Asher is an normal seventeen year old rebel.

Meanwhile,preppy transfer Louis, from Doncaster,United Kingdom comes to her school.

Will she let him be a snot-nosed prep?

Or,will she teach him to be wild and not give two shits.

She's bad girl,who really needs a bad boy.


1. Change.

Asher's POV~

My alarm clock blared in my ears the bright glare of the '6:00' blinded my eyes. My brother,Zakk came into my room freely jumping on my bed. "Get up! Get up! Get up!" he shouted as he basically busted my eardrums. Zakk's, not like the average eighteen year old. He still acts like a five year old. I have no room to talk be he gets more responsibilities put on him because he is older, but not by much.

He pulled the covers off my bed and threw them in the corner. You can tell he's my brother,he knows how to piss me off. "You, asshole." I said as I got up and went to my closet. As,soon as I got up he exited the room. I decided to pick out my neon green camisole with my black skinny jeans with little white bleach spots, my panda beanie,leather jacket,and my grey vans. For makeup, I just did the simple cat eye and just put on a base,nothing much. I straightened my two toned hair with a light brown on the bottom and black/very dark brown on the top.

But, very soon my brother came into my room and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Zakk,put me the fuck down!" I commanded as he sat me down on my dresser. "Asher, you look gorgeous,not in the weird way but you know,you look great." he said. "Thanks,Zakk. You look good too." I said smelling his cologne. Me and my brother have always been close ever since we moved in with our aunt and uncle. We were taken from our parents when Zakk was 5, and when I was 4. It was sad,but, I'm way happier with my aunt and uncle. And, they definitely have given me a better life than my mum and dad would have.

I jumped off the dresser,while he exited the room. I went over to my window,and stared at a pink and orange sunrise. That's the good thing about being from Australia. It seems that there's always calender worthy sunrise and sunsets. Then my eyes landed on the very similar house right next to mine. It had been for sale for 13 years but no one seems to take any liking in it. It wasn't haunted or anything,but no one really liked it.

I took one more look at the empty dreary looking house,chills ran up my back. I quickly darted down the stairs with my books,avoiding the creepiness. I entered the kitchen where my breakfast lay. "Hello, love, you look great this morning as my uncle,who I call 'Dad' kissed my forehead. My aunt who I call, 'Mum' came in and gave me a hug. "Babycakes I have great news!",she said as she sat down. "Yes,mum? What is it? Tell me please, don't leave me hanging." I said eager to know what was going on.

"Well,Ash,rumor has it that The Tomlinson family is moving in next to us." she said clapping her hands together happily. I was dying inside. I wanted that damn view to myself! Fuck. I glanced at the clock "7:00" damn times flies. "Mum,I gotta go it's 7:00!" I raced out the door and eventually caught up to Zakk. The bus screeched as me and Zakk almost missed the bus. I boarded the bus and sat there until I saw in big letter's 'North Green High School, Home of the Huskies.' it sounded like rhino when the bus door opened. Everyone rammed out the door, as usual I was last.

I was welcomed with a big hug from my best-friends,Rai
&Kaetlynn. We sat down at my fist period table with each other. Then, a new face stood at the front of the room where Mr.Jones stood. Well, I guess he's the new guy. "Well, introduce yourself son." Mr.Jones said as he patted the new kid on the back. "Um.. well I'm Louis Tomlinson. I'm from Doncaster,in England." he said ending his sentence with a shy smile. Rai, nudged my arm. "Oooohhhh, Asher likes Louis!" she said loud enough so people in America could hear. The whole class turned around to our little round table in the back corner. Louis stood up in the front of the class, blushing. "Well, Rai would you like me to tell anyone about your wetdreams about Mr.Jones!" I said with Rai face reddening in with embarrassment. "Rai, I'd like to see you outside." Mr. Jones said with a serious look on his face.

"Louis,take a seat while I have a talk with,Rai." Mr. Jones said as he escorted Rai out of the room. I gotta admit Mr. Jones was fit, but I'm not the date-a-person-that's-25-years-older-than-you kind of person."Louis roamed the room the room looking for a seat then he eventually got tired of looking and stole Rai's seat,but the good thing is that it was right next to me. SCORE!

