Ever After: a Harry styles love story

Chelo a 17 year old girl, isabused not only verbly but physicly. At home and at school. She never thought she could trust anyone again till she met Harry..


5. Dinner plans

i walk out of my room to see my dad, he was on his 3rd beer. Suddenly i wasnt scared of him. "WHAT THE HELL DAD U SAID YOU WOULD STOP! YOU NEVER DID THIS WHEN MOM WAS ALIVE!! you worthless you bastared!!" i yell. "Chelo how dare you cuss at me!" he hit me then. I fall to the floor and cry a little "You hurt me for the last time! Im sick of you! stop you are ruining my life,you low life!" i get up. "your mother was right to want to give you up!" i was shocked i never knew that about my mom."liar! you always where a liar!" i yell. he hit me several times then. I had a black eye. "Go to your room!" he yelled. i ran to my room. Even thought i hurt i got ready to go to Harrys. I had so many black eyes i was good at covering it up. When i was ready i climbed out the window and walked a block down where my dad would see. Harry pulled up next to me "Hey you need a ride?" he asks i laugh. "yea it would help me a little." i get in. "Does your dad know your coming over?" he asks "Nope." i say turning away. "what happened? you havre a bruise on your arm." of course he noticed the one bruise i forgot to cover."It was a small fight. Nothing big i just cussed at  him an he hit me a couple of times." i say. "Chelo! where all did he hit you?" "just the arm Harry. i mean that all you can see anyways ill cover it up when i get there.". Harry turned the car around heading to my house. "what are you doing!?" i yell. "He wants to be that way, Fine ill give him a taste of when he is giving!" He looked mad. "Harry NO! he will kill me! stop! Please Harry please!" i pleaded. He looked less mad then. "Chelo i just want you safe." he stops the car right in frount of my house. "i wont be if you go in." i say. "fine. but he will get whats coming to him." Harry starts the car and we went to his house. we walk in and i smelt amazing food. "Harry?" "What." "I cant eat ver much. my dad will smell it on me. And i have to be home by 6:30.' i say. "i dont want you to go back there Chelo. He is gonna kill you one of these days.I just want you safe." even though he and I where just friends he acted more of a boyfriend than a best friend. "I have to go back. I have been dealing with the beating for a long time, ill be fine." i say. Harry looks at me worried. "well Harry who is your friend that you just had to invite over." i hear a voice, i looked over and seen she was too young to be his mom. "Hi im Chelo." hello im Gemma HArrys older sister." we shack hands. we walk into the kitchen where harrys mom was "Hi! Im Harrys mom. Harry talks about you all the time!" she says "Hi im Chelo." i look up at Harry and smile "all the time huuu?" i laugh."ha.ha.ha. Momshut up!" he wisper. "Oh sorry Harry but the girl might want to know you like her." she says. My laugh came to a stop and i just stare at Harry. He does this nervous giggle. "Whats up with mothers thease days!? You promised you wouldnt say anything mom!" Harry went to his room to calm down. "Mrs. Styles may i go talk to him please?" i ask. Gemma giggles "why are you so formal Chelo. its almost as if you like Harry too." her eyes get wide. "You like my brother!!!" she says. "CAn i go talk to him?" i ask ignoring her. "yes i think you know where he is." Harrys mom says.

i knock on the door "Harry? may i come in?" i ask. "Yea." he says i open the door. "Sorry." he says. "Harry can i ask you something?" i ask. "yea" "do you really like me?" i ask. "Yea i do Chelo from the moment i first saw you i saw you i liked you." "good cause i like you too." i say. Harry leans in and lkisses my lips. i smile and kiss him again. "Harry i gotta get home." "OK. but can i ask you something?" "yea anything." i say. "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks. "Well w ejust told each other we likedeach other then kissed, i think thats a yes." i giggle. "can i ask you something else." "yes but i gotta get home." "where else did he hit you?" "My arms,My eye,and my stomache but im OK." "your eye? did you cover it with makeup Chelo?" i nod. "I have to get home please take me." "fine but dont talk to him please and call me." Harry says.

He drives me home and makes sure im through my window before leaving. I get in and i wave Harry goodbye and i blow him a kiss. He caught it.

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