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2. The House

After we got out of the grave yard we biked to Jakes house. I leaned my bike on a beautiful willow tree. I walked up on the porch while Jake opened the door. When we walked in the house I gasped. "This is amazing!" Jake just smiled. It seems like hes always smiling when I look at him. I looked around and there was boxes everywhere. "Sorry for the mess. We just moved back here."

"back?" I asked confused

"yea. I lived on the other side of the town until my mom died when I was four. My dad couldnt take care of us by himself and I moved to my Uncles. Then my dad remarried. I dont see my dad alot. My mom is at work right now. Jake explained to me while I looked in a box.

"wow! This is beautiful!" I held up in my hand a pure sivler locket with a imprinted designed boarder. I opened it and I saw Jake and what it looked like was his mom. I looked at Jake and he looked like he was going to cry. "Im sorry." I apoligized looking down. I put the locket down in the box.

"Its ok. Dont feel bad about it. I just miss her thats all." he said lifting up my chin with his finger. "Its ok. Dont worry about it." But I can see his pain in his eyes.

"It just reminds me of my mom." I hugged him. It was amazing...he held me for like five minutes. Some tears rolled down my cheek and on his shoulder. I could tell he noticed because he hugged me a little tighter and asked "Are you ok?"

"Yea.." He let go and just looked in my eyes while I looked in his. We were interupted by Jake's sibs and we broke out of our trance. I was kind of disappointed by that. "Can I stay over Jake?" I asked

"Sure. Theres no school tomorrow." Jake and his sibs agreed. Jake smiled at me "Moms home." When I turned around, the door opened and a girl about in her thirtys, brown, and medium height. She had a beautiful smile when her eyes saw me. In the corner of my eye I saw Jakes sibs run up stairs. But not Jake. He stood there by my side. Almost touching my hand. I wanted to grab it nd hold it forever.

"Hi. Im Sophie. Jakes stepmom." She said with that smile. She seemed very nice. She held out her hand for me to shake it. I did.

"Im Peyton. Jakes friend." I looked over to Jake hoping I said the right thing. Sophie made dinner for us. Jake asked if I could sleepover and Sophie said it was fine. We sat down at the table. Jake sat right next to me, then Sarah sat on the other side of me. Nessa sat next to Sarah. And Sophie laid our dinner plates infront of us then sit in her seat. Right across from me. "Thank you Sophie" I said with my best smile. She smiled back and we all ate our dinner. It was steak with a salad on the side. My favorite. It was amazing. Mouth watering, juicy, tender. And the salad was fantastic. With my favorite dressing. Italian. After dinner, I put my dishes in the dishwasher and thanked Sophie again. My dad dropped off my clothes for the morning and I ran upstairs into Jakes room. I sat on the couch and listened to Jake play guitar. When he played a really suttle song I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was on Jakes bed in his arms. I loved it. I just stared at him sleeping. He moved his arm so it was securing me. Like he was protecting me. I snuggled up into his chest and laid there.


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