Eternal Love

What would you do if today was the last day of your life, but it wasn't the end?
Bella was a happy, fun loving girl being only the age of 19 she had a bright life ahead of her, but she would never get to experience it.
One stormy, cold September night Bella was on Skype with her boyfriend of 3 years, whom she missed so very much, he'd been away for months, in a week they would finally be reunited. Little did the lovers know, that day would never come.
"I watched my love die." Is all he could say at her funeral, there was nothing he could've done from the other side of the world.
They thought their love was over, they could no longer be together. With Bella being dead, his whole world came crumbling down.
"I will be with you again some day." He whispered into her picture before bed every night.
Bella heard it all and saw him everyday from above, she never stopped loving him.
Niall Horan and Bella Campbell star-crossed with a never ending love, awaiting to be reunited once again.


2. Goodbye, my love


"Niall?" I asked my boyfriend for the third time now since he pressed the accept button of our Skype call less than 30 seconds ago. 


I had been staring a very low lit, almost pitch black hotel room. I gave up on calling his name and began to admire the hotel room. The white, sloppily made bed with five matching white pillows, scattered throughout the far half on the bed fill the majority of the camera view. In the far left corner stands a wooden, chestnut brown side table with a slight barely noticeable carved design. The lamp sat atop of the side table had a wide base of a simple light mint green, the shade covering the already dim light was white and plain resembling the bed the beads that hung from...

"BOO!"Niall shouted, quietly as his face appeared in the screen snapping me out of the scenery.

I let out a small squeal, along with a very unattractive face as the chair tipped back and I landed on my back. My eyes shut as I lay on the ground laughing.

"Bella"Niall sang into the dark room as I lay on the cool hardwood floor out of sight, silently laughing to myself.

"Bella get up!" he spoke once more.

The rain and wind caused the shutters to softly bang on all windows in the house in a rhythm. Soon branches join in on the orchestra that the weather has formed.

I stop laughing as I listen to every beat that Mother Nature is conducting.

"Bella, please get up." Niall spoke now whispering.

I did as told, only to see the beautiful face of my boyfriend, with flush cheeks and tears in his eyes, holding his index finger to his mouth signalling for me to stop talking.

"What is it Niall" I whispered back.

My head shot around as I heard a slight bang from inside the house, shrugging it off I returned tour conversation.  

Niall became more relax as be typed something into the Skype call, still a few tears streamed down his perfect features.

The soft noise of Skype sounded, meaning I had received his message.  

I stared blankly at the screen as I read the frightening message.

"Bella love, there is someone in our flat. He is in all black and was merely 4 meters behind you just a moment ago. I need you tone very quiet and try to get out, I will call the police of your area."

I froze as fresh tears began to form in my eyes as well.

I slowly stood up only to come face to face with a 6 foot man in a black ski mask, along with his fully black wardrobe. He would be the last person I ever saw.

Niall's POV

There stood my beautiful Bella, looking lifelessly into the eyes of her murderer. I had already failed police, but they would be too late as I watch, unable to move him raise a gun to her head.

"Niall" her voice cracked through the tears.

"I-I love you" she stumbled, still facing the man I black, they were only inches away from the screen.

"I love you too Bella, I always will" I spoke back in a whisper, knowing she had heard when she slightly relaxed.

With that the shot fired through her beautiful heart. The tears became more and more as I sat there still frozen.

I had just witnessed the death of my love.

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