Goodbye Daddy

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  • Published: 21 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2016
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"Please stay Daddy," "Sorry, but it's my time to go,"


7. The Memories

"Can I speak to you in private? Austin asked quietly after the service. I nod at him then we both exited the church before everyone else went to the grave. Austin grabbed my hand and pulled me gently to a hidden place, behind a tree. "I wanted to say I'm sorry," he said, still holding my hand. His hand was warm and I was freezing cold so I let him hold my hand. "I accepted the apology already," I answer, confused. He sighs, "I was being rude to see if I could get rid of my feelings I have for you, but it didn't work," he admitted, looking at the ground. He looked up, our eyes looking into each other. It was my turn to look down and blush when Austin said, "I love you Winter,". His free hand pulled my chin up to face him. He's way taller than me so I looked up. "Let do the whole first kiss thing after we've buried your Daddy," Austin said, letting go of my hand. I nod as tears start to well up in my eyes. We both went back to the church, and just caught up with the rest of the guests. "First kiss?" Harry joked, elbowing me. I blush lightly and playfully pinched him. The guests all stood in a huge circle around the already dug rectangular hole. The vicar said some things as Daddy's coffin was lowered into the grave. I couldn't bear to watch so I buried my face into Harry's chest. Harry wrapped his arms around me, whispering soothing things. A pot of soil were passed around for each of us to scatter on Daddy's coffin, as the pot reached me, I refused to put any soil on the grave. I'm not going to make Daddy's coffin dirty, so I found a little paper bracelet I made for Daddy and Mum to share years ago deep inside Daddy's chincos and I threw that in, knowing that the bracelet will be forever with Daddy. The funeral was over and Harry and Reychel took me to their house to watch a film. This was and always will be the worst day of my life. When I reached their house, I saw four photos on the wall in the corridor. Photos of the Horan family, Payne family, Malik family and my family. Niall was happily married to a beautiful girl called Arianna and they had two children, Izabella Grace Horan and Jack Bobby Horan. I got admit, Jack is pretty hot but he's got engaged last month. Izabella is one of my best friends. I peered at the next picture. The Payne family. Liam and Danielle are very happy together and they had two sons and a daughter. James George Payne was the eldest, and in the middle was Kieron Kyle Payne. The youngest Carly Jessica Payne is very close with her mother. Next picture was the Malik family. Zayn and Petrie got married ten years ago and they had one son, Jay Zain Malik. Jay got married three months ago and Zayn's a granddad already! The last picture broke my heart. The last picture of our family. Daddy was wearing his signature outfit, the outfit I'm wearing right now. His hair flicked messily to one side and his blue eyes shining. Mum was wearing some black leggings, a loose mustache jumper and her hair up in a ponytail. Her skin flawless and her grin perfect. There was my brother, Tommy Louis Tomlinson. His grin looked the same to Daddy's. His hair wavy and flicked to one side too. He's the spitting image of Daddy. Then there's me. Standing next to Tommy. My curls were let down and I looked so different. Much healthier. "Are you okay?" Reychel asks, exploding my thoughts. I didn't realise that I was crying again but I nodded to say yes. She led me into the living room where Harry was waiting. 

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