Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


6. the accident

Harry drove away, I missed him when he left. Apart of me wanted him to hurt my dad the other part knew it would make everything worse. I walked out of my room to find my dad gone. I looked in his room, he wasnt there either. Not in the kitchen or the study.ot even in the bathroom. I didnt know where he was but i was scared he found out i was gone. When he got home he was gonna kill me! i heard the phone ring. "hello?" i say "hello is this Chelo?" i hear a woman say. "yes who is this." "This is Officer glitterblam i called to say your fauther has been in an accident and you need to get to the hospitle NOW!" she says "What? How? Did anyone get hurt?" i ask "No just him get here now!" "ok bye" i say then i hang up. I stand there for a minuet to think. then i pick up the phone and dial Harrys number. "Hello?" i hear him say "Harry please come get me. please. my dad was in a car accident i need you to drive me to the hospitle please." i say very franticly. "Ok ok what happened?" "i dont know please just get here fast." "ill be ther as fast as i can im on my way." we hang up. I ran to my room and grabbed some clothes. I knew i would be at the hospitle a while. When Harry showed up i was ready. we went to the hospitle as fast as we could. "Harry im scared. what if he dies? where would I go?" i ask myself outloud."chelo dont think like that." "i cant stop Harry i have been wishing for the longest time that he woud die. but now i cant bare another parent dying." i say. we pull into the hospitle and run inside. "My father was in an accident i have to see him! His name is Timm Harris" i say " room 120" the lady said. Harry and I ran to his room. i walk in "Daddy what the hell happened?" i say to my abusive father. "Why did you leave the house? i was looking for you!" "this isnt my fault dad you hit me i had to get away." i say crying. "I know. I know. The doc says i probably wont make it Chelo. I have aranged for you to go to Aunt Margrets if i die." i didnt want to go to aunt margrets she was mean ahe was just like my father. "Dad i cant go to her home,she hates me. Dad i wanna stay her. I have Harry here i need him." i look to my father. he was looking at harry. "who is he? Chelo Elisibeth Ann!" "Dad he is Harry.He is my boyfriend." "Harry, its nice to meet you." my father says. "Hello Tim." Harry says. "Chelo let me talk to Harry why dont you go get a snack." i walk out of the room run down the hall and get a drink then i ran back to listen to the conversation. "Mr.Harris you have hurt her. She deserves to have better. Please dont make her go." Harry says. "Harry Your 18 she is 17 if you promise to keep her safe ill let her live with you." i walked i then."whats going on?" my dad was the first to answer "doc says i wont live through the night.and i think your right. You cant live with your Aunt. your 17 you can do whatever youu want in this state.I will let you get your own home with my life incerance money you will get wheni die." I felt tears in my eyes. even though my dad hurt me i still loved him. "Daddy please dont leave me." i cry. "im not leaving im just travelling." He quoted from my mom when she passed."Dad tell mom i miss her. please." "Youll see us one day I just wish i would have been a better father to you. I mean i hit you! what kind of a father would do that?" "dad shhhh. you where a great father you taght me how to be strong. I love you." i say. "i love you too." "daddy i forgive you" my father smiled. He died an hour later.

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