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Sammi and her best friend Elli were huge fans of 1D. They follow them on twitter and tried their best to keep up with what was going on but not always could. Sammi always like Niall and Elli always like Zayn but they werent stalkerish at all just dedicated directioners its not like they follwed them around 24/7. Will they ever meet they boys? and if so will they even like her? Readto find out ;)


8. Birthday breakfast ;)

Elli's P.O.V

   I woke up before Sammi no surprise there but the strange thing was I woke up to silence.. the girls were never silent when awake... oh well.... I guess I'll make breakfast. I know I may not be  the best cook in the world or even the best cook on the street. Once I remember when I was about 13 I some how turned an egg green... thats why Sammi will never eat any eggs I make but her cooking on the other hand was great most of the time it was moist and always flavorful... I guess I'll make baccon, hashbrowns , cinamon rolls, and french toast sticks. Wait what time is it? okay good only 8:00.

   "Elli are you in there?" The girls asked coming out of Olivia's bedroom. "Yea girls but be quiet Sammi's still sleeping!" I wispered in a hushed tone. "Okay can we help?!" "Yea sure we need eggs, a pack of baccon and a pack of cinamon rolls. Taylor you get me a small bowl a big bowl and two big spoons." I said while sending them on their way. I grabbed the griddle and turned it on to warm up. I then got the milk and vanillia out and started mixing that with the pancake batter than pouring it on the griddle. I turned around and set the oven to pre-heat and the stove top to warm up. I started putting the baccon in the pan and out the lid over it because it was popping.

  "Will one of you two please watch the pancakes and when they start bubbling flip them please?" I asked and they both went running so they both watched and carefully flipped them we lost a few but oh well we had enough batter. I then put the cinamon rolls in the oven while setting a timer but realized I still had to make the hashbrowns. shit. So I started peeling potatoes and dicing them up while trowing them in a pan and adding butter, seasoning salt, salt, black pepper, garlic, and just a tad bit of onion powder. I know what your thinking , EWWW right well wrong!!!! its really goood!. I placed the lid over it and flipped the baccon. It took a while but finally I was done! and just in time!.

   I heard stumbling upstairs. "Hey you guys go upstairs and tell Sammi to go take a shower and get ready please just do ANYTHING ot stall her I have to go to the store and get something!" "Okay... " Olivia had her innocent face on ... omg this was gonna be good!


 Sammi's P.O.V


   As I started to walk downstairs The girls came running up to me and tackled me to the ground. For a couple of 9 year olds they were strong. "SAMMI HAPPY BIRTTTHHHDAAATYYYYY!!!" "Well thank you" I said trying to get up but getting pushed back down by the girls "Go get readdyy!!!!" "For what?!" "You'll sseeeeee" Okay than... that was weird. So I grabed my clothes adn went to take a shower. I heard mummbling through the door and than little girl laughter I wonder what they were scheming up now. Oh well as I go to get out of the shower I saw the girls running out of the room with my clothes and leaving diffrent ones... okay then... I was planning to have a lazy birthday but the girls had other plans. They left me with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans with a long yellow flowy shirt that went to the middle of my thighs, Olivia always said that this was her favorite when I left my hair curly and put a yellow and white hawaiian flower on the opposite side of my bangs,so that exactly what I did.

   "ELLI?!" I yelled while walking down stairs smelling all the food but not seeing it. "Girlss??" No answer...hmm I know where I can find them. I silently climbed the stairs and looked around my room no sight of them. I  drop to my belly, grab their ankleand drag them out before they could realize what was happening. "Where's Elli?" I asked laughing at their shocked expressions. "The storeee" Taylor said giggling and looking at me innocently. I flipped them up and they landed on my bed. "AGAIN AGAIN!!" They screamed in unison. I just laughed and tried to smell out were the food was.

   I got in the middle of the kitchen and went around sniffing... where would Elli hide food? The oven. I pulled down the door and stared in amazement as most of the food was burnt... wow she REALLY outdid herself.

   "Uh girls did Elli try to make breakfast?" I asked they looked at each other, then back at me and busted out laughing. "Hey I said TRY to make breakfast. The only thing here that even looks edible wis the pancakes!" they just laughed. "Thats what we made Elli made the rest!" Olivia said crying she was laughing so hard. "Hey how abotu we re-make this breakfast and act like it turned out perfect when she cooked it cause you girls know how mad she gets when we make fun of her cooking." "OKAY!!" So that jsut what we did. We got done cookignand cleaning and had just sat down to eat when Elli walked in andlooked like a deer in the head lights.

   "I thought?...." Elli said just standing there with her jaw nearly touching the ground. "Hey thanks for breakfast its delicious!" I said turing than giving the girls a wink and they started giggling. "Yea no problem.... I thought... Girls can I talk to you?..." She said slowly. The girls just hopped off the bench and startted goign towards the living room with Elli.

Elli's P.O.V

   When I walked through the door and they were sittign there eatting the breakfast I made I was astonished... she never ate my cooking and I couldve sworn it was all burnt... what the fuck was going on. So I pulled the girls out into the living room.

   "Uh girls what happened?" They just lloked at me like I was stupid. "What else couldve happened? Sammi said she didnt want hurt your feelings cause she knew you tried your best but everything was all burnt. So we threw out that food adn re made the whole breakfast within the 30 minutes you were gone you cook slow...." Taylor said I was amazed on how she could pull this off... "Alright thanks girls welp we best go eat.


Sammi's P.O.V.

 "So what were you at the store for so long for?" I questioned. "Oh nothing..." "Oh yea sure!" "REALLY!!! did you see any bags in my hands as I walked in? didnt think soo!" "Okay just remember... im on to you..." I said while giving her a glare and slowly backing up into the living room but of couse my clumsy self had to walk into the wall instead. She jsut laughed as stuff came tumbling down on me. Why was I born so clumsy?! Once Elli finally quit laughing she asked if I was okay and helped me up. I fell back onto my butt and re- twisted my ankle for like the4th time so far this month. I cried out in pain at first but ended up laughing at my clumsy-ness. Elli helped me up again and we headed to the bathroom grabbing the wrap out of the medicine cabinet and wrapping up my ankle. I usually used my crutches for about an hour after but Elli said i didnt have time so I slipped on my yellow flip-flops and grabbed my phone and we slipped out the door and headed to I dont really know where casue Illi wouldnt tell me.

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