Taken ~ 1D

I walked down the familiar road, my way home from my high school. I put my ipod on, listening to any random song. A song I had never heard of came on. I pulled my Ipod out. 'Taken' by One direction. I growled. "I hate one direction." I muttered. Over the softly playing music, I heard footsteps.

I turned around and saw 4 hooded men. Before I could screamed, something was hit over my head. The light of the late-afternoon was replaced by darkeness.



2. Kill me now

Delilah's POV


I was roughly pushed off the body that I was on top of. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO KEEP HER IN THE BEDROOM!" He yelled. Whoa....brat. "We did, but she's a fast runner." Niall explained. Harry got up and punched him. Soft-haired fellow went to Niall's aid. Harry kicked Softy in the stomach. "Fucking prick." I muttered.

He swivled around. "What did you call me?" He growled. Okay. Time for 4 years of boxing to kick in. I stood up. "I called you a no-balled, mother fucking, prick." I growled. He tensed up. "Do you have any idea what I could do to you?" I chuckled. "HA! Do you have any idea what I could do to you?" I growled.

He raised a fist. Wait. Don't fight back......make him feel guilty for hurting an innocent little girl like yourself. His fist collided with my face. I didn't feel anything. My face was numb. But a few minutes later, the pain came rushing on.

"Dickhead." I groaned, while holding my face. "LEARN TO HOLD YOUR TOUNGE!" He screamed while kicking my stomach. "Go to hell, mofo." I said in between kicks. One he finished beating me, he left the room. "Clean her up for bed." He stated. I felt the anxiety coming on.

"Holy shit, your brave." Softy said, still holding his face. I got up. "Shit. That hurt." I groaned. He smiled, revealing his split lip. "Umm, If you don't mind me asking, whats your name?" He asked. "Delilah." He smiled wider. "I love that name." I smiled back. "What your's?" I asked. He thought for a second. "My name is Louis." He said. I smiled. "I love that name."

"Well, nice name, nice person." He said. I giggled. "Harry is a fucked up name." He laughed. He has a nice laugh. He has nice teeth too. And nice eyes, and a nice ass, and lovley biceps! Don't mind my thoughts. They get dirtier than that. Sick Delilah!!!

"Well, we better get you cleaned up." Louis said. I feel relieved putting a name to his face. But he looked sad when he said cleaned up. "Well, I voulenteer to go in the shower with her. She might jump out the bathroom window if we don't watch her, cunning one." Niall said. "Fuck no." I groaned. He smiled and led me into the bathroom.

He watched me strip. "Your a perv, you knwo that." I growled. He smiled. "Dance for me." I gasped at his words. "Hell no." I said. "Dance for me, or I'll make Harry fuck you." He smiled. I got up to his face. "I would rather that anyday." He looked suprised. He stood up and pushed me in the shower.

"Get it fucking over and done with." He growled.


*after shower*


I dried myself, Niall eyeing me like a free meal. I fell super concious. "Dry yourself a little slower..." He groaned. I sped up the drying process. He groaned, yet again. "Stop fucking groaning. People are gonna think were having sex." I growled. "Wanna?" He flirted. "Oh, god. Just don't." I warned him. He smiled and raised his hands in defeat.

I got changed into one direction merchendise. God, these boys are sooooo self absorbed. Well, except for Louis. That is one hot bun. I giggled at the thought of him. Niall shoved me out of the bathroom. I stumbled out and walked to the boys.

"Sup Niall?" Pointy asked. "She didn't give me a lap-dance!" He grumbled. Buzz-boy opened his mouth. "Since Harry has gone to the club, he wont be back for a while. Maybe she could give you one in front of us." He licked his lips while staring at me. "No fucking way." I grumbled.

"We'll punish you if you don't complete Liam's orders." AHA! I know Buzz-boy's name! "I don't give a flying fuck." I growled. "She uses very colourful words...." Louis commented. I bowed and he laughed. I giggled too.

"Do it." Liam said. "NEVER!" I took off down the hall. "DAMM BITCH!" Liam screamed. I ran down the hall, right up to the end. The boys slowly approached me. m ripped off my top. "P-please.." I begged. He smiled. "Dance...NOW!" His voice boomed. I shuddered and kicked him in the balls.

"BITCH!" Niall screamed. He dragged me into some sort of dark room. I pouted and crossed my arms the whole way there. I heard Louis mutter something to....Zayn. "YOU ARE STARTING TO SOUND LIKE YOU ARE FUCKING IN LOVE WITH HER! SHE'S HARRY'S!" He yelled, punching Louis in the face. OH, BITCH PLEASE! I pounced up from Niall's grip. I pinned Zayn to the wall.

