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3. the kiss

When I was in his arms I fell back asleep again. I had a dream. The best dream. I was standing in a meddow and Jake ran up and put me over his sholder and spun me around and put me in his arms bridal style. Jake started running with me in his arms and I put my hand on his chest and looked up at him. He looked down at me and whispers "I love you" and kisses me. And I was wokin up by a soft voice. I opened my eyes slowly. When I fully relized its time to wake up, I found Jake smiling when he saw me. I smiled back. "Morning Peyton." he greeted me with his deep morning voice.

"Morning bab- Jake" Oops! Did I really just say that?!? Jake smirked "Why did I fall asleep on on the couch and wind up in your arms?" I questioned trying to hide my mess hair.

"There was a killer on the loose. They killed a lady last night. And I care about you so I protected you. I stayed up watching the news until they said it safe. Witch was about three in the morning." Jake explained.

"Oh. I feel bad for that woman and her family," still in his arms.

"Yea me to. You want to get some breakfast? Do you like pancakes?"

"Who doesnt?" he smiled and lifted me up and set me down. We raced downstairs and sat at the table. Jake made the pancakes. He sat down next to me and we ate. Sarah and Nessa went to a friends house. After I saw Jake was done I took his plate into the kitchen and put it in the dishwasher. I jumped in the shower while Jake was watching tv. When I was done, I wrapped my towel around me and looked around for my bag. Dangit! I left it downstairs. And Jake was down there! I ran downstairs and there he was.

"Hey, what are you doin?" I blushed and quickly grabbed my bag.

"Nothin." I turned and ran upstairs. But Jake grabbed my arm and turned me around.

"You know you look really cute in a towel" He moved a piece of hair out of my face."And ur dripping wet hair."  he got really close and wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his body. He carressed my cheek and slowly kissed me. When he pulled away I picked up my bag and ran up stairs. I shut the door and just paced the room thinking and prossessing that he actually kissed me. I got cold so I got dressed in my short shorts, a tanktop. It was like 100 degress outside in Flordia. When I got done, I went down stairs and I didnt see Jake. So I got on my converse shoes and went outside. I leaned up against the big tree waiting for Jake. I felt the rough bark rub my skin. Then Jake came up and picked me up and put me on the swing on the tree. "Hey Peyton." He said pushing me on the swing.

"Hey Jake." it was really akward. "Do you like me?" He stopped the swing and knelt down. I looked down at my hands.

"hey. can you please look at me?" I looked at him softly. "I do like u. The first time I saw you..."  I hugged him he carried me and layed me on the grass so gently. He laid down next to me and  just looked at me. I held his hand. Jake put his soft hand on my cheek "Your beautiful. Dont let anyone tell you different. Im gunna protect you forever. He kissed me softly. The sun of the hot Flordia sun beat down on our skin. Jakes brown eyes now were emrald-green  in the sun. They were hypnotic. I got lost in them everytime. Time flew. By no time I heard the engine of a car. I looked up and the sun blinded me and there was a large shawdow of a car. We both got up and my mouth dropped. I saw a purple mercedes with silver rims. That was my dream car. Sophie came out of the car and asked "Do you want a ride to your house?" Before she fininshed I nodded quickly and jumped in. "Dont forget your bag!" Jake ran inside and grabbed my bag and ran out the door.

"Thanks Jake" he jumped in the backseat with me. The roar of the engine started up and I smiled. When I was done drooling at the car I relized we were almost to my street I grabbed a pen from my bag and grabbed Jakes hand and wrote my phone number with a heart on his neck and I also wrote on his ankle "I love u" He smiled at me and held my hand. We pulled into my driveway. I thanked Sophie and blew a kiss to Jake. I walked out of the amazing car and looked at it and waved to them. I ran into my room and shut the door.

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