Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


2. It gets better

I had a crush on Harry. I knew he probably didnt like me. Why would he? Im a weak person who cant fight back. What was i suppose to do? I walked home that night hoping my father was asleep. maybe tonight wont be one of those bad nights. Maybe i wouldnt be beaten near death. My father didnt mean it he was in a bad place. i was too. I never showed it though. i never cried,or showed when i was upset at all. Not even when my dad or the people at school hurt me. I didnt want to show how much it hurt. If i did my father would hurt me worse. The girls will do the same. But today when the girls beat me up, and Harry helped me I didnt feel so alone. I felt as if someone cared. I wanted so badly to tell Harry everything when he yelled at the girls. but i cant trust him. Just like i cant trust anyone else.I once told Makayla everything, but she did the same thing everyone else did.

When i got home My father was awake. "Hey dad." I said. I noticed he didnt have a beer in his hand. "Hey Chelo, How was your day?" He said sounding almost sober. "umm it was fine." I lied. "what do u want to eat for supper?" he asked. It was odd for him to ask me anything. "umm im not hungry. imma go do my homework." i walk into my room and shut the door. My father took the lock off my door, otherwise  i would had locked it right then and there. He was the reason why i didnt trust anyone. When my mother was alive she told me 'if someone ever hurts you. tell your father and I. and we will help you.' but its my father who is hurting me and i cant tell my mom..she is gone forever. Who am i supose to tell? I wanted my mom with me more then ever. I had a picture of her on my dresser, i walked over to it and gazed at my beautiful mom, her curly Brow hair, Brown eyes, everything about her was amazing. She would cook me breakfast every morning and dinner at night like it should be. Now im lucky if i get dinner. She always told me to use my manners, ever since she died i have been extra carful of when i use them. I didnt think i wouldnt have my mother here to remind me. 'Mom why did you leave me? i miss you!' I say to myself wishing my mom would have heared me and answered with 'i love you too baby. and i miss you more than anything. Im sorry you have to go through this.'

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