Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


1. lifa as it is

I never thought my life would come to this. Wearing makeup to cover a bruise or a scar. Ever since my mom died , My Dad started to drink. He hit me..hard. He doesnt know when to stop. I try to protect myself but then the beating gets harder. Everyday after school he will be passed out in his room,with a bottle of wiskey beside him. I would sneek into my room and pull out old photo albums of my mom. Remembering the good times, My dad walks in and sees the album. "WHAT THE HELL CHELO?!"  He would say. "Dad ill put them away just dont hurt me." i would plead. he would hit me hard then.

One day i went to school and we had a new boy in my class. Harry Styles was his name. He was very popular with the girls. I kept my distince from him. I was never that popular but ever since my mom passed and i was being abused people at school would pick on me even more. "Hey Harris! Think fast!" the baskeball team would say then throw 10 balls at my face. They have done that lots of times. I have gotten used to them butit still hurts.

One day i was walking to class and My old friend Makayla Barten called me out. "Hey Chelo! WHats up loser?" she would say. She is in the soccer team and the boxing team, i was a little sceared of her. "WHAT! Makyla?" i asked. "you look quite ugly today." she would say. "Shut up im not uglier than you!" i yelled. the friends would grab me and huld me from behind. i couldnt fight back. she punched and kicked me. "HEY! STOP IT!"  i heard a Males voice say. He had a british accent. I knew it was Harry. the boy who transfered her a week or two ago. "RUN!" i heard makayla say. and they did. i was still on the ground hurt and in pain. "are you alright?" Harry said helping me up. "yea im fine" i said gasping for air. "thanks" i say. "dont mention it." he says walking away shooting me a Flirtatious smile.

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