"You can fucking hurt me. Don't you dare to hurt him. are you his friend at all?" I asked. He looked shocked, but nodded. "Well, your not a very good one." I released him and walked back down the hall. nobody even noticed my swift exit.

I got to the fron door, blood pumping. I opened it and sprinted away. I saw the Jindalee sign. I smiled and ran to my Brothers house. Their was a club on the way, it was a pretty good one. I noticed a familiar head of Curls walk past me.

"HEY, YOU!" He grabbed me by the hair. "THEY LET YOU GO?! HUH?!" He yelled. I attepted to calm him down. "No, I-I excaped." I explained. He began caressing his cheek to calm him down. He was really handsom. It's just his tough interior that spoilt him. He seemed to calm down after I began to hug him.

He began to gaze into my eyes. Shit. His got me. I stared into the mirroring eyes. "Your really pretty, you know." He said. "Your not to bad looking either..." I whispered. He laughed. He began leaning in. I didn't realise, but so was I. Our lips met in the middle. It wasn't fire works, or any shit. It wasn't bombs or any thing. It wasn't tinkles or anything. It was like the whole fucking world exploded, then imploded, then exploded again!

I pulled out. "Umm. We should probobly go home now." I said. He nodded, he looked sad. I shrugged it off.


*back at the hell hole*


Harry unlocked the doors, revealing 4 very stressed and worried boys. As soon adn Louis saw me, he tackled me in a hug. "I thought I lost you." He whispered into my ear. He tightened the hug, and released.

Niall got up. "FUCKING BITCH! HOW DARE YOU RUN OFF LIKE THAT! HARRY SHOULD FUCKING PUNISH YOU!" He shouted. I looked at Harry. The sweet boy I found at the club had completly disappeared.

He picked up a baseball bat and prepared to beat me with it. I backed away, all braveness gone. I looked to Louis for safety. I noticed the boys basically holding him back. The bat made Contact with my flesh once, twice, three times and a fourth. I was bleeding all over the cream coloured carpet.

He stopped an dwalked into the bathroom. The boys followed him. I was left to wallow in my blood. Damn idiots. I crawled across the floor away from the discarded baseball bat. I leant up against the floor. I heard something being thrown across the room. I pulled my head up to view what happened.

Harry had thrown the baseball bat covered in blood across the room. "YOU CAN'T!" He screamed back into the bathroom. I hid behind the couch. I began to scilently pray;


God, I know I don't pray to you much. But I choose to now. I have gotten kidnapped. I don't know why or when. I think it happened after school, but I'm sorry for all of my sins. I have a strange feeling that I wont make it through this in one piece. Maybe I'll die. Just, send some sort of crazy voodoo vibes towards my parents. Tell my boyfriend I love him. Take care of my cat. Wish me luck??


I stayed in my hiding spot, knowing he will find me. "She fucking hate me." He said in a normal tone, for once. I heard something like.....a sack of stones getting hit by a baseball bat. hmmmm, who in this house is toned like a rock? LOUIS!

I popped up from the spot, to reveal a bloodshot Harry and Louis curled up into a ball on the floor. Not thinking, I rushed to his aid. "Lou..." I whispered into his ear. He looked up. "Go....." He hushed.

He passed out. I looked up Harry. "Why are you doing this?" I asked. He laughed. "So you will love me and nobody else, just me." He laughed. I got up. "What if I loved yout, not him?" I asked. He shrugged and laughed. "I'LL NEVER FUCKING LOVE YOU! AND YOU BLOODY CRAZY IF YOU THINK I WILL! YOU DON'T KIDNAP SOMEONE AND EXPECT THEM TO LOVE YOU! YOU EXPECT TO HATE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!" I screamed, slapping him.

He looked up and flung me over his shoulder. "PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed. He laughed and carried me off to his room. He basically threw me on the bed. "NO! DON'T TOUCH ME!" I screamed, flailing my arms and legs in the air.

He sighed and got changed into his pajamas...in front of me. Well, he has a nice body, but his a fucked up mess inside. He threw me a pair of boxers and aa baggy top. I picked them up and walked into the bathroom. I heard him sigh. I locked the door behind me.

Wow. I'm messed up! I peeled the clothes on and walked out to the bedroom. The lights were off, and Harry was laying in the bed. At least he had the decency not to rape me. I climbed into the bed with him. I felt him stir.

"Change, for me." I whispered into his sleeping head of hair. I moved to the other side of the, only to have a pair of arms wrap wround my waist.




"I will, just wait."

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