Goodbye Daddy

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  • Published: 21 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2016
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"Please stay Daddy," "Sorry, but it's my time to go,"


2. Daddy, Please Stay!

"Winter!" a breathless voice screamed from the living room. I rushed out of the kitchen, and into the living room where my daddy was. Yes, I know I'm 19, but I still call my father 'Daddy'. He was the only person I had left in my family. You probably know that very successful band called One Direction, that formed in 2010? Well, they're still together after 28 years. It's March 11th, 2038. My father is Louis Tomlinson. 

"Winter!" another scream echoed into my ears. "Daddy! Are you okay?" I asked, trying to figure out what has happened. "I should have told you. I have this heart infection." he murmured. "No, no, no, it can't be," I sobbed, "Winter, I didn't want you to fret," Dad replied, smiling a small smile, "Come here," Dad said to me. He was in perfect condition. Still the same height ever since he was 21, still agile and fit. His hair was still glossy brown. He had no wrinkles, because he was always smiling. "I love you. I don't want to lose you Daddy," I mumbled as I hugged him. "Tell the boys I'll always watch over them My twitter password is your full name. Winter Eleanor Tomlinson," he said, smiling before groaning and clutching at his chest, "You was the best ever daughter. Go on my twitter and follow everybody whoever tweets #RIPLouisWilliamTomlinson. Please darling," he mumbled into my ear. "Please don't go. I don't want to be alone," I cried, trying to smile but I couldn't. "It's my time to go. I love you so much, Winter" he said and he kissed my forehead. Tears streamed down my cheeks as Dad took his last breath, and he closed his eyes slowly. I just cried and cried until all of the tears I used to have were gone. I lost everybody in my family. I'm the only Tomlinson left. My mum, Eleanor, died years ago f cancer. My older brother Tommy, died just months ago after somebody's car ran him over. Both sets of my grandparents died ages ago. Mum didn't have any brothers and sisters, and all of Daddy's sisters are married already, so they aren't Tomlinson anymore. I felt like my world was crumbling down. I picked up the house phone and I dialled Liam, "Hello?" he replies, "It's Daddy," I choked, "Oh, what happened to him?" he asks, panic in his voice, "I'm the only Tomlinson now," I said, holding tears back. "He died?" Liam asks quietly after a long silence. "Yeah," I replied, wiping away tears. He hung up, and I heard a knock at the door thirty minutes later. I went to open the door, it was Liam. "Heya. Come here sweetheart," Liam says, smiling and opening his arms for a hug. I hugged Liam, my ear to his chest, hearing his heart beat. "You probably have never met my son, Austin." Liam whispers as I let him go. I looked at him, confused. I knew he had a child, but I never really knew him. I looked at the car parked to the side of the road, "Did we get the right house?" Austin called to Liam, stepping out of the Ferrari I bet, Liam bought for him. Liam never really learnt how to drive, so he just usually took a taxi. "Hello Austin," I said, wiping away my tears. "Sorry to hear about your dad," he replied. "Come on in," I mumbled and the two gentlemen came inside the house Daddy and I USED to share. 

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