Summer Love

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5. Chapter 4

-Sammi's POV-

Right when Liam placed me on his lap, an older girl came up to us and smacked me across the cheek.

"You did not just do that." I said as I looked at her in the eyes and guess who it was? Danielle.

"Uh ya I did, now what are you gonna do about it?" she challenged as she placed her hands on her hips like a badass.

"Danielle...leave please." Liam said as he held me back with tears in his eyes.

"Is she you little play toy now?" she asked in a baby voice.

"One, no im not...and two I would make a waaaaaay better play toy then you. Thats why he broke up with you right? No, wait he broke up with you cause you got pregnant with some other man's child. Who's the slut now bitch?" I asked. You see, im not afraid to admit the truth...only if I know it would hurt someone.

"You did not just call me a slut," she chuckled "im not afraid to beat your ass." she finished, with a hint of fear in her eyes which was barely noticable.

I took this chance to launch at her and begin throwing punches after punches without a care in the world, Liam tried to stop me but failed and got pulled back by Niall. Wait, why was Niall holding Liam back if I am the one beating the hell out of Liam's ex?

"Danielle deserves it." was all Niall said then took Liam away into the bathroom.


By now, Danielle was crying out in pain as Liam and Niall pulled me off of her.

"Remind me not to mess with you." Liam said.

"Niall...?" I asked.

"Ya?" he questioned.

"Can we talk please?" I asked, he nodded then took my hand and began walking after Liam agreed to take our luggage to the car.


-Niall's POV-

I lead Sammi on the walking path after I asked Liam to take our luggage back to the car. Me already knowing that Liam was informed about the whole thing that happened a few years ago, she was probably going to be talking about that.

My side of the story flashback:

It was the last day of highschool, me and Sammi holding hands walking through the halls without a care in the world cause she was MY one love.

"Hey Niall, I have to go to the bathroom." she said as she lead us over to them and walked in.

"Niall..." someone whispered in my ear, right away I knew it was Adrienne.

"What?" I snapped. Honestly I never really liked her cause she was always talking about Sammi behind her back and was alway flirting with me.

"I want you to kiss me," she said "or else I will and you wont like it." she finished. I decided to ignore her thinking that it was all a joke...but it wasnt. She pulled me closer to her and placed her hands on the back of my neck. Her being her and having issues with glue...she put glue on her hands to stop me from moving and it was some hard ass glue let me tell you that. I tried to move back, but it wouldnt work! Then suddenly her lips were placed on mine, I tried moving but I couldnt!

Then there was a gasp...then heart breaks...then applause from Adriennes friends...


"Niall...Niall...Niall.." someone was shaking me out of my thoughts.

"Yes?" I asked, realizing my voice was hoarse. Shit, I must be crying! Suddenly, I was embraced into a hug.

"Im so sorry for what happened a few years ago...I never knew..." she said, right then I knew it was Sammi who had embraced me.

"I was talking wasnt I?" I questioned, she just nodded in response and held me tighter.

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