Mr. Jones had been out of the room for awhile. "So,what you did right to that girl,was like, awesome." Louis finally said. "Well,Rai was telling the truth though." I said trying to flirt with him as I put my legs on his lap. He blushed. "So Louis are you a carefree motherfucker or are you a prep like those bitches over there." I said pointing to the "popular" group consisting of,Jenna,Sydney,and Brieana. "Um.. I'm pretty carefree,I guess." he said taking off my Vans and playing with my sock. Flirty,I love this Louis kid already.

"So,Louis where do you live?" I asked combing his brown hair through my fingers. I saw Kaetlynn laughing her ass,off holding her phone. She had captured a picture of Louis doing a "troll" face. "618 KissMyAss Lane." he said. "Oh wow I live a 619 I'dLoveToo Avenue." I said dropping my head back to laugh. I just realized what I was doing to Louis, damn I'm charming. What the hell,a foot rub isn't gonna hurt. "But seriously where do you live?" I asked as he played with my sock once again. "Um... 649 Whirlwind Lane,I think." YES,FUCK YES! MY FUCKING STREET! THE HOUSE RIGHT NEXT TO ME! "So,your my neighbor now." I guess." I said dying on the inside. A smile formed on his face as he put my legs down. "Where's the bathroom?" he asked. "Okay go out of the door, go down to the very back of the hallway on your right and you'll find it.

As he exited the room and I put my feet in his chair. "So Asher,do you fancy Louis?" Kaetlynn asked with a smile. "Oh yeah, but, I you know don't know him that well. I think he's lying to me about being carefree. It seems that he won't do a thing that's wrong." I said as an great idea popped into my head. "Asher,Louis is a cutie,make your move before one of those cunts steal him." Kaetlynn said while pointing over to Jenna,Sydney,and Brieanna. Those bitches. "Oh, Kaetlynn,I have a splendid idea! We're going to change his personality! I mean not into a an evil personality but to a carefree one, I can't see a gorgeous thing like that do to waste. We're going to change him. Big time, and it's not hard when you're neighbors." I said with a smirk on my face.

Louis entered the room as soon as I got done with that sentence. "Asher,Kaetlynn, um I went in to the men's bathroom to do my thing and um in the handicapped stall I saw panties on the floor and I heard moans so I just exited the bathroom and came here to tell you guys." Louis said almost dying of laughter. "OH MY GOD!" Kaetlynn and I said at the same time. "I gotta see this. I'm going in there." I said as I got up and went down the hall to where I soon would enter the the loo where I would finally catch Rai in the act with Mr. Jones. I stormed out of the room and quickly sped down the hallway. I enterd the mens bathroom at the end of the hallway and just like Louis said I head,"Oh Mr. Jones!" and it was kinda easy to tell that it was Rai.

"Open up motherfuckers I know you're in there!" I said as the door swung open with one tap of my foot. I should have never opened that door. I not even gonna say what I saw. Pure disgusting. Then,Kaetlynn trailed in behind me and gaged. She pulled out her mobile and took a picture. "Room for one more?" she said as she took took her coat and grabbed Mr. Jones package tightly. "Yeah." he said drooling over her perfectly tanned body. "You wanna join?" he asked as he slapped my bum. "FUCK NO! GO TO HELL YOU NASTY PERVERT!" I spat. I walked out of the bathroom acting like nothing happened. "Handled that well." I said to myself as I walked down the hallway. That stuff never bothered me,ever.

I entered the classroom and announced that it would take a while for Mr.Jones to get back. "In that case..." Brieanna stood up in front of the classroom. "Who what's me to flash?" she said as the roars from the boys were astonishingly loud. Louis turned his head towards me and closed his eyes and as soon as it saw her fiddle with the end of her shirt I closed my eyes until the roar of the boys was over. "I TOUCHED ONE! OH MY GOD! I TOUCHED A BOOB!" some boy yelled. "Can I open my eyes now with out being blinded?" Louis asked as I snickered. "Yeah it's safe, damn she thinks she's got boobs it looks like someone slammed her up against a wall there so flat." I said.

