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Sammi and her best friend Elli were huge fans of 1D. They follow them on twitter and tried their best to keep up with what was going on but not always could. Sammi always like Niall and Elli always like Zayn but they werent stalkerish at all just dedicated directioners its not like they follwed them around 24/7. Will they ever meet they boys? and if so will they even like her? Readto find out ;)


9. A/N

   Hey guys its Dani again sorry!! but I'm writing a new book "Live in the moment" which is actually based on a dream I had the other night. I woke up scribbled down the details and thought wow that would make a great 1D fanfic. It will have many twists adn turns and if you guys like it i'll make a sequel!! love you guys and sorry I havent been writting much I get writters block adn have to help around the house got lots to do since science fair is around the corner!!! love you guys!! <3

<3 Danidoo839154

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