Guardian Angel

About a girl named Julie who is found by a guardian angel and is protected for all her life


1. My life

I slowly walked up the steps, toward the door. I shut my eyes, and reached for the door. The handle slid into my hand, and I opened the door. I openend my eyes, and gasped. Black figures, everywhere. Red eyes. Long, jet black hair. Sharp demon-like teeth. Black bat wings. Long, flesh-tearing claws. I screamed as one came towards me, letting out growls. Its long fingers wrapped around my throat, with just enough room left to breathe. I choked out what I call a cough, and grabbed onto the figure's arms. Icy cold. Hard skin. I shuddered when my hands felt the skin. I wriggled around, trying to get away from the demon's grip. Other demons closed in around me, grabbing me, choking me. Suddenly, the demons let out a scream and quickly dissapeared. I gasped for breath and fell to the floor, flailing around also known as panicking. As soon as I saw that the demons had gone, I lay still on the floor, gasping for breath. My breathing finally slowed down a bit five minutes later. I sat up and started coughing. I looked around. Where had everyone gone? I slowly stood up, confuzed. Suddenly it all hit me. Nobody lived here. They had abandoned me last month. How could I forget? I let out a long breath, and walked toward the ruined couch, and plopped down. I hadn't slept in three days straight, and I was exhausted. How could they abandon me? Oh, yeah, I know. It was how I had acted all these days, never appreciating anything. But it wasn't my fault. They should have treated me better. They beat me. They accused me. They hurt me physically and emotionally. Nothing is good in my life has ever been good. July Bethinny, the most unlucky fifteen year old ever. Suddenly, I heard a howl. I jumped, startled. I got up, and held a pillow out. "I-I'm not afraid to use this!" I shouted. I gasped as a wolf padded out from behind a chair. "A wolf!" I screamed, and scrambled up onto the coffee table. "Hold on!" The wolf yelled. "My name is Cloud, and I am your guardian angel."

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