"Like you could do any better?" Brieanna challenged me. "Bitch, are you challenging me, cause' damn your chest looks the a fucking pancake." I said sassing her back. "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" the boys chanted. "Asher,-" I cut Louis off before he could tell me not too. I'll take risk to make this bitch shut the fuck up.
I stood up from my chair and walked to the front of the room. I never did anything like this, but to get that bitch to stop thinking she's the best think on the market,I will. I got bigger tits than her,we'll show her who's is better. I leaned up against the white board and crossed my arms. "Are you coming, pussy? I think you chickening out because I got bigger tits than you." I said as the lads did the "ooooohhhhhhhhhhh" thing that they always do.

"On 3...1..2...3!" Brieanna said as I lifted up my shirt! "ASHER WON!" is all I heard for those two minutes. Brieanna was crying over there with Jenna and Sydney. "I NEED BREAST IMPLANTS!" she screamed as I laughed my ass off. I looked back at Louis as I put my shirt down. I went over to Louis. He had turned and had his eyes closed. "Louis? Really? I as I sat in my seat. He looked up. "What's wrong?" I asked as he shook his head. I leaned and and gave him a huge hug, he basically strangled me. "Excuse me students,but, school is dismissed very early today. Because of and incident between two girl students and a male teacher. Buses with run. Thank you." she said as everyone cheered. "Louis what bus do you ride?" I asked. He held up his hand where there was a 28 written on it. "Your riding the bus with me." I said as I got my books and walked with Louis all the way to the entering spot of the school.

Louis and I talked until outside till the bus rolled up towards the school filled with tons of little kids. Me and Louis were the first on. We picked the back seat. I was half way through the ride when I heard someone say,"Stripes are for fags!" Louis was wearing stripes, oh no they just fucking didn't. "You know what camo is for back country pieces of shit so just shut you damn mouth!" I spat. Soon heard the screeching of the bus and me and Louis got up and went our different ways to our homes. I blasted up the stairs and went into my room and decided to change. It was very hot today so, I'm wearing shorts.

I went into my room to my closet. I picked out my dyed shorts,RUN-DMC shirt,a couple bracelets,my nose ring,my tongue ring,a blue ow for my hair, and my Sanuks. Fuck it, I'm wearing my make-up from school. I looked out my window,wow. Louis was in the similar house that none has been in for 13 years. My whole right wall is a window and so is Louis'. Cool. I walked down the stairs outside to see if the oceans waves were big enough to surf. I stood up on the porch lining and balanced on it. When I got a good look,I was totally that I was going to the beach.

Next thing,I knew I was on the ground. Ow,that hurt. Someone was standing over top of me. It was Zakk, I think. I pulled his ankle down so he would fall whoever it was. It was Louis. "Oh,sorry I thought you were my brother." I said. He grabbed my hand walked me over to a tree that had been there ever since I was here. I sat down on newly placed tire swing and sat on it. Louis hopped on and pushed us. We talked and talked until he stopped the tire swing. He pulled me to the corner of the fence where it was shaded by trees. He pulled my face in closer,and closer till I felt his soft lips touch mine. It was fucking electric sparks in the damn air. His tongue slowly entered my mouth playing with my tongue ring. I slowly released for air. I soon heard two little giggles. I looked up and there were two little girls standing up there on the bedroom deck. "The two little girls slid into the living room through the slide door. I heard faint, "LOUIS HAS A GIRLFRIEND MUMMY!" the two little girls
ran out to the lawn where we were and I bent down and they introduced their self. "Hi,I'm Phoebe,Hi I'm Daisy." they said after another. "What's your name?" asked Phoebe. "I'm Asher, I'm seventeen,and I'm Louis' girlfriend. "What's that thing on your nose? What's that thing on your tongue?" asked both of them. "This is a nose-ring,this is a tongue-ring." said pointing to both body parts. "Louis I wanna go to the beach!" shouted Daisy. "Asher,will you take us to the beach?" asked Phoebe. "The beach it is!" I shouted as Daisy and Phoebe engulfed me in a hug. I looked over to Louis he was snicking. "We're gonna have some fun at your house when we get back from the beach." I lip spoke to Louis. He winked. This is going to be fun.
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