked though it and saw 'Sexy Niall ;)' Wow she canged his name too.... "Your in BIGGG trouble missy!!!" I said turing the phone around to show her and shaking my finger in the air liek her mom used to when we were little. At first I gave her a death glare but started laughing as I saw her jaw drop ;) yupp im a tech nerd I couldve found it anyways but I wanted to go the easy route! Finally we settled down and layed down seh still wouldnt tell me what she said or he said either way. I couldnt stop thinking about it so I decied to text Niall and ask. TO: sexy niall ;) : Hey what did Elli tell you earlier?? Send now all I could do was hope and pray he would answer me I mean cause im not too great with talking to guys I just buckle under pressure and I dont know....


Niall's P.O.V


   Me and Zayn were laying down and talking when I felt my phone go off I looked at the message 'FROM Sammi Capella :Hey what did Elli tell you earlier?? ' Oh shit what do I say its suposed to be a surprise shoudl I tell her?! Zayn I need help bud "Yea?" "Do I tell Sammi the truth about the park?" " No dude!!!" "But I dont wanna lie to her!" "You wont be lying you'll be not fully telling the truth!" Zayn said giving me the cheesiest smile ever. "What do I say?" I asked I was sad about not being able to telll her but I can just see her face now "Well just say she called to tell about not being able to make it tomorrow well today I dont know what to call it!" " Okay I guess thats not lying but we need to go all out for her birthday and surprise them all!" "Okay dude I'm in" 'To Sammi Capella: She was telling me abotu how you cant make it tomorrow cause of your mom and sister ' I really need to change her name... hmmm.... how about put it as my1&only yea that'll work!! I changed it and as soon as I clicked save I got a message from Elli ' Hey dont tell Sammi about the surprise she thinks im asleep SHHHH!!!! lol Night see ya l8er or tomorrow or what ever! :\' Wow she's perfect for Zayn I thought to myself. 'To Elli : Dont worry im not I just said you was telling me how you guys cant make it to dinner but I didnt say how were going to the park instead' 'From mu1&only : Pleassseeeee I know that aint all because of the way Elli jumped when I caught her on my phone deleting your call ;)' 'To my1&only: haha she jumped?!' "Dude time for beddy bye Phone off" Zayn said looking at me with 'Those' eyes "Fine hang on one more text" "Fine one!" he said while throwing his head onto his pilliow and throwing his hands over his eyes to sheild from the brightness of my phone. 'From my1&only : Okay fine dont change the subject but I gotta go to bed and rest up for a day full of these three little booger brains' 'To my1&only: Haha okay but I thought you only had two kids there....' 'From my1&only : Yea than you have Elli! lol well night night!!' 'To my1&only : lol good one! night night' And with that I fell asleep...

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