Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


3. maybe life isnt so hard

Thinking about my mom made me upset,yet no tears came out of my eyes. I done think of her often, it was just easier for me not too. I went to bed thinking of her and how she was.

When I went to school the next morning I saw Harry. My heart skipped a beat. "Hey chelo. whats up?" he said. It startled me i didnt think he would actually talk to me. "Hey Harry." i said while walking past him. I fought off a smile. Today i wasnt picked on, it was odd. After school Harry caught up with me. "do you want to come over for supper tonight?" he asked. "Umm.. I cant. Sorry my dad..." I stopped. "Your Dad will what?" he asked. "Umm Nothing. I just cant." I said. i had a huge bruise on my legthat i couldnt get covered up with my makeup. Harry pointed to it. "how did you get the bruise." I wanted too tell him 'My dad threw me into the coffee table and i hit my leg.' but i couldnt. "I got kicked in P.E. today." I said. "Oh. well do you want to go for a walk?" he asks. even though i wanted to i couldnt. if my dad was having a bad day and i didnt get home soon he would beat me. Suddenly i didnt care what my dad did to me i wanted to be with Harry even just to walk home. "umm you can walk me home." i said. "Alright ." he sayd with a smile. we walk and talk almost the whole way home. "So i have heard rumors about you around school." harry said. "Oh like what?" i asked. "they said your mom died..and your dad beats you." I was shocked i tried not to show it. "Does your dad beat you Chelo?" he asked. "Umm No. Who told you something like that? My dad loves me he would never hurt me." i said. I questioned myself, does my dad love me? "did your mom die?" he asked. "umm yea a year ago." i said. "If you dont mind my asking, How did she die?" he asked. i felt tears in my eyes. "She had cancer.." i said. I felt the tears roling down my face, but i didnt stop walking. I didnt even let my voice sound like i was crying. we walked a little longer then Harry said, "your dad does beat you doesnt he?" I knew i couldnt hide it. "Harry i dont know who told you that but he doesnt mean it. He loves me." i questioned myself again. "how did you really get that bruise?" he asked. "Harry i dont mean to be rude but it really my bussiness i've told you to much already. He..just doesnt know what he is doing. OK? it doesnt even hurt anymore." i say tyrying to stop all the questions. "Chelo.." Harry started to talk but i intrupted him. "Harry if my dad sees me with you he wont be happy. My house is just a block away. You  need to get home. Bye." i say walking away from him. He runs up to me "Chelo, you can trust me!" he said. "there is where you dont get it Harryi cant trust you. i cant trust anyone anymore. im sorry." i say. "here take my number call me if you want to talk." he said handing me a piece of paper with his number,name,and a heart at the end. i walked away hoping I didnt hurt his feelings.

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