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Sammi and her best friend Elli were huge fans of 1D. They follow them on twitter and tried their best to keep up with what was going on but not always could. Sammi always like Niall and Elli always like Zayn but they werent stalkerish at all just dedicated directioners its not like they follwed them around 24/7. Will they ever meet they boys? and if so will they even like her? Readto find out ;)


5. Car ride home from love

Sammi's P.O.V

   *Time jump about an hour

I cant believe this just happened and by the sounds of it Elli was still in shock too...

   "So Sammi I saw that" Elli said while giving me her grin. "Saw whattt?"I gave her my innocent look.

"You know what! saw that brush kiss!" "That whattt?!?!?!?" I tried my best to look confused but I cant lie... "YA I KNOW THAT LOOK U KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT!!! you like him you like him you like himm!!!" "I saw what happened with Zayn...." "What happened?" "The same thing!" We both turned red and silent...

"So you gonna call tomorrow?" "I dont know I mean I think they were saying that because you said it wa my birthday..." I know they did I dont think they said it I know they said it cause of my birthday... nothing more than fan-girls....


Elli's P.O.V

   I know the way Niall lookd at her I mean he's the only one I've EVER seen look at my best friend like that. Shes only dated one guy before and I never seen the sparkel I seen in Niall's eyes in his...

"Seen the way Zayn looked at you..." Sammi spoke softly giving me a nudge "Like what?" I asked " I seen sparkels and fireworks when he looked atyou... you shouldve kept eye contanct and maybe you couldve gotten a real kiss from the love of your life!" "Oh well he never wouldve liked me liek that and dont pin this on me!" she looked sad" Im sorry Sammi its just you know my last boyfriend was an ass and im just afriad..." "Its fine and thank you soo much for doing this for me I love you chicka" She said while leaning across the seat hand giving me a hug. " I'd give you a hug back but I kinndaaaa have to drive!" We just laughed and chated the rest of the way home.

Sammi's P.O.V


"See ya!!!!" I yelled back while I watched Elli's car drive down the street. As I oppened the  door I saw Olivia sitting on the couch crying.... "whats wrong?" I asked running over to comfort her. "Mommmy's not homee!!" She said sobbing into my shoulder. She could be such a baby sometimes but I had to love her all she has is me and our mom which wasnt home very offten so I was stuck raising her so much. You'd think that after coming home from her friends house so many times that she'd know not to cry that I would be home shortly ...well she knew that but she still always cried.

   "It'll be okay livy!!" I said giving her a big hug and kissed the top of her head trying to calm her down. 

"sniff snifff... mommy left a noteee..." she said sobbing... So I stood up and looked around for it when I tripped and feel which of course made her giggle. Olivia looked almost identical to me when I was little the only diffrence was I had uncontrollably curly hair and I was a tom-boy. She has silky straight hair with a flip at the bottom and her milk chocolate eyes and her little dimples, she was such a girly-girl not 1 hair could be outta place it was quite funny actually. When I found the note I read

' Sammi and Olivia I had to take off there is $300 under the toaster I will be gone for almost a month if you need anything im only a phone call away. Be safe and NO THROWING PARTIES!!! Love, mom xoxo'

   I couldnt believe her why didnt she even tell me where she was going?! Well atleast I can make sure Olivia has good food I mean usually when our mom is in charge of shopping she just buys junk I mean I can keep to my limits but she cant cook so shes stuck anything she can stick in her mouth.

   "It'll be fine Olivia you can trust me" I said tickling her to try to cheer her up. "Hey how about you go take your shower and get your pj's and I'll call Taylor and see if she wants to come over"  "B-but mommy said no parties!" "But she never said anything about sleep overs!!!" "Thanks Sammi!!"she said while I turned her around and pushed her gently towards her room and grabbing my phone.

   After about the 3rd ring her mom answered. "Hello Holly?" "Yes?" "Hey Do you think Taylor could come on over for a sleep over?" "Yea sure I'll have her over in a little bit." 'K see ya"

   "SHE'LL BE HERE IN A COUPLE MINUTES!!!" I yelled "OKAY!!" she yelled You see we have a thing where most people go up and calmly tell someone something but  we either scream it across the house or if wereboth on facebook than we'll message each other :) lovely arent we? and surprisingly were both pretty shy! "IM CALLING  ELLI TO SEE IF SHE WANTS TO CCOME TOO!!" "ALRIGHT!!"

   "Hey you wanna come over and stay?" "Yea sure maybe we can call the boys over!!" "Oh shut up and get your butt over here" "Okay be there in a minute!"

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