Summer Love

Hope you enjoy this! x


2. Cont. Chapter 1

-Tara's POV-


Like I said it was and still is a long plane ride. I ended up with a bruised hip, which leads me to where I am right now...the bathroom.

*knock knock* "Is anyone in there? I have to pee!" I heard a guy ask from the outside. I didnt respond, so he just walked in and started doing his business.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed then I ran into a wall causing me to fall on my ass.

"Ahhhhhhh!" he exclaimed as he pulled his pants back up "Why didnt you answer when I knocked?" he asked, then faced me. It was the Zayn Malik.

"I didnt wana go back out there." I said as I sheilded my eyes.

"Why?" he questioned. I began to lift up my shirt, but he stopped me.

"Woa..why are you taking your shirt off?" he asked.

"Just wait." I said as I lifted it up, to reveal the bruise..he gasped at the sight, then reached his hand out to touch it.

"Ouch!" I said as he touched it, causing him to jump.

"What happened?" he questioned.

"I got beat up by an old lady." I said with a shrug.

"Your sitting with me." he stated, as he helped me stand up (yes he washed his hands).

"W-what about my friend?" I asked as we stepped out of the bathroom, to see none other than Sam and Louis together making jokes. I can see that they will become great friends. I checked the time and realized that I was supposed to take my medicine 30 minutes ago.

"Shit." I whispered, then suddenly everything around me caved in and went black. Ooooooh bubbles!

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