Taken ~ 1D

I walked down the familiar road, my way home from my high school. I put my ipod on, listening to any random song. A song I had never heard of came on. I pulled my Ipod out. 'Taken' by One direction. I growled. "I hate one direction." I muttered. Over the softly playing music, I heard footsteps.

I turned around and saw 4 hooded men. Before I could screamed, something was hit over my head. The light of the late-afternoon was replaced by darkeness.





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The fucked up part is that my dad was on the computer. And my niece deleted my 'note-taking' app on my HTC Incredible S (I just wanted to inform you that I have a normal phone....)

So I had to write down all my ideas on my 'tasks' app. Imma write a little bit of the first chapter of this thingo. I havn't published them yet, well maybe 1 or 2 by the time your reading this.

Harry's Lost Kitty ~ 1D *not famous*

Talia Summers' POV

I slipped my faded converse on my size 3 feet. "MUM! I'M GOING TO THE PARK!" I shouted up the stairs so my Mother would hear me. "BE BACK BY 5" I sighed at my Mothers incolense, it's 5:05 PM. "MUM! IT'S 5-" "7, THEN!" I lightly giggled and jogged out of my house.

As my speed increased, items around me moved faster, making it hard to keep up with whats in from of me and whatnot. In the distance, I hear teenage girls giggling like something is super hilarious. I roll my eyes, as I know this is their excuse of flirting.

I jog up to the scene. Just as I thought, a few girls from my highschool were drooling over some random. I walked up to the boy, informing them that I had a chance too. "Hey, you new here?" I asked the boy with fluffy brown curls and piercing green eyes. He smiled and nodded his head.

"Isn't he to die for?!" My best friend, Kayla, Whispered in my ear. I sighed and shook my head. He was gorgeous, but no boy is to die for. The interesting new boy shook his hair, causing the girls to squeal. I giggled. "Are you used to this treatment?" I asked. He laughed and nodded his head.

"So, if any of you find my kitten, call me, aight?" He asked the girls. Kayla just fainted. "Yeah, Harry." The girls said in perfect unison. YES! A NAME! He waved his goodbyes and walked at fast pace away from these clowns.

I pulled Kayla up from the ground. "KAYLA, WAKE THE HELL UP!!" I screamed in her ear. Soon enough, her eyes fluttered open. "DID YOU SEE HIM?! HIS GORG! I WANTED TO LICK HIS ASS!" She screamed. I made the gagging signal. "You need a better taste in guys." She groaned. "Now walk home, I need my jog!!!" I informed her. She nodded inocently.

I got up from the floor and restarted my fitness routine. I began sprinting up the path. As I said, it gets hard to keep up with your surroundings. Soon enough, I hit a large item. We both hit the floor. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GIRLS!" He screamed, pushing me off. I felt myself getting pissed off myself. "I'M SORRY FOR BEING FAT, AND WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT!" I screamed back.

He realised who he was talking to. "Bitch." He muttered. I flipped him off and rose from the ground. "I have never met a more arogent girl than you." He growled. "Just because I'm not all over you." I muttered back. "Hey! You were the one on top of me a few seconds ago." He whisper-shouted. I waved goodbye, with my middle finger, and walked up the path. "HEY! WHATS YOUR NAME?" He yelled. "TALIA, NOW GO FUCK A DUCK!" I yelled back.

I didn't jog again. Instead, I walked the way home. "meow." I looked behind me. "meow." I looked around me for the cat making the noise. "MEOW!" It whined, I looked in the bushes.





I just found Harry Styles' pussy cat.



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The next one is a Zayn one, I had to throw a little bit of the other boys into my fan-fics, cause I prefer doing Louis and Harry.

The tattoo love ~ 1D *famous*

Ally Gleeson's POV

I put the fluro pink apron around my frail body, waiting for the next costomer. If the time is 5PM, I'll probobly have 3 more costomers untill we close. I sit down in the receptionest chair, knowing my co-worker is probobly off to the toilet. A usuall enters the building.

