Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


4. where is mom when i need her?

I walked home wishimg i had told Harry everything. Maybe he could help me.But what if he was just like all the other guys? what would i do then,put up with it? Mom would have known what to do.. When she was alive she was never there when i needed her either. Dad was always a drinker, e hit me before but never like this. When mom got home every evening dad and i would never tell her what was going on. If mom was me would she tell Harry? I think she might.

I walked into the house. It didnt smell like beer, it was odd. "dad?" i yell. "yea. Chelo can i talk to you? im in my room." i walked to his room."what?" i ask. "im trying to change ik u hate me but please help me." he says."fine." isay then i walked out. i went to my room and got my phone out. i dialed Harrys number. "Hello?" i hear his british accent say. "Hey Harry. its Chelo." i say. "Chelo! I didnt think u would call, How are you?" he asks. "Im fine. just that u know how u told me i could trust you. and i said i couldnt?" "yea." he answered. "well all i need to know is, y do you want me to trust you so bad. why do you care at all. im just the weird girl who has no friends." i say. "Chelo i care because wheni met you i felt like i had to protect you i didnt know what from at the time but i think i do now. You can trust me, I wont hurt you like everyone else. i promise." those words i had heard a lot from my mom,dad and friends they where always a lie. but something with Harry made me feel safe, he made me feel like i could tell him everything about myself. "alright i trust you. for now.." i say not only convincing him but myself. "can i ask you something" he says. "yea anything." "how did you get that bruise? it looked really bad your leg was swollen. Chelo did you dad do that to you?" he asked. "My dad did do it to me. We where fighting. it doesnt matter anymore, it doesnt hurt when i get hit anymore. My dad said he was trying to stop. but ive heardthat before. Harry trust me wheni say this, if i wanted to leave i would, but i cant. Even if i could i wouldnt. I would have anywhere to go." i say "if you ever have to leave you can come to my house. ill keep you safe. I promise." he says ashuring me that he was my friend not just a fake."Thanks Harry. I have to go ill text you later." i say "Bye Chelo." he says. "bye Harry have a good rest of the day." i say then i hang up. i went to the kitchen were i found my father, he had his beer with him. "I thought you where gonna stop." i say. when he stepped forward i flinched thinking he was gonna hit me. "Look One beer cant hurt me." he says. i walked out of the room knowing how it was gonna go. One beer to him was like One beer an hour. An hour to him is 5 minuets to the rest of the world. he was gonna get drunk and he is gonna beat me.

I hear my phone ring.It was Harry. "Hello?" i say "Chelo i forgot to tell you my mom wants you to come over for dinner tonight." "why?" i ask. "your my first friend ive told her about she wants to meet you." he says. "Harry tonights not a good night..My dad..." i say in a wisper. "Oh....i see. I hope everything ends up OK. Ill text you. How about tomorrow night?" he asks. i thought a little. "Harry i have an idea. My dad will kill me if he found out though. Pick me up at 5 ill be ready." i say. "Chelo dont do anything stupid!" he says back. "Hey meeting your mom isnt stupid Harry.Pick me up at 5.'" i say. "Fine but be carful." we hang up.

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