Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


7. Safe. Maybe.

I cry as we went tothe funaral. "Chelo. im 18 and ur 17. so why dont we just live together. i mewn i know itsa little soon but i want you to be safe." Harry says. i look to Harry "Harry. ill think about it right now i need to think." but what was i thinking about? i knew i was going to live with Harry. was i thinking of my dad? After all the times he has hurt me? "yes Harry i will live with you.On one condition." "Oh whats that?" "we have to live with ur mom till im out of school. ive never had a mother figure and i kinda wanna know how it feels." he agreed. we arived at the funaral home where my fathers dead body was. Harry and i walked in together.we held hands. "My father wasnt a good man to me. He hurt me. Abused me. And i know he loved me. I love him, even after that all happened. He was a good man at heart. I Will miss him." i say to everyone there.

Harry and i left and we went to my old home. the home he hurt me in. We packed my stuff. We packed everything. even my dads stuff. We gave most of it away. The pictures of my mom and dad together stayed with me. We drove up to Harrys home. i walked into the door and felt good i knew i wasnt gonna get hurt anymore. "Oh My Gosh. Harry, its amazing i feel Happier." he smiled "Chelo we dont have an extra room, i guess your gonna have to sleep with me. lets bring ur stuff in my, our room." he says we did. When we got into the room Harry shut the door. the room was clean. I laid down on the bed. Harry laid down next to me he wraped his arms around me. i fell asleep like that.The next morning i woke up to the smell of bacon. Harry wasnt in the room anymore. i got up and went to the kitchen. "Hey"Anne, Harrys mom, said."Your up earlier than any of my kids would be. How did you sleep?" she asks. "Like a baby. The bed was so comfy! and im always up at this time.How did you sleep?" i ask. "Oh same way i have been my whole life." I laughed. "So what tome does Harry normally get up?" i ask. "When ever foods ready. i ould wake him up but you should do that from now on, i mean i have been so busy these last few days, i can never seem to make the time for that. and Today is HArrys last day of High school. And you last day of 11th grade. Cn you go wake him up?" she asks. "yea." i walk to Our room to wake Harry up. I shake him "Harry..Harry wake up baby, we have to get ready for school." I say. he opens his green eyes."Hey babe. Good Morning."  he says. "hey breakfast is ready. and we have school. Last day!!" i say. we walk into the kitchen. "Harry and Chelo sitting in a-" gemma says but was cut off by harry saying. "Shut up Gemma!" i look to Harry and say "Calm down Harry. let not fight please." after breakfast harry drives us to school. We have to go our seprate ways. Before we did Harry kissed me right in front of everyone. The football, basketbal,soccer,softball,and baseball team. "HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING KISSING THAT THING?!?!" says the basketball team. "I love her. I can kiss her if i wanna. She is funnier, nicer,and way stronger than you are. Not to mention she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen." Harry says. my old friends look dumb founded.. "But she isnt funny,strong, or beautiful."They say. I walk up to them. I looked my old friend Makayla in the eyes. "Makayla you dont know me anymore. I think you need to watch your back cause i am strong. you dont know half the crap i take. You dont know anything!" i say to her. "Chelo since when have u ever been stong? You cant even stand up to your abusive father.Loser." she says. I punched her then. She fell to the Ground. "See how strong i am. And just so you know i did stand up to my dad." I turn around to Harry who was just staring at me, Everyone was. They all looks shocked that i could do something like that. I walked up to Harry and Kissed him. "Babe I have been wanting to do that for a long time now." "I know. But was it nesesary to sock her in the face? She is bleeding. Maybe you should say sorry." he says. I turn around and yell "HEY MAKAYLA!" i run up to her. "Look im sorry. But u had it coming." then i turn around and go to Harry. "i have to go. Have a good day ill see you at lunch." i walked off happy with myself.

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