Eternal Love

What would you do if today was the last day of your life, but it wasn't the end?
Bella was a happy, fun loving girl being only the age of 19 she had a bright life ahead of her, but she would never get to experience it.
One stormy, cold September night Bella was on Skype with her boyfriend of 3 years, whom she missed so very much, he'd been away for months, in a week they would finally be reunited. Little did the lovers know, that day would never come.
"I watched my love die." Is all he could say at her funeral, there was nothing he could've done from the other side of the world.
They thought their love was over, they could no longer be together. With Bella being dead, his whole world came crumbling down.
"I will be with you again some day." He whispered into her picture before bed every night.
Bella heard it all and saw him everyday from above, she never stopped loving him.
Niall Horan and Bella Campbell star-crossed with a never ending love, awaiting to be reunited once again.


1. The Story

Bella's POV 

Hi, I'm Bella, Bella Campbell. I'm 19 years old and that's as old as I'll ever be. You may have heard of me I am, or was the girlfriend of Niall Horan from One Direction. I have long brown hair that is pin straight and slightly wavy at the tips, with ocean blue eyes and a slim figure at the height of 5'7 I'm fairly short, but so is Niall. 

We were happily in love and still are, I sit here and watch his life everyday seeing what I've done to him. If you didn't know by now, I'm dead, but that isn't the end of this story. 

The love of my life is down on Earth falling apart, loathing the day that we can be reunited once again as am I. Except Niall has a whole bright life ahead of him and I don't want him to ruin that for me, that'd be selfish. One day I want him to have a family and be happy again, happier then I could ever make him.

All he does now a days is lay in bed, crying over me. He stopped singing, his friends and family are all very worried for him, he can't live like this, as much as I crave him with me again, I can't wish death upon him. He needs to find the strength to move on. He needs to know that it is okay to be upset and scared, but he also needs to know that I don't want him to be like this because of me. It's only been a month since my death and I'm scared he is going to do something he wil regret soon. 

My life with him may be over for now, but that isn't how it ends. 

You're probably wanting some background, well this is how it all began on a cold September night. It was dark outside, rain was pouring down making clinking noises on the ground, the trees smashed against the windows from the strong whistling wind, but I couldn't have felt safer because I was talking to Niall, laughing, smiling and proclaiming our love for each other. I should've known better, all good things come to an end eventually. This is how it happened.

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