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Sammi and her best friend Elli were huge fans of 1D. They follow them on twitter and tried their best to keep up with what was going on but not always could. Sammi always like Niall and Elli always like Zayn but they werent stalkerish at all just dedicated directioners its not like they follwed them around 24/7. Will they ever meet they boys? and if so will they even like her? Readto find out ;)


4. Concert time ;)

Zayn's P.O.V


   Man I couldnt believe someone actually paid that much for BOTH passes!! I mean we usually have to just hand them out but t made me so excited!! and I mean that Elli girl WOW is all I have to say!

   "So what made you wanna pay thay insane price for the back stage prices?" Niall asked I wanted to agree or say SOMETHING but I couldnt do anything but stare... NO STOP ZAYNE YOU DONT KNOW HER!

"Well actually its Sammi's Birthday tomorrow and I wanted to surprise her "OH well Happy early birthday!" Me and Niall said together...


Sammi's P.O.V

"Thanks" I said feeling my face get real red. "Can you show us where these seats are? We cant exactly understand these tickets" Elli asked being as confident as ever.

  "Why sure love, OH! you have frount row seats too!" Zayn said excitedly while showing us to our seats.

"Thanks" I said and Niall and Zayn gave us both a hug and went back to get ready for the concert.

   "Oh my word...  Zayn actually gave me a hug!!! AHHHH!!!" Elli screamed and I decided to join in. As we jumped up and down  and saw the rest of the people file in adn the lights dimm down we decided we better sit down at least just for a moment.

 "Helloooooo how is everybody?!?!?!" All the boys asked while running up on stage Everyone went crazzzyyyyyy including us! than I saw Niall and Zayn look down to us... well Zayn was particularly looking at Elli. "Hey Elli Zayns looking at you!!!" I yelled into her ear so she could hear me over the roaring crowd.


Elli's P.O.V.


   "Hey Elli Zayns looking at you!!!" Sammi yelled into my ear... My heart dropped as I looked up and saw she was right... I wanted to faint...

"Tonights show sorry guys but no there wont any back stage passes being passed out!" Harry said as the crowd sighed well all but us..." For our two backstage passes have been bought for once!" Loui and Liam said "Hope you enjoy the show" Then they sung some of the up all night album songs. We were screaming the whole time well most of it anyways.


Sammi's P.O.V

   "Oh My Golllllllyyyy thank you soooo much Elli!" I yelled as I gave her a hug and headed to the frount of the stadium to ask a security gaurd where we go and showed him our backstage passes.

"Oh so you are the two who bought the passes?! We were all shocked when we saw them say sold!" He said "Yupperonie" I said smiling and then looking at Elli who was laughing at how many people were shocked hey got sold. "Well right this way ladies! but I will warn you... GOOD LUCK they can be a handful!" I just laughed " Wait right here" He said while going into the room and shutting the door behind him. We heard him yelling somethign so we put our ear up to the door.

   "HARRY WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT STRIPPING DOWN AFTER A SHOW?!?!?!?" We just laughed "Well I mean I'm comfortable isnt that all that matters?" We heard Harry say defending himself. "Well there are two ladies out here and I dont think they wanna see this side of you harry geesssh!" "Fine....." And I heard him stomp off and stumble around so we hurried up and got off the wall as the door opened. "Theyll be just a minute" He said looking a little annoyed. "Okay" I said smiling " Can I trust you two to stay put here until they come out?" "Of course!!" We said together "Alright well they shouldnt be too much longer so I will trust you." He said smiling. As soon as he turned the corner we started laughing our asses off knowing what the hold up was. Then we hear mumbling...

"Harry do you have your pants on yet?!?!" I heard an irish accent I know as Niall say... "Not quite just anothher... second.... okay done!" "Bout time! Lets meet them!!!" As soon as we heard that we backed off the wall again and hurried and checked our hair.

  "Why hello again!" Zayn said showing us into a decent sized room that was a mess!! " Hello!" we said together "hey!" the boys said in unison as Zayn jumped onto the couch and patted two seats by him reffering us to sit down which we did. 

   "So what makes you wanna pay that price for both the frount row seats AND back stage passes?!" Liam asked "Well tomorrow is my friend Sammi's birthday and I wnated to give her something special since we've been best friends since like 3rd grade!" Elli said and I could feel my face get red as I  put my head into my hands. "Well happy early birthday Sammi!" Liam said which was accompinied with 3 other happy early birthdays. I wondered why there wasnt 4 than Niall put his hand on my shoulder "Nothing to be imbarresed about love! a birthday is just a birthday which by the way happy EARLY birthday!" I just laughed and sat up "Well thank you to all of you!" "No problem love!" Harry said  with his cheeky smile O how I adored his smile! "Well so tell us about yourselfs!" Loui said "Well Sammi here and I have been as I said before best friends since 3rd grade when she first moved here from austrailia!" Elli said looking over at me and once again I felt my face turn red. "Well what was austrailia like?!" Zayn said suddenly looking interested. "Well what do you want to know?!" I said "Well for starters how about why you came to America?!" "Well my mum and dad got a divorce when I was little knowig it wasnt gonna work out and my dad said he didnt want me to get too attached to him so my mum, sister, and I all came here to start our new lives!" I said with a grin. I saw sympathy in each of their eyes when suddenly thet all looked at each other than grinned really big and came running towards us.

   "GROUP HUGGGGGGGGGG" Loui yelled. Can I tell you how GREAT they all smelled?! I felt for once a piece of happiness from an actual guy... "Well since your birthday is tomorrow and our time together is almost up how about we all go out to eat tomorrow at nandos and the boys can invite Eleanor and Danielle!" Niall said excitedly " Yea sure! I dont have any plans do you Sammi?" Elli asked "I dont think so unless I have to watch Olivia.." I answered "Who's Olivia?" Harry asked "My little sister" "Oh well it'll be your birthday I doubt she'll make you watch your little sister" Harry said "You'd be surprised!" I said " Oh well if she does than just bring her with you!" Niall said... wow he seemed liek he really wanted to get us out for dinner... "Are you sure?... shes kinda a brat, and a loud mouth, and reakky really rude" "She cant be that bad can she?" Liam asked "Yea she can!" Elli pipped up they just laughed so we joined in too wow their laughs were so sexy! "Oh well I guess if you dont wanna bring her if you do have to watch her than we can meet up some other time" Niall said "So how old ya turning?" Zayn asked "19" I replied and saw a spark of interest in Nialls eyes "what about you Elli?" Loui said turning to her "Im 18 and stuck like this for another nearly 3 more months" Elli replied than I saw a spark in his eyes. "Well its almost time to head back to the bus we batter swap numbers so we can get in contact for tomorrow" Liam said. So that exactly what we did, we passed around our phones and put in our contact info. "Alright come on guys time to go" The security gaurd said reffering to us. The boys came up and each gave us both a hug but when Niall gave me my hug this is what he said "Well happy offical birthday Sammie" and as he pulled away he gave me a quick brush of a kiss on the cheek. Which again made my face go blood red.


Elli's P.O.V

I heard what Niall said to Sammie and when I looked over I saw a quick brush kiss which is like a brush pass, only you and the other person know it ever happened but not in this case cause I saw it too. But when I looked over it was Zayns turn for a hug, as he brought me in close and lingered there longer than the rest and did the same as Niall did to Sammie and as he pulled away I felt my face get hot...   Thank goodness for my rosey cheeks, for once they were coming in handy! "See ya guys" We yelled back while being escorted back

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