Summer Love

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3. Chapter 2

-Chapter 2-

-Sammi's POV-

I sat right beside Tara, running my hand through her hair trying to keep her alive as I answered everyones questions. Honestly, this has been the most serious momet I have been through. I mean she never told me anything about her big secret or why she had to take her medicine every 3 hours.

" if she has to take medicine every 3 hours...then that means it's something serious..." Liam said bringing all the information together.

"She has never told me anything about it.." I said as tears began to fall once again.

"Awe sweety, come here." Louis said as he hugged me. Suddenly I saw a paper hanging out of her back pack that she brought.

"Hey Louis, can you please hand me that paper please?" I asked with my voice hoarse. he nodded then handed me the paper, I slowly began to open a picture came out. It was of me and Tara when we just met with the words 'Best Friends Forever' writen in her handwriting.

       I know I should have told you this sooner, but I have cancer. By the time you read this, I will probably be dead and watching over you. Im so sorry for not telling you this..Remember the fun times we have had when it was the summer of '09 and we met these really nice guys, and how when Alex threw us both in the water at the same I had to save your life and give you CPR, thats when I realized that you were my bestfriend. I love you Sammi dont forget that! Remember the times when we had to babysit my little brother and we went theater hopping and got caught by an old lady, but eventually she joined us! Remember when in second grade I beat up that one kid, just for picking on you and calling you names? That was the best time of my life! Just watching you sit back and laugh your ass off! Remember when we went to Splash Village together and we went down the slide together cause you were scared to go on with a random stranger like I did before we went? Remember...when we got seperated and you moved to a different city, but you eventually moved back and we met again! Remember when my dad was killed on impact for texting while driving? You were there for me the whole time. Remember when we got into a car accident? You were laughing your ass off. You always brightened the mood during those times. Remember when we got pulled over by the police and they asked you for your name and you said that your name was permanently inside you so you couldnt take it out and give it to him? Then we both got arrested and we annoyed the people in jail by singing terribly on purpose, then they joined in with us and the police let us go. Remember when we made the promise to be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER? Well forever isn't over yet. Forever and Always! Remember me! Can't wait til me meet up again Sammi, I miss you and I will watch over you. 
                                                                          Forever and Always, Tara~

By now, I was completely bawling. I mean, nothing could stop me.

"Oh my god..." I heard the guys gasp as I was soon joined into a group hug.

"I am so sorry!" I heard one of them say.

Finally after like 20 minutes of crying, we pulled away.

"Thank you guys." I said, with a sniffle and small smile.

"Anytime.." they said.

"Sammi, would you like to come move in with us?" Liam asked.

"Ya." the others agreed.

"Uhm...I dont know..." I said a bit unsure.

"Its a yes." Louis decided for me.

"But we only have 5 rooms..." Niall stated.

"Oh...ya right...she would have to sleep with one of us so we know she wouldnt do anything to herself." Zayn said.

"Ok Sammi which one of us would it be?" Harry asked.

"I dont know.." I said unsure.

"Its gonna be me!" Zayn said.

"No me!" Louis argued.

"No me!" Zayn argued back.

"No me!" Louis argued.

"NO ME! END OF DISCUSSION!" Niall said. Well thats not what I expected.

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