Goodbye Daddy

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  • Published: 21 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2016
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"Please stay Daddy," "Sorry, but it's my time to go,"


9. A Short Summary Of The Last 5 Years

Five years on, I'm now 24 and I'm pregnant! Yay! This is going to be Austin's and my last child. When I was 20, a year after Daddy died, Austin proposed to me on the London Eye. It was really romantic! We had a son, Thomas Louis Payne, who's 4 now. Thomas was named after both my father and brother. Tommy's first name and Daddy's name for the middle. When Thomas, or Tom as we call him, was 5 months old, Austin and I got married in Paris under a ripe apple tree. My heart still ached and I still grieve for Daddy. But Tom and Austin was the only thing keeping me alive. Then when Austin was 1, we found out that I was pregnant again. Austin was over the moon, making me relax on the sofa while he cleaned the house, fed Tom, and did everything I used to do. A month after Tom's 2nd birthday, I gave birth to Elliot Liam Payne. Elliot's first name was a male version of my mum's name, well Austin said so, and his middle name is for Austin's dad. Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry all are still alive. Harry and Reychel got married the week before Elliot was born. They both have had a daughter born exactly a year later after Tom was born. Her name is Jemma Reychel Styles, and Tom and Jemma are inseparable. They played together everyday at nursery and even would moan at me if I wouldn't let them play in my high heels. Now that Tom is 4 and Elliot's 2, I was going to have a daughter! I can't wait to treat her to special clothes and take her on girly shopping days like Austin takes the boys to football matches nowadays. I visit Daddy's grave once every week, and tell the boys about him. Then I would walk to the grave next to Daddy's, which was Mum's grave. I told the boys about her. And then I would move to the next grave where Tommy lay, and I explained to Tom and Elliot why he was an excellent brother and that the boys should treasure each other. The boys would nod admiringly, taking in every word with their eyes wide. My life is brilliant but everyday, I'm living with a pain in my heart. A hole which Mum, Tommy and Daddy only can fill in. I needed one of them to just make my life complete. 

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