"Darren! Hows the family, mate?!" I ask. His face lights up when he sees me. "Not too good, Ally. The wife is sick and me (no error) kids are doing terribly at school. I frown, it hurts me when my customers are having trouble with their families.

"Well, I have some free time, I could help with your kids school work by tutoring them!" I offered. And before he could object, I opened my mouth. "And if you need any help buying Rosemary's medication, I'll lend you some money!" His eyes pop out of his head. "You don't have to do that!" He said with a chuckle. "I'm dead serious. Plus, I insist." He sighs and nods his head.

I lead him to the red tattoo chair. "Whitch one are we getting today?" I ask. He grins and points to the picture of a hand crossing its fingers. I nod. "Why this one?" I ask. He laughs. "My daughter is a big fan of a band, she wants me to get on like it, she loves a member to pieces and he has the same tattoo. She will be over the moon." I smile and nod.

*after tattoo*

Darren looks down at his arm with a big smile. "Did you do the tattoo for that one guy from the band?!" He asked with enthsiasim. I shook my head. "I'll give you the $500 now." He said whilt pulling out his wallet. I gasped at him. "No! I'll give it to you for $150! Your wive needs that money!" I argue. After 5 minutes of arguing, he agreed.

I wish Darren a safe Christmas and waited for my next costemer. A few minutes pass before a tall tanned guy with dark black hair walks into the building. "Hello!" I greet. He gives me a half-smile. "I'll be you artist today." I said hapily. His face dropped. "I didn't want a girl." He growled. "Tough luck, princess. You got one." I growled equally mean.

I led him into my tattoo room. "Take a seat." My voice as cold as ice. He muttered something under his breath and took a seat on the chair. "What do you want?" I asked. He flipped through the laminated tattoo book and finds a tattoo of a key (I don't think he has that, it's a wierd idea.). I nod and pull up his sleeve. And that was when I saw it.






The crossed fingers.




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This is a sass-filled fan-fic. Guess who it is!

A manicure, please! ~ 1D *famous*

Naomii Robby's POV

I was waiting in the sea blue beautician room, waiting for my next customer, when the door flew open. "Hey!" I chirped to a old lady. "I WANT THE WHOLE DEAL! MAKE ME LOOK 23!" She yelled in her nasaly voice. I placed her frail body on the Pink vanity chair.

"I don't think it's possible to make you look 23. Seeing as you look 23 already!" I said politly. "Cut the shit! I look like a 700 year-old prune!" She shouted. I took a step back. She was right. "I'll start with the facial." I grumbled, taking out my kit.

I smeared the cold facial cream over her face. "It's cold!" She shouted. "No shit!" I yelle dback. She slapped a hand upside my head. "Language, missy!!!" She yelled. I grolwed and continued my job.

*after treatment*

"YOUR SHIT AT YOUR JOB! I STILL LOOK OLD AS FUCK! I ASKED FOR 23! THIS ISN'T 23!" She yelled. I covered my ears. "I WANT A REFUND!" She yelled with a smile. "HOLD THE FUCK UP! YOU CANNOT MAKE A 100 YEAR OLD LLAMA LOOK LIKE A 23 YEAR OLD HUMAN! IT'S IN THE LAW OF SCIENCE! GO READ A GOD-DAMNED BOOK!" I yelled as she scurried out of the building.

"Strike one!" My manger yelled. I grunted and walked back in my room. The door was soon flung open by a tall, handsome guy wearing ray-bans and a beanie. "Hey." I muttered. "JUST SHUT UP AND CONTINUE WITH MY BEAUTY SESSION!" He yelled, his strong British accent filling the small Australia Beautician room.

I nodded. He plopped down on the chair. "A manicure please!" He yelled. I mentally face-palmed. "You have no idea how gay you sound." I laughed. He shot me a look. "Do you have ANY idea of who I am?" He asked with a smug look on his face. "Nope, and I'm pretty sure nobody else does, eiether." I muttered. He laughed and took off his sunglasses and beanie.






