Valentines Day with 1D

This story is about how a girl is living in a small town and she runs into her fave 1D member NIALL HORAN!?!?


1. The meet and love at first sight

Ok so I'm Destini I am 14 and I fan girl over this band you may know them there called One Direction no big wellll HUGE BIG! Ok so let me tell you the story FLASHBACK
Ok so I was walking down the street with my new i heart 1D shirt on and just on my iPod listening to 1Ds new song Kiss You and I wasn't paying attention. Well I went to turn the corner and I bumped into this guy I pulled my earbuds out and I said, " OMG IM SOOOO SORRY" I dumped his iced coffee all over him, I was looking down, when I lifted my head I saw those beautiful blue eyes and then I saw him. I was playing it cool and acting like I have no clue who he is and then he said, " oh it's alright love" in his most adorable Irish accent and I just melted right there on the spot. And I said, " let me buy you a new shirt"
He said, " oh no it's fine,"
" then let me take you to lunch" I said
" no love it's fine"
" I have to pay you back"
" we'll come to my hotel and meet the lads"
" you sure?"
" yes I'm positive"
" ok "
AT THE LADS PAD ( see what I did there )
Niall and I walk into the room and we see Zayn Harry Louis and Liam and I about scream but I hold it in for Niall
" who's the cute lady" Harry asked
" you know you never said your name " Niall said to me
" it's Destini "
" we'll Destini I see by your shirt your a fan" Zayn said
" defiantly "
" we'll Destini you want have a seat and hang for a bit"
" I would love to"
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