Summer Love

Hope you enjoy this! x


4. Chapter 3

-Niall's POV-

"NO ME! END OF DISCUSSION!" I yelled, getting everyones attention. Both Louis and Zayn gave me a death glare...oh shit what did I just do?

"Sammi, do you agree?" Louis asked with pleading eyes for her to say 'No! I want you! And only you so we can hop on a unicorn and live happily ever after!', but thats only fairytales right?

"Yes.." she whispered. SHE SAID YES!

"You know that you dont have to agree with him right?" Zayn assured. What were they trying to do? Get a girl who clearly isn't interested?

"Yes, I do ok can we just get off this damn plane and get to the hotel?" Sammi snapped. You go girl!

"Someones gotta sassy mouth!" Harry whispered to Liam loud enough for everyone to hear him.

"No shit." Sammi said as she brushed past him, leaving the plane with her luggage.

"Im going to go talk to her." Liam informed as he ran out after her.


-Liam's POV-

"Im going to go talk to her." I informed as I ran out after her with my luggage close behind.

"Sammi!" I yelled repeatedly. No sign. Suddenly, I heard a voice of an angel coming from over by the I took a quick glance and saw Sammi sitting on her bag as she ran her fingers one by one down on her leg. I quickly made my way over to her as I set my bags down.

"What do you want Liam?" she asked annoyed.

"Just to know what happened back there...I mean one moment your happy oh dilly then you are like really sad which I can understand, then you just yell at Louis and Zayn and Harry...what happened?" I asked softly as possible.

"Im just bipolar..." she states as she pushed her fingers through her hair in frusteration, then sighed.

"Liam...can I trust you?" she asked.

"Yes...of course you can." I said.

"Niall and I were once bestfriends and before x-factor, we descided to try and date..but then we got into a huge arguement cause my ex-best girl friend kissed him in front of my face and he didnt stop it at all. He said he tried to get away and that she had a tight grip on her so he couldnt. I just broke up with him and told him I never wanted to see him again...then today came...and all my emotions got mixed," she said as a few tears escaped her eyes "honestly I have no idea what to do anymore..." she concluded then covered her hands over her eyes. I made an 'awww' sound then pulled her on my lap, without a care in the world. I mean...whats the worse that can happen? 

And like they all say...I spoke to soon.

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