Goodbye Daddy

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  • Published: 21 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2016
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"Please stay Daddy," "Sorry, but it's my time to go,"


3. Daddy's Funeral Morning

Fast forward two weeks later, it's Daddy's funeral today, in two hours its going to start. "Winter? It's time to wake up," A strong southern accent filled my ear, gently shaking me. "Urgh, I don't want to wake up every," I moan, pulling the duvets up to my chin. "Dad! Tell Winter to wake up!" Austin yelled. Well, I forgot to mention that Liam and Austin moved in Daddy's house temporarily until they think I have accepted the sudden death of my Daddy. "WINTER ELEANOR TOMLINSON! GET OUT OF YOUR BED!" Liam shouted back. The sound of his voice was just enough for my eyes to snap open, but not enough for me to move my skinny legs out of bed. "It's your dad's funeral today, get the hell out of bed!" Austin urged me. He often cursed, unlike his father. "Austin, get your bum down here!" Liam shouted again. Normally, you would say arse or ass instead of bum, but Liam thinks 'bum' is so rude that he only says it when he's angry or annoyed. "You're supposed to say get your arse down here!" Austin screamed back. I stayed in bed, and I heard loud footsteps banging up the stairs. "You son of a nutcracker!" Liam yelled, banging open the door to my room. "Don't curse again!" Liam whispered firmly into Austin's ear. Austin laughed and shrugged his shoulders sarstically. "Austin, get out. Winter, get out of bed and get changed, it's your dad's funeral today" Liam ordered us. I waited until the boys got out before forcing my legs out of the bed. Daddy's funeral. Daddy's funeral. Daddy's funeral. The day I thought I would never have to face ever. I thought that Daddy and I would die at the same time, that way; we would never have to face this heartbreak. "Hurry up!" Austin yelled from downstairs. I didn't reply. Instead, I flung my duvets off and I stared at myself in my long mirror that reflected my body back at me. My glossy brown hair, like Daddy's, was tied up in a messy bun. Murky gray bags hung under my eyes. My legs are so skinny, the thighs doesn't touch each other, even when my soles touch each other. I only ate bananas and apples ever since Daddy died, so I guess I looked anorexic. "Come on!" Liam's voice filled my ear. I groan, snapping out of my daydream. I opened my huge silver wardrobe. Daddy's painted the wardrobe silver for me fifteen years ago, when I was 4. I sifted through the many clothes I had, but nothing seemed suitable. I had an idea, I knew Daddy talked about his funeral and planning it out when I was younger; he wanted the funeral to be colourful. I sneaked into Daddy's old room, we left it like it was; clothes all over the floor, the bed not even made. I opened his wardrobe and took out his famous One Direction signature outfit-White and red striped t-shirt, bright red skinny chincos (jeans) with breeches and white VANS (shoes). I closed the door silently, then I took off my vest and boxer shorts I usually wore as pajamas. Gently, I slipped on the striped t-shirt then the chincos. Popping on the breeches, I put on the white VANS slowly. The outfit still fitted Daddy but he never wore it again He last wore the outfit in 2012. "Are you in there?" Austin asked, knocking on Daddy's bedroom door. I opened the door, "I'm ready," I said, pushing him out of the way. Peeling a banana once I got downstairs, Liam took the banana out of my hands, "You have to eat properly!" he told me off. I groan in frustration, "I told you many times, only bananas and apples I can eat. Other foods just hurts to swallow." I told him, then walking out of the kitchen. "Come on Winter, it's time to go," Austin said and his head peered into the living room where I was. I got up from the couch, then I walked out of the door and into Austin's four seated Ferrari. "This is pathetic," I complain. "Shh, just watch for my dad and we'll set off to your dad's funeral. I'm not sure about that outfit." Austin said, looking up and down at my outfit. I shrug, "He wanted me to wear this." I hissed. I took out my phone from my pocket and I logged on Daddy's twitter. I mouthed his twitter name and password. 

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