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1. The Graveyard

I was standing over my moms grave. When I remembered her soft voice and her gentle touch, I fell to the gound sobbing. I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. I looked up and I saw him. He looked my age and he had black hair that flipped and fell just about on his eyebrows. He was pale and deep brown eyes. I love brown eyes. And he has soft pouty lips. He was just a little taller than me. I stood up and wiped the tears from my eyes. "who is it?" he asked me with a smooth, sexy, quiet voice.

"my mom." I said shaking because I was staring at him

"mine to. mines right there" he pointed four graves down. "She died when I was seven. Today is the day she died. August 25th. I visit her every year with my two sisters and my brother.

"my mom died two years ago. And she died September 25th. We visit her every month and give her fresh roses. Those where her favorite. Me and my sister and my brother ride our bikes here. I talk to her, sing to her, and fill her in on everything. I know its kind of wierd."

"No its not. I talk to her and fill my mom in to. Sometimes I bring my guitar down here and sing her favorite song. its called Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol."

"I love that song. Oh by the way im Peyton."

"pretty name. My name's Jake." He said with a smile

I love that smile.

"Looks like our sibs met up already." He said with a smirk

", ill introduce you to them." we ran over to the tree where they were talking. This is Clair and my brother, Lukas. Luke for short. Guys this is Jake."

"hey. This is Sarah, Vanessa. Nessa for short, And Jay. And guys, meet Peyton.

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