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Sammi and her best friend Elli were huge fans of 1D. They follow them on twitter and tried their best to keep up with what was going on but not always could. Sammi always like Niall and Elli always like Zayn but they werent stalkerish at all just dedicated directioners its not like they follwed them around 24/7. Will they ever meet they boys? and if so will they even like her? Readto find out ;)


3. Concert day

Elli's P.O.V

   I woke up and loooked at the clock... was 7 o' clock and we needed to be on our way by atleast 4 o' clock so i decided to go ahead and take my shower knowing how long it took to dry and straighten my thick hair. I cant ever get my hair to stay straight because I dont have any hair products for it (I know what your thinking 'what about hair spray?' well that just makes my hair get frizzy amd I cant ever find humidity spray) I got out and got some lazt day clothes out putting my good  clothes on a hanger and draping them over my shoulder I grabbed my purse, wrote a note to my momma, and locked up the door heading to Sammi's house.


   As I walked into Sammi's house ( Her parents gave me a key since I came so often they were so lazy sometimes all of them Sammi even tended to get up around noon 1 o' clock most times) So I tried to gently waking her up... okay so maybe jumping up and  down on the other half of her queen sized bed wasnt gentle but its better than waht she did to me!


"Oh sissy...." I tried talking like her little sister Olivia

"What your not?...." she said while rubbing her eyes so I ducked and thought she couldnt see me but apperently I was wrong.

   "Caught ya butt hole" she said while still half asleep and yanking me up off the floor. Were the type of such extereme best friends that we could call each other anything possible and know it was a joke.

" Time to get ready!!!!" "NOOOOOOO I WANNA SLEEP!!!" (told ya) "Too bad you gotta tame this massive heap of hair" I said while pointing to my head.

She just rolled out of bed and pointed to the straightner reffering for me to plug it in and get it warmed up.

Sammi's P.O.V

After I got out of the shower I quickly got dressed into some black sweat pants with a white tank and blue fuzzy jacket and throwing it yp into a messy bun for right now.

   "GOSH DUDE WHAT THE FLUFFI yelledhile quickly handing her a miror and showing her, her hair... Once I took it out of the pony tail she had it in and it went straight into an afro I just laughed as she started to panic screaming at me to fix it since she calls me the miracle worker. Once i finally tamed her hair and mine and we put on our small amounts of make-up and got changed.


   " Wanna go get something for luch before we head out?" I asked "Sure where at?" I looked at her as if she was stupid well... that aint sayin much... JUST KIDDING!!! ;) "Where else are you always begging me to take you ... hint hint mickey mouse??" "MC DONALDS!!" she screamed.


   Elli's P.O.V


   As I grabbed my keys and offered to drive tonight was the concert and it was already  2 o' clock.

"Hey Elli, hey Sammi!!" Our friend Steph said she had dirty blonde/ red hair about up to her shoulders with hazel eyes.

   "Hey chicka!! we haventseen you in for ever!!!!!!" Sammi yelled while hugging her over the counter.

"I know!! but what brings you in today?" "well were gonna get lunch before headin to the concert"

"Wait your not goin to the one direction concert are you?!" Steph said while smiling ear to ear. "Well duh!!!" " goshhhhhhhhhh.... since I cant go I BETTER get a souviner!" "I'll buy you one since Elli payed for all the tickets." "wait all of them? does this mean you guys bought the back stage passes?"

"yuppp yours truely!!" I said while looking over at sammi" "Hey Stephanie enough chit chat people will leave you know!" her boss yelled to her "oppps sorry so what do you want to eat?" "I'll take a number 7 with a coke" She said "Same here just rootbeer have you ate anything?" " no not yet " "go ahead and get yourself something I'll pay" Sammi said. "Well im sure I could take a break thanks Sammi. I'll just ring you up and have someine else take over." "that'll be 16 50 " She said while Sammi handed her the money. "IM TAKING MY BREAK WHOS TAKIN OVER?!?!?!?" We heard her scream into the back kitchen than a little chubby woman came out and shooed her out of the kitchen reminding her to clock out. "thanks granny sue" Steph said while bending down to hug the woman than quickly going back to I supose clock out and grab the food.


   "So whos that I didnt know you had a granny sue?" I asked confused "I just call her granny sue because she acts just like my granny used to" she said while trying to hide the pain. "So do you think your going get with any of them" she said smiling ear to ear with her michevious smile and nudging both of our arms. "I dbout it steph" Sammi said "Theyd prolly think we were one of their physco fans...just sayyyinnnn" I added "Oh gosh here comes a rush looks like a little leauge just got done I gotta get goin" Steph said while shoving the last bite of food into her mouth and flying back behind the counter washing it all down and yelling across the restraunt to thank us for the lunch.The car ride was silent except the listenign to one directions songs, ocassional singing ourselfs,  and listening to one directions radio interviews. I couldnt take the silence any longer. "So are you excited?" i asked

Sammi's P.O.V

"Are you excited?" Elli asked "Hello? EARTH TO SAMMI!!!" "Oh what sorry Im just so scared about meeting them!!...What if they dont like us? what if you get us thrown... DONT GET US THROWN OUT!!!" I was so scared I started to mumble and soon enough I saw the huge stadium.... I was frozen in fear.

   "Come on Sammi" Elli said pulling me out of the car... There was a ton of people in line and how could Elli be so great to get me this for my birthday...

   "Dude there they are my hunky hunky Zayn and your beautiful sparkling Niall" She said tryign to be funny "you wanna go beep beepp beeeeeppp?" "NO THAT WILL GET US THROWN OUT!" I yelled at her "okay mrs. Horan...." she teased which just resulted in some slapping and alolt of laughing. "shut up mrs. Malik" "shoot you say that like I'd get imbarresed I know you would but you know I wont get immbarresed by that!" "true true but would u be imbaressed if I told him about what you did when you first say the pic of his abbs?" "DO IT YOUR DEAD!" She laughed but with a serious face. By now we were on the other side of the isle way to where we could see the boys they were still signing but as soon as i looked up my phone fell out of my pocket and into the isle way...

   "Oh shoot!" I said but of corse all Elli did was laugh at me "Trying to get his attention much?" Elli wispered in my ear still laughing. As I kept trying to reach my phone under the ropes when a hand reached down and picked it up.

"Is this yours love?" I looked up to see Niall Horan right infrount of me handing me my phone back. "Uh yea sorry..." "No problem.. wait you two girls got the backstage tickets didnt you?" I couldnt move how did he know? "Yea!!" Elli answered for me. "Realax I sent a pic of us on their twitter because they wanted to know who bought them.." she wispered in my ear I felt alot more realaxed but when I came back to reality I saw Nialls hand out and Elli over the ropes...

   "You coming Sammi?" Elli asked smiling ear to ear. So I just steped over and took Nialls hand so I didnt trip.  "Come on Lads" Niall was reffering to the rest of the band "How long till we need to be in?" Zayn asked "Oh your the people who bought the back stage passes!" "Yupp" It was me who answered this time and Elli who was frozen. I had to litteritly snap her back in to reality by snaping in her face "uhhh about 15 minutes till we have to be in there" Niall said  "Okay I'll come but I think Harry and the rest is a little busy, come on ladies" Zayn smiled at Elli and Niall smiled at me I wanted to faint!


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