Louis Tomlinson...




The next one is Harry


That one flight attendant ~ 1D *famous*

Samantha Dalas' POV

"Please fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!" I chirp through  the microphone, scoring attention from all of the passengers. "Dinner will be served in 30 minutes, so enjoy your ride!" I heard a few mutters, wishing me a good night.

I sigh as I walk into the first class seating area. There was a rumour going about, that One direction were boarding the plane tonight. I honestly didn't buy it for 1 second. I'm not a hater, I just choose not to stalk them.

I walked into the first class part. I was supposed to supervise 5 childish boys. When my manger told me that, I thought he could have been talking about One direction for a split-second. I sat down on my chair, reading a magazine.

"Excuse me." A deep british accent called. I looked up and saw..............one direction. How wierd...I was hoping they wern't on here.

"Yes?" I asked the curly haired boy. He smiled. "The door to the toilets is stuck." He whined. I rolled my eyes and stood up from my swingy chair. I walked up to the toilets, curly following closly behind. I opened up the door with ease.

"There no-" His lips crashed down on me. I would have pushed him off, but the strange this was....





It felt good.


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The make-up girl

Lea Keaton's POV

The boys ran into my room, with sheepish grins on their faces. "You were supposed to be here an hours ago!" I whined, pulling Louis in my chair. "I'm sorry! It was my fault! I was driving...." I pinched his cheek. He glared at me. I poked my tounge out at him before pulling out my make-up kit.

I scatteed the brush over his face. "IT TICKLES!" He giggles. "I swear your a girl..."

He gasped and grinned evily. "I'm not a girl! You are!" He began laughing. I rolled my eyes. "No shit, Sherlock." I muttered. The rest of my assistants moved onto the other 4 boys. Louis licked my nose. "Ewwww!" I shrieked.

He smiled, proud of his effect on me. "You look lovley in that dress today, Lea!" He said, embrassingly. I smiled. "Why are you so sweet?" I cooed. "You act like a 5 year old, sweetness and all." He blushed. "Yet, I'm 2 years older than you." He groaned. "Will you wait for me?" I begged. He sighed and shook his head.

"We can still go out, you know. 2 years is nothing." I'm sure his kidding. "In that case, meet me at starbuck tomorrow at 5PM." I joked. But instead, he smiled and nodded his head. "It's a date."



What will happen?

Will they fall in love?

Or will manegment disaprove of them?

Another Louis fan-fic.......

The Florence Nightingale Effect ~ 1D *not famous*

Amber Wilson's POV

I open up my study book.

The Florence Nightingale effect is a situation where a caregiver develops romantic and/or sexual feelings for his/her patient, even if very little communication or contact takes place outside of basic care. Feelings may fade once the patient is no longer in need of care, either by recovery or death.

The assistant flings open the door. "Hey, Ambie! We have a patient. He broke his leg jumping off the room, trying to catch a pigeon." I laughed at the wacky situation. "Bring him in." I ordered. A tall man was brought in carried by 4 other tall men.

He was crying. I rushed to his aid with a tissue box, wiping the tears away. "I-it hurts!" He wined. I enveloped him in a welcoming hug. "I'l take care of you." I whispered in his hair. I pulled from the hug. The crying stopped.

I looked to his friends. "Care to explain why he was jumping off the roof?" I asked, anger in my voice. "Harry threw Louis pet pigeon, Kevin, off the roof. We suspect that Niall kicked Kevin off the roof, causing Louis to go flying after it." I raised an eyebrow.

I giggled. Louis' frown incresed. I tucked back small strands of hair from his face. "I once jumped off the room for a poster of Zac Efron." I explained. He chuckled. "W-will he be okay?" A blonde-brunette boy asked. I nodded my head. "Of course! It's only a minor injury!!"







The florence nightingale effect might be kickign in.



Educational fan-fic...


Just in case your worried, Louis does not die.

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