Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


8. TH3 3nd

when i was in math class i got called to the office. I was happy my dad wasnt able to beat me over this. i walkedin and the Principle was with Harrys mom talking. "Hello? Hi Anne." i say a little nervous. "Please have a seat next to Anne." i sat down. "Now Chelo. I heard you hit a girl. Why? ive never even heard you even get into a fight with them." he says. "Look she was being rude to me for 3 years right in frount of you.. the other day she punched me several times. My dad died and she was saying stuff like i could stand up to him and he was abusive. So i punched her ONCE thats way less than she has ever done to me. And its the last day of school so you cant do anything about it." i say knowing i was right. "She was using self defence. I dont see the problem and im not gonna do anything about it." Anne says "Chelo i am disapointed in you. You have to leave this school today and you cant go to the end of the year party.Maybe next year you do better." he says. "Fine. ill leave i dont care im passing." i say walking out with Anne. she drives me home. I wasnt upset that i had to leave i was actually happy. "So you punched her inn the face hu?" Anne asks. "Yea that will teach her to make fun and hurt me everyday. it was awesome." i say when we arived home Harry was already there. That kinda suprized me. i walked into the door and Harry was on the couch watching TV. He looked over to meand Smiled. I sat next to him and started to watch TV. "I thought that was funny. She was in the bathroom crying for one whole period! Her eye was black!" he says. "She deserved it. I just wish she wouldnt have treated me so bad that i had to do that. she was one of my best friends when i was younger. she was so nice to me, even when everyone else wasnt. But now i have you." I smile. He kisses me and wispers "I love you Chelo. Your the most beautiful person i have ever seen." ever since that day i have had more self of steam. Harry graduated that week. A year later I graduated. When i walked up to the stage Harry was there he proposed. We got married 6 months later. A year after that we have twins! Ashley and John. They have the best father ever. One that will give to others before himself, one that will do anything to keep the ones he loves safe. He loves his children, and he loves me. His name is Harry Styles and he is all mine.

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