Summer Love

Hope you enjoy this! x


6. Chapter 5

*Sammi's POV*

I didnt know that that's what actually happened, I was too busy crying my eyes out to even hear his side. I embraced him into a hug as we both began crying together.

"Are you guys ok?" Liam asked with the others behind him.

"We are now. Come on princess!" Niall said with a smile as he wipped both our tears away and helped me stand up.

"You guys wanna come out and party with us?" Louis asked.

"Party as in get drunk?" I questioned.

"Yup!" Harry said popping the 'p'.

"She's not much of a drinker you guys." Niall said as he snuck his arm around my waist.

"Are you reallllllly?" Louis winned stretching the 'y'.

"I am now. Like they all say You Only-" I was cut off by the others groaning 'live once' in unison man they learn fast!

"Like seriously YOLO isnt that bad!" I said trying to brighten the mood.

"When you hear it on tv, from fans, from grandparents even! Then ya it is." Zayn said as the others agreed.

"Fine. New meaning of YOLO: You Obviously Love Onedirection!" I stated as their faces turned from annoyed to amazed. They didnt know about that one? Wow....thats all I have to say.

"LETS TWEET THAT!" Liam exclaimed as they all pulled out their phones and began tweeting.

"Nice name on there Sammi." Louis said as he still was typing. Suddenly my phone began to go off.

'carrots_malik is the best! get #YouObviouslyLove Onedirection trending now please! x' they